Favorite Comments

“I absolutely love your pictorial summary of a week in Jerusalem. The pictures are terrific and your ability to find and capture interesting, unusual or simply beautiful instants of this amazing city is really heartwarming. I want to share your blog with everyone I know living in the States to give them a bit of a feeling that I have living here. You capture it so beautifully.”   Irine S

“I always look forward to viewing your excellent interesting posts and they never disappoint me.
Shabbat Shalom”  Ruth F

“Thank you for making me feel a little more “Po” from way over here in “shom”. Zote Chanuka Sameyach…if there’s still any left there…!:  Sharon G

“Sharon- Thank you and Shavuah Tov.  Thank you for a great photography walk.”  Marty

“Thank you for sharing your views of Jerusalem, so up close with the palm trees, a piano, peacefull streets and city plazas! Best wishes from Japan, Shabbat Shalom!