Special Sukkot Sukkah

Like every year, the Sukkot holiday is a busy time

in Jerusalem, Israel.

There is so much to prepare,

Sukkos Jerusalem

and great concentration is invested in

Jerusalem esrog market

every little detail.

I set out to find something new and different,

from the best of sukkot of the past years,

to add to favorite sukkot of Sukkot.

sukka Haas Promenade

The view from the sukkah on the Tayelet,

the Haas Promenade, was one of the best.

Kossel Succos

This huge sukkah under construction in the Kotel plaza,

the Western Wall, was impressive.

large cloth sukka on street

Large cloth sukkot line many streets.

Rova sukka

In the Rova, the Jewish Quarter of the Old City,

in front of the Hurva Synagogue

stands an impressive wooden sukkah.

sukka in Jerusalem Israel

The sukkah in the atrium of the Inbal Hotel

was decorated elegantly.

Jerusalem sukka on a roof

I caught the top of  this sukkah in Yemin Moshe,

peeking over the roof tops.

Jerusalem sukka

There were impressive wooden structures.

sukka Jerusalem

some hidden away in the Geula neighborhood.

But where could I find special and different for this year?

I went on a pre-Sukkot photo walk on Friday morning.

We started out in Mea Shearim,

but on the way to Machane Yehuda market,

I made a mistake and turned up the wrong alleyway.

Jerusalem sukka

There I found what seemed to be another wooden sukkah,

boards in alley in Geula

with a pile of junk nearby.

But sometimes.

one photo does not tell the whole story.

I was told that

Jerusalem sukka

people in the neighborhood had collected

all their old wooden doors and dressers and scraps of wood

walls of sukka Jerusalem

and given them to a group of young yeshiva men

who were living in their neighborhood,

so they could build their own sukkah.

It may not be the biggest or the prettiest sukkah,

 but it is one of my favorite stories.

Maybe the detour was not a mistake after all?

They posted this sign near the entrance:

Sukkot Jerusalem

הרחמן הוא יקים לנו את סוכת דוד הנפלת

May the Compassionate One restore the fallen sukkah of King David.

Western WAll

As the Kotel, Western Wall Plaza fills

with tens of thousands of people for the Birkat Kohanim

and Hakhel prayers this year,

 the buses join in wishing everyone

sukka bus sign Jerusalem

Moadim l”Simcha.

14 Erev Yom Kippur Sights in Jerusalem

The busy holiday season is well under way.

Before Rosh Hashana the heat and dirt

made it impossible to go outside,

car covered with dirt

and a few reminders are still around.

Shemitta is over

flower bed jerusalem Israel ready for planting

and public areas are ready for replanting.

selling decorations for Sukkot

Vendors of colorful Sukkah decorations have popped up all over.

But first, Yom Kippur is this week,

and huge crowds gathered nightly at the Kotel, the Western Wall,

for selihot prayers.

shul at Beit Hanasi

Last night there was a full house at the synagogue on the grounds

of Beit Hanassi, the Israeli President’s residence.

 for a musical selihot service.

Music at First Station

A large crowd was at First Station, Tachana Rishona,

Piyut time in Jerusalem

for a special Piyut Festival event,

but piyut and Klezmer music and selihot can be found

in many more locations as well.

First Station photo exhibit

First Station has a new display of old paper newspapers

with 70 years of history at a glance.

Lego Land

Lego Land at First Station was quiet,

since there are no more summer late-night outings with the kids,

and it is back to school for ‘meet-the-teacher’ nights instead.

Jerusalem Israel hebrew sign near Knesset

Kikar Safra, government square. is hosting

a huge sing-a-long for the start of the new year,

headlining popular singer Ehud Banai.

women Islamic Museum

There is a new exhibit on women at the Islamic Museum,

and the Tower of David and others are set for the openings of

the Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art.

Plus, tonight is an open house at the

Jerusalem Bloomfield Science Museum.

fall community festivals in Jerusalem

Neighborhood festivals are continuing,

Sukkos event

like this one on Derech Bet Lehem, Bethlehem Road.

Holiday visitors keep arriving from around the world.

Sukkos Jerusalem parade

The Jerusalem Parade, celebrating its 60th year,

will take place on October 1st,

and preparations are well under way for this international celebration.

Sukkot is always such a busy time with so much happening.


Now it is time to finish preparing for Yom Kippur.

Israeli bus with Yom Kippur holiday greeting

The buses are well into the mood,

displaying a greeting to be sealed for a good year.

גמר חתימה תובה

Wishing all a good, healthy and peaceful year.

 For a few more sounds of the season:

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