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Jerusalem photo walks are suspended until the COVID-19 situation resolves.

However, you can enjoy seeing lesser-known Jerusalem sites in the comfort of your home. Plus you can see venues and hear about events not usually open to the public. The amazing views of the Blue Line with Lebanon to the Gaza border, from northern Israel, looking into Syria, into the President’s residence and garden, and more.

We all hope and pray travel will resume soon.

Meanwhile, schedule a Zoom tour session for your group today.


Discover Jerusalem and Israel from the comfort of your easy chair at home.

Photo of The Real Jerusalem Streets postcard


Guided photo walks along Jerusalem side streets and narrow alleyways.                 

 1. History photo walk

       150 years of history: Bell Park, Yemin Moshe, and Montefiore Windmill


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   2. Nature photo walk

      Beautiful nature spots are hidden from main streets,

including Rose Garden and Bird Sanctuary

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      Meeting point: Large Menorah across from Knesset  

 3. Planned walks to individual interests. 

              Photo tours available for 1 hour


photo walk

Children love it.

Young photographer

Use a simple camera or cell phone,

Raja at Montefiore Windmill posing for photo after Jerusalem photo walk J

 or a tablet or iPad.

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