20 Signs of Rosh Hashana in Jerusalem

The end of 5774 is in sight

and signs of the new year are everywhere.

image Rosh Hashana

The municipality has posted signs wishing a good year to Jerusalem 5775.

This morning, there are dark circles under many eyes of those

who stayed up late for Selihot prayers, and then woke up early this morning.

The Selichot prayers are scheduled almost non-stop,

and there are even tours to see those who recite the special prayers.

image Hebrew sign

One is to be held in Kikar Safra, the Jerusalem Government Square.

image free bus sign

These new signs are for free buses to the Old City,

I had to try one and not walk every time.

Many pre-holiday parties include “raising a cup” to toast the new year,

image truck inspedtion

which makes it a perfect time for road stops to test vehicles and drivers.

image Israel police

But not all police were busy with ticketing or crime this week.

So much to do this short week before Rosh Hashana,

food shopping is crazy and time is stretched to limits.

Emek St Fair walking dogs lots of them pushing a baby

This man is often seen on skate board walking dogs,

but for first time I saw him pushing a baby stroller.

I wondered ‘his own, or some family short on time?’

image people in sukka

Friends who are visiting had time for brunch.

Signs were up for sales, but this restaurant got the first sukka photo for this year.

Every organization is looking for end-of-year donations,

image zedukah

this woman held a sign asking for charity in the Old City,

image homeless man on streets

and this man on Jaffa Street had no sign.

He just held an empty cup.

But there are much prettier sights this time of year,

image limes

like these new limes on the tree ready to be picked,

image Yemin Moshe Jerusalem, Israel

  and wonderful flowers, not just outside on the streets,

but inside

image Jewish holiday table

getting ready for holiday tables as well.

image small park in Israel

Public parks have been cleared and private gardens are ready,

since shmita, the year of not working the land, begins at Rosh Hashana.

 The notes in the Western Wall,

image notes in western wall

were overflowing before the holiday clean up,

image notes western wall

but no one was going to peek at this message wrapped tightly in blue thread.

image chairs at kosel

New chairs were delivered, all ready for the holiday crowds on the plaza.

image blowing shofar at Kosel

It is shofar time,

image soldiers IDF

and after 5774 years

image women at kotel

עם ישראל חי

Am Yisrael Chai,

bus sign Shana tova

Shana tova.

Signs of Rosh Hashana in Jerusalem

The days are getting shorter and the nights are cooler.

Summer is coming to an end.

All around there are signs of the new year.

The first day of school is a big deal in Israel, 

 the Prime Minister, the President and

a long list of politicians get involved.

Lining the Jerusalem, Israel, streets,

are new signs announcing the new school year,

New school year starts in Jerusalem

 “There’s nothing like the education in Jerusalem,

good luck to us all in school.”

Jerusalem streets photo, posting announcements

Here is a new, special place to post community announcements.

I can’t wait to see how it will be used. 

sign Jerusalem streets

Not sure why this sign is still up,

as Maccabiah events are long over, so there is no need for parking now.

Jerusalem sacred music festival

The Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival attracted extra attention this year.

It certainly was not a good sign that one performer,

 Selif Keita, had to cancel due to threats.

Israeli apartheid, Palestinian in Al=Quds, image Palestinian Israel

If he had come he would see what is really happening

 on the Jerusalem streets.

Jerusalem music, end of summer concert

There were signs all over for many musical performances,

like this one is for an end of summer concert in Kikar Safra, Safra Square.


These fresh limes on the tree almost ready to pick

has to be one of my favorite signs of the Rosh Hashana season.

It is really coming soon this year,

 too soon for some of us,

image for rimonim, pomegrantes

but mountains of rimonim, pomegranates, are a sure sign that of the new year is almost here.

They even appear above the streets on this new sign

poster Shanah tovah, sign new year, image rosh Hashanah

wishing all a Shanah tovah in Jerusalem,

a very good new year to all.

End of the Year

As the year 5771 ends and Rosh Hashanah quickly approaches,

for many it is out with the old

and in with the new.

Gan Hasoos, the Horse Park, cleaned of its tents and mess looks bigger and

you can see the horse again… now it looks and feels like a new park.

It is clean up time for the overflowing notes at the Kotel, the Western Wall.

King George Street was not a good site for a non-Kosher restaurant… it is out too.

May the new year be one of unity,

color and beauty,

age and wisdom,

faith and security,

safety and life,

a good year  for all.

The year ends once again with Gilad Shalit not home for the holidays

and buses in holiday mode,

Shanah tovah!  

A very good and healthy new year to all.


  The Real Jerusalem Streets