Jerusalem March on Sukkot Amazing International Event

Jerusalem March on Sukkot Amazing International Event

 The 60th International Jerusalem March

took place during the intermediate days of the Sukkot holiday,

the Feast of Tabernacles, and again this year was a huge event.

Little boy in Jerusalem with international flags collected at Jerusalem Parade

Flags from 60 countries flew from the flagpoles

and small ones were given out to spectators.

Major Jerusalem streets closed for Jerusalem March on Sukkot

Major streets were closed for the 60,000 participants.

The starting point in Gan Sacher, Sacher Park,

Cl;owns in Jerusalem March pose for photos before the start of parade

was colorful, and not just because of these clowns.

Crowd in Gan Sacher watches as parade participants line up to march

Thousands of Israelis came

Sacher Park with thousands of people prior to Jerusalem March

and gathered in the central Jerusalem park,

to join in the parade,

Women with flags and shofar and colorful dress in Jerusalem March 2017

and to see the international visitors.

Jerusalem March 2017 gathering in Gan Sacher before walking to First Station

The weather was sunny and warm,

Ice cream cone treat on day of Jerusalem March in Gan Sacher

 a perfect time for an ice cream treat.

United Nations banner in Sacher Park for Jerusalem March

Here is the banner of the United Nations for Israel.

Shofars being blown by women in Gan Sacher before the Jerusalem March 2017

There were shofars blowing,

Jerusalem March participants in matching hats for parade to First Station

matching hats,

Blue stars on their cheeks and feather head dress for Jerusalem March

and more distinctive headgear,

Entertainment for children in Sacher Park on Sukkot

entertainment for children,

Two women taking selfies in park as Jerusalem March participants go to walk

and of course, selfies.

March for Zion banner in Jerusalem March on SuccosThousands walked and watched this March for Zion,

Jerusalem Parade on Sukkot

singing love from Philippines,

China participants in Jerusalem March

waving Israeli flags,

Flag of Jerusalem as banner in Jerusalem March 2017

or carrying a Jerusalem flag as a banner.

China participants in Jerusalem parade

This group from China,

besides distributing a flag or candy treat,

Young woman got a necklace from woman from China walking in parade

gave this woman a pearl necklace.

Costumes in Jerusalem March

One marcher’s costume had a US-Israel theme,

while right behind him came

Costume like huge gold wings in Jerusalem March

this woman spreading her golden wings.

Flags and marchers in Jerusalem on Succos

The enthusiasm and colors,

Jerusalem March man gives flag to spectators

the flags small and

Flags from around world in Jerusalem March on chol hamoed Sukkos

large, were everywhere.

Banner with bible reference in Jerusalem March

There were Biblical banners

Flags on international Jerusalem March

and Israelis flags, from countries far and wide

Indonesia marching in Jerusalem March

including Indonesia.

Banner saying Yerushalayim in Jerusalem March 2017

The love for Yerushalayim,

50 years of a unified Jerusalem,


Two police horses watching as Jerusalem March starts

as tens of thousands marched out

of the park and through

Jerusalem March leaving Gan Sacher on Sukkos

 the streets of Jerusalem, Israel, on Tuesday afternoon,

ending at First Station.

What a way to celebrate a beautiful day.

Jerusalem Preparing for Yom Kippur

Jerusalem Preparing for Yom Kippur

Rosh Hashanah is over.

It is back to work and school and routines

after three days of eating and praying for some,

and trips to state parks and nature reserves for others.

Now in Jerusalem, Israel,

it is time to prepare for Yom Kippur.

The late night Selihot are a major tourist attraction.

These special prayer services are now accompanied by music.

Most of the words are the same as boring recitations of old.

To get you in the mood, and save you hours of sleep,

here are a few short videos from recent years.

I was on my way home from the Kotel, the Western Wall,

going through the Old City late at night,

when I heard the beautiful sounds of these selihot.

I had to stop and listen to Chizki Sofer,

and share the beautiful service he led.

Another star is Yitzhak Meir,

who was invited to lead the services at Beit Hanasi,

the Israeli President’s Residence, two years ago.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin got up to participate.

Last year there was a different musical tradition

with Sephardi Chazan Chaim Israel.

Once again President Rivlin sang, this time

 calling for “charity and good deeds.”

The traditional greeting this time of year

גמר חתימה טובה

May all be sealed for a good year

bus sign Yom Kippur

will again be displayed on Jerusalem buses.

Jerusalem, Look up and See the Details

Jerusalem, Look up and See the Details

When we moved to Israel 11 years ago,

one building in the neighborhood stood out,

or rather stood lower and different than the others.

  Beit Kedima, Kedima House, was built

Building British soldiers UN met for partition plan Auguat 1947

 by the British in 1945 to house its officers’ families.

The Jerusalem streets are lined with history.

Yemin Moshe Street in Jerusalem, Israel

These old Yemin Moshe streets are a favorite.

Jerusalem Press Club and Houses of MIshakannot Shananim

Next to it is Mishkanot Hashaananim.

Sign in stone over Mishkanot Shaananim

Look up and see

 this row of houses was built in 1865

under auspices of Sir Moses Montefiore.

For details of Jerusalem architecture,

Jerusalem Press Club speaker Jerusalem Architect expert David Kroyanker

 this man, David Kroyanker,

Jerusalem architecture book by David Kroyanker

literally wrote the book, or books, to be more precise,

“Jerusalem Design: God is in the Details.”

Jerusalem architecture

Jewish Design Identities,

Jerusalem modern design architecture David Kroyanker

also Christian, Muslim and Modern.

Jerusalem architecture design scarab and swastika

Did you know that the Scarab was a symbol of resurrection,

or that in Templer houses swastikas were used in floor tiles?

Muslim houses decorated with colorful drawings after doing haj

Or those colorful paintings on Muslim houses

were added after pilgrimages to the Haj in Mecca?

So what better way to learn about Jerusalem,

than with the man who wrote the books.

Old City Jerusalem view from St Andrews

From the grounds of St. Andrews, the view of the Old City,

Jerusalem Israel St Andrews Guest House

and these lovely gardens are for all to see.

One year, Mayor Nir Barkat chose this location to launch

 the Jerusalem Marathon.


David Kroynaker shows details of fountain in St Andrews Guest House

 how many Jerusalem visitors have gone inside

and noticed this intricate tiled fountain,

as we did on a Jerusalem Press Club sponsored tour.

Around the corner and down Emek Refaim Street,

Lion said to resemble Einstein

look up.

Is that Einstein over this entrance?


Carved stone lion over house on Emek Refaim Street Jerusalem Israel

It is another Jerusalem lion carved in stone.

How many have walked by and noticed the Biblical passages

carved on these old Templer buildings?

Zion passage over house in Jerusalem Israel Emek Refaim Street for Templers

“The Lord loves the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob.” Psalm 87:2

Down the other end of Emek Refaim Street

look for one, “Always tip the Guide,”

Ethics of our Fathers REVISED edition.

An informational sign was posted at Beit Kedima

Beit Kedema where UN met in August 1947

explaining its significance.

In August 1947,

 UNSCOP delegates worked on their recommendations

for the future governance of Palestine here.

It is hard to imagine this was a secluded location at the time,

now the area is so built up, it is hard to find parking.

House in Jerusalem Israel

Some buildings are impressive.

Some have signs explaining their history.

When you walk the Jerusalem streets,

be sure and look up,

and see the details.