12 Jerusalem Scenes with Israel Under Fire

Israel is under fire.

Southern Israel has been getting hit for over 10 years

and people always said “wait till the rockets hit Tel Aviv!”

Well, rockets from Gaza have hit Tel Aviv.

Again and again people run to bomb shelters after the sirens.

 Operation Protective Edge is going into a third week.

In Jerusalem, Israel we have had “only” a few sirens,

image washing hanging out

so the daily routine like hanging the washing goes on.

image getting ready for school

Fall school supplies are ready in shops, though there are very few shopping for the fall.

Some tourists are cancelling their trips,

 ElAl has room to spread out on their flights and thanks those who fly with them.

people eating out doors

But people are still eating falafel on King George Street.

image light rail and Jaffa Street

 Jaffa Road towards the Old City,

image Jaffa Road

and towards Machane Yehuda Market, the shuk,

looks the same minus lots of Arab women shopping,

but it is the month of Ramadan and they are fasting month and it is hot.

 I did spot one interesting couple,

image Arab girl, photo Muslim couple Palestine

I had to get a good photo of those shoes.

Everyone knows someone who has been called up for duty,

and my son-in-law has been on the Egyptian border

on reserve duty for over two weeks.

Like so many other young mothers, my daughter is trying to manage

with her children out of school, work and appointments…

and how to get to them all to a bomb shelter

when there is a siren warning of incoming rockets.

inside Jerusalem Cinema City

Jerusalem Cinema City is one popular option for an outing,

being that most of it is safely underground.

children doing water play

But the Bloomfield Science Museum and

Israel Museum

 Israel Museum also provide fun and educational activities.

And in this crazy upside down time,

image outdoor party

last week as planes flew over head in Abu Gosh,

a caterer held a tasting for a dozen August weddings.

image party over

We ate it all and keep planning the wedding.

At the same time it is hard to not think about

image Israeli soldiers

and thank all our Israeli soldiers,

as friends went to Ashkelon to be with their wounded son,

and another funeral begins.

Ceasefire? #Firgun Day from Jerusalem

Cease fire?

Israel ceases.

Hamas keeps firing.

Firing so many rockets,

it was impossible to catch all the names of the locations.

Israel was still under fire,

50 rockets in 6 hours to which Israel did NOT respond.

The photos posted by Arab propaganda have featured

wailing women and blood covered babies.

Of course many of them are from Syria.

There’s one with a baby in a wool winter hat and a heavy sweater,

in the heat of this past week a baby dressed like that

would have died from heat stroke.

Not gory enough? Now they are using

scenes from Hollywood horror movies.

While damage has been limited, all of Israel has been affected.

Thousands of children were brought to Jerusalem from southern Israel for fun days,

and large groups were hosted at the Knesset and Israel Museum.

image children running

 At a special day camp at Beit Hanasi, the Israeli President’s residence;

Shimon Peres with children in Beit Hanasi

President Shimon Peres sat with a group from Kibbutz Saad.

I went to see what was really happening on the Jerusalem, Israel streets,

instead of staying in and listening to all the alerts today.

image women sitting in shade

Sorry Hamas, but these ladies do not look afraid of you,

image two women sitting on bench in jerusalem

they were looking for shelter from the sun.

two women sitting in shade in Jerusalem, israel

As were my friends who were sitting and talking near a main street.

The big trend on the Jerusalem, Israel streets was staying in the shade.

Not so great for photos, but the cool breeze was nice.

image Jerusalem Street scene

This woman went to the grocery store and returned with her cart full.

image young family in Jerusalem

And this visiting family said they were concerned,

but not so afraid to be here now,

image Jerusalem, Israel taxi

their taxi arrived and they were off for a fun day.

What a different perspective one has when you arer here,

than that of concerned parents watching from overseas.

(I did love finding out that her family were our old neighbors.)

image transportation Jerusalem

This woman had her own transportation,

with an Israeli flag and עם ישראל חי sign.

Arab woman Jerusalem,

A woman wearing a hijab crossed Azza Street

image two friends meeting.

 while at midday two friends met nearby.

Some cafes were almost empty,

but that was because it was a fast day.

image woman walking with cane, photo Jerusalem street scene

Just another ol’ day on the Jerusalem, Israel streets,

not newsworthy with no violence,

after the sirens and rockets of last week, we hope it stays that way.

The Hamas rockets have hit Arab houses in Hebron,

injured Bedouin girls near Beer Sheva,

and knocked out their own electricity.

Each rocket aimed at civilians is a war crime.

All of this must stop.

But as always there is something more…

coming from Jerusalem, Israel.

(please let me know if you hear it here first.)

The International #FirgunDay is on July 17th,

and you are invited to join from anywhere in the world!

Firgun (pronounced FEER-GOON, פרגון)

is a Hebrew word that means a compliment

or act of kindness performed solely to make another person feel good

and without any intention to get something in return.

What do you do on #FirgunDay?

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Happy #FirgunDay!

בואו נפיץ קצת פרגון! יום פרגון שמח