Jerusalem, Israel: Climate Change

Jerusalem, Israel: Climate Change

What changes more dramatically than the winter weather in Jerusalem, Israel?

String Bridge top against blue sky

Though some do not love the Chord (or String) Bridge towering over the entrance to Jerusalem,  I think it’s an impressive image against a blue sky.

Jerusalem fog

But the winter fog was so thick on the way into the Jerusalem International Convention Center, the bridge was invisible.

Those construction fences for Jerusalem Gateway Project are constantly changing and spreading.

CEOs of Sodastream Daniel Birnbaum and Pepsico in Jerusalem

Inside the ICC on the main stage of the second day of the Globes Business Conference, SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum and Pepsico CEO Roman Laguarta appeared the best of buddies complimenting each other in their remarks. Their plans to change the business climate are impressive.

Men watching video at Globes Conference

Outside in the main hall, food and networking were available on both days. The room only became quiet when Sodastream commercials were shown. Dozens of speakers, experts on business and government leaders presented on the stage in the Teddy Auditorium and smaller venues in the convention center.

Except for the SodaStream – Pepsico segment, most of the business conference was held in Hebrew.

Arab woman speaking at Globes Business Conference

This panel dealt with the topic of disadvantages and challenges faced by women and what needs to change.

Globes Business Conference Tourism in future with Yariv Levin

MK Yariv Levin, Minister of Tourism, spoke at a session on the future of tourism.

Tourism in Jerusalem was rated number one in future growth in a new Bloomberg report. Positive change, with the trend of more tourists is felt daily on the Jerusalem streets and at locations such as Machane Yehuda Market, the shuk.

Prime Minister and President enter hall for new Governor of Bank of Israel

The Israeli economy has been stable and is viewed as positive.  The Prime Minister joined President Rivlin for the appointment of the new Governor of the Bank of Israel on Monday.

Ceremony for Bank of Israel new head Amir Yaron at Beit Hanasi

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon joined the President and Prime Minister to welcome Amir Yaron.

All smiles for the cameras in the morning.

By afternoon this was old news, and then not news, as the government folded.

Talk about change affecting the news cycle!

But at least this one appointment is for 5 years, and is not affected by April elections.

Pesach afternoon and egalitarian space at Western Wall was empty

This egalitarian area at the Western Wall, the Kotel, has gotten media attention, as part of Israel and Diaspora relations.

Area for media at Beit Hanasi for Gesher Fellows

Not as many cameras filled the photographers platform at Beit Hanasi for the Gesher Community Fellows as they did for the packed house of the Bank of Israel appointment.

Ruvi Rivlin and Asaf Liberman at Beit Hanasi for Gesher

President Rivlin was interviewed by Israeli radio’s Asaf Liberman, one of the first round of Israelis selected as a Gesher Fellow.

Gesher Fellows include Miriam Peretz at Beit Hanasi

Israeli Prize winner Miriam Peretz (seated on left) was another Gesher Fellow.

Israelis, of many fields, including the media, once chosen as Fellows, attend sessions, and travel to the US  in an attempt to bridge the gap with Diaspora Jewry, and improve the climate and mutual relations by understanding, with first-hand knowledge.

As Miriam Peretz urged that Israelis learn English, the Hebrew University, closed on December 25th, is contemplating switching instruction to English.

Jerusalem streets ads with one for December 31 music at Tower of David

Hebrew signs line the Jerusalem streets. One in the center announces the Tower of David celebration of the end of tax year.

Jerusalem street sign for Rambam exhibit at Israel Museum sign for Baka family run on top

The Israel Museum has a special new exhibit on the writings of the Rambam, Maimonides.

Someone posted a sign over the ad, for a Baka family run for the evening of December 26, as seen on the top right corner.

Jerusalem Theater

The Jerusalem Theater signs, plays, and performances are in Hebrew.

Jerusalem Israel milk cartoon with Hebrew language lesson

A Hebrew lesson on the milk carton? It is proper to say “Seehuhah” instead of “chat.”

Hebrew Language Day poster in Jerusalem Israel

Ha, ha, we will see how that works, even if December 27, is Hebrew Language Day.

Hebrew sign on sidewalk to clean up after dog

Yes, Hebrew on signs and on the Jerusalem, Israel sidewalks.

Are the winds for Hebrew language change strong enough to take effect?

As I sit here waiting for the winter weather to change again, I will end with two short videos from this past week.

At the Western Wall, the Kotel, after a special prayer service for recovery on seriously injured IDF soldier  Netanel Ilan ben Shaina Tzipora.

Singing slow Hebrew songs, they ended with Am Yisrael Chai. 

With government elections set for April, with jets flying over head last night to parts north, with enemies on and under our borders,

at the conclusion of the Bank of Israel program, all rose for singing of Hatikvah, The Hope.


Royal and Creative Week in Jerusalem

Royal and Creative Week in Jerusalem

What a week!

Summer has arrived and the hot midday sun is blaring down.

His Royal Highness, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge, Baron of Strathearn, and Baron Carrickfergus was in Jerusalem.

The first British royal making an official trip to Israel, HRH made a stop at Beit Hanasi, the Israeli President’s Residence.

Reuven Rivlin hosts HRH Prince William Duke of Cambridge at Israeli President Residence

HRH has one very long name, and he appeared very tall when standing next to Israel’s Prime Minister. Sitting next to the President, we can conclude, that besides a long name, Prince William also has long legs.

Guest book of Israel President signed by HRH Prince William in Jerusalem Israel

However, his is a very short signature for such a long name.  This is the message HRH left in the Presidential guest book.  Some guests write long passionate messages, however, the Prince left nothing in writing which could be used for or against him. Facebook photos HERE

The end-of-school-year graduations and performances were too numerous to follow this week. Many families were running from one performance to another stage and then to another end-of-year event, with no end in sight.

However, one event was bigger than a glimpse at a future king or a school musical. Thousands of people came from around Israel to attend a heavily promoted event at the Jerusalem Pais Arena.

Jerusalem Pais Arena in Malha

It was my first time back in the massive building since it opened in 2014. 

Creator Awards We Work food

The halls were filled with food, from meat-filled pita sandwiches to gluten free dinners, plus wine and beer and more, all at no cost to those who registered in advance.

People going to Master Class at We Work Creator Awards

Entrance was free too. One problem was getting to those Master Classes with your hands full of food, which made it difficult to navigate the crowded halls.

Mentalist Lior Suchard at Creator Awards in Jerusalem Israel

Israeli mentalist Lior Suchard performed at the first Master Class to a full audience. Doors were shut when seats were filled.

Selfie at Creator Awards in Jerusalem Israel for WeWork

There must have been tens of thousands of selfies taken by the 5,000 participants.

I think that this was the biggest Israeli networking event held in Jerusalem.

Adam Neumann and Nir Barkat at Jerusalem Arena for Creator Awards

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat with Adam Neumann CEO of WeWork presented the second Master Class.

Small theater at Arena for Creator Awards Master Class

From the top of the theater area for Master Class, you can see size of audience. Look at the  top left and you can see the Arena’s VIP boxes and empty seats. This small theater was created by the black cloth partition you see at the left.

We Work CEO Adam Neumann in Jerusalem Israel for Creator Award

The arena can seat over 11,000 people. Adam Nuemann on main stage, with sister Adi who acted as MC, hosted almost half that number.

Jerusalem Creator Awards finalists

Finalists in the WeWork Creator Awards appeared on stage after presenting their startup innovations.

Jerusalem Israel Creator Awards winner Yehudit Abrams

Winner Yehudit Abrams, the creator of MonitHer, won the first-place cash award in this regional competition and the chance to present in New York. Her hand-held ultrasound device could save lives by enabling early breast cancer detection.

Eurovision winner Netta in Jerusalem Israel for Creator Awards We Work

But that was not all.  After $770,000 was given away to the winners, the audience which was already on its feet never sat down as Netta, Israeli Eurovision winner, performed.

Jerusalem Creator Awards for WeWork finale

More music kept the event which began at 6:00 pm going until midnight.  More photos posted on Facebook HERE 

Jerusalem WeWork building site Israel

Meanwhile, Jerusalem WeWork is to open in October.   This was how it looked this week.

For more than two years, we have been following progress on Jerusalem building. I hope it is not like the fast train opening, constantly postponed.

Worn out from so much happening?

Relax. Meditate.

Jerusalem Israel International Yoga Day Big Dream in Hinon Valley

Jerusalem event for International Yoga Day: “The Big Picture” was held in Hinnom Valley.

Mondial on large screen on Jerusalem Israel street at night

And finally, for football (soccer) fans, the World Cup games, Mondiale Mania, continues.

Outdoor Jerusalem cafes are filled with viewers well into the night.

Another week with so much happening on the Jerusalem streets.

Entering the Creator Awards competition was simple. Just apply online by submitting a minute and half long video.

This was my video, one of 1,300 submissions.

100 Years – Israel Going & Growing

100 Years – Israel Going & Growing

From Jerusalem, Australia, and New Zealand,

government leaders traveled to Beer Sheva

for the 100th-year reenactment of the charge

of the Light Horse Brigade,

Australian soldiers in Beer Sheva 100 years

when those brave Aussie horsemen defeated the Turks

and turned the tide in World War I for the Allies.

Then Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

went to London for the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration,

which called for a Jewish Homeland to be established in Palestine.

For those who study the Bible,

these two events 100 years ago were of great significance.

Christian Zionists were in Jerusalem, Israel,

this week to commemorate with Israelis.


outside the PM’s official residence in Jerusalem, Israel,

there was a protest tent and hunger strike.

Protest outside of Prime Minister's house in Jerusalem

Leaders from Judea and Samaria want

more services and better roads as promised.

Special programs around 100 years since Balfour

Israel Knesset building flags, no people

have been held at the Knesset.

Finally back in session after long break,

the Knesset is the scene of multiple sessions daily.

MK Avraham Neguise

One committee headed by MK Avraham Neguise

heard testimonies of recent growing antisemitism.

From left to right, wearing translation earphones, are

Knesset committee on antisemitism German, Austria and EU speak

the Ambassadors of Germany, the European Union, and Austria.

Also on the road this week is

President Reuven Rivlin, who was in Spain

meeting with Jewish leaders, and was hosted

by King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia at a state dinner.

100 years ago Jews were allowed to enter Spain

after being expelled in 1492.

Last week at Beit Hanasi, the President’s official residence,

New security at Beit Hanasi Jerusalem

new security covers were down.

Protesters from South Tel Aviv outside Beit Hanasi for Supreme Court new President

Loud protesters from South Tel Aviv

took to the streets shouting,

in stark contrast to what was happening inside.

Outgoing Israeli Supreme Court President Miriam Naor

Two female Israeli Supreme Court Presidents kiss at Beit Hanasi ceremony

kissed and hugged incoming President Esther Hayut.

Israel Supreme Court Judges at Beit Hanasi

Israeli Supreme Court Judges sat on the side

Front row dignitaries at Supreme Court swearing in ceremony new President

as former Supreme Court Presidents sat with

with other government leaders.

After the loud Knesset opening,

Mew Israeli Supreme Court President

this dignified, hand shaking,

Herzog and Hayut kiss at Beit Hanasi ceremony

kissing and hugging event did not make international news,

but Israel media had live coverage.

The room was as crowded as it was for President Trump’s visit.

Israeli head of police at Beit Hanasi

The Israeli Chief of Police did not seem

thrilled while he waited for the official photos of

Official pose of new and former Israel Supreme Court Presidents with President Rivlin and Justice Minister Shaked

the present and past Supreme Court Presidents

with President Rivlin and Justice Minister Shaked.

close up of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

But even the Prime Minister had to sit and wait

Official photo full court from new Israeli Supreme Court ceremony

for the expanded official Supreme Court photo.

One more of the many memorable scenes at Beit Hanasi

Salim Joubran at Beit Hanasi as he retires from Israel Supreme Court

was that of recently retired Supreme Court Judge Salim Joubran,

who was interviewed after the ceremony for Israeli TV.

He was the Arab Judge who oversaw the last Israeli election.

Who would have imagined any of these things 100 years ago?

Palestine was a barren desert under Ottoman rule.

Today as we still await the rainy season,

the only umbrella I saw out this week

Umbrella rain statute in Jerusalem Mamilla Mall

was on this art piece in Mamilla Mall.

And as always it seems,

Jerusalem Israel cultural festival

 there is another new cultural festival ahead.

Who could have imagined any of this 100 years ago?

Who could have imagined it 70 years ago?

A short video, part of German Ambassador’s testimony in Knesset:

 More on legislation here,

but this is getting way too long, as always.

The three millionth tourist for 2017,

entered Israel, receiving a royal welcome,

they will certainly see for themselves,

what is happening on the Jerusalem, Israel streets.