Jerusalem’s New Water Park

Teddy Park was under construction for such a long time.

Jerusalem photo, construction, JStreet, parks

Even the white construction fences surrounding the area

were covered in graffiti that looked old.

Across from the walls of the Old City,

photo construction of Teddy Park, building in Jerusalem, East Jerusalem construction

there were times that huge construction equipment would dig,

new park Jerusalem

and times this area of Mitchell Park was covered up and quiet.

new park Jerusalem

Finally the opening of Teddy Park was announced,

new park Jerusalem

with its interesting sun clock

picture new park Jerualem

and massive landscaping that appeared overnight. 

 Then it was closed to the public for weeks.

But the new fountain was up and going in time for Khutzot Hayotzair.

people in park, view of Jerusalem sunset, JSTreet, photo OLd city

Before 8:00 pm, people gathered on the grounds waiting.

Teddy fountain at night                                                                                                              

   The fountain was turned on.

water at night in Jerusalem

Dozens of children 

water park lit at night, Jerusalem photos, Jerusalem new tourist attraction

began to run in and out of the water,

children in fountain

as it changed its pattern over several minutes. 

Former Mayor Teddy Kolek left a big imprint on Jerusalem.

image Teddy Kolck

Compared to the Hollywood Walk of Fame,

the Jerusalem Walk of Fame is tiny.

But the hands of former mayor Teddy Kolek

have reached out to touch a new generation in Jerusalem, Israel.

This old abandoned area of what was ‘No Man’s Land’ has come alive.

Not exactly a major water park by world standards,

but Teddy Park is free and now open to the public.

Winter Update:

Fountain will only be on at 20:00 and 21:00 with water & light show.

Jerusalem’s Montefiore Windmill Returns

Today, after more than 150 years, the afternoon wind was again

Montefiore Windmill

 turning the blades of the Montefiore Windmill in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Windmill

The Windmill, initiated by Sir Moses Montefiore to aid

 the “Suffering Jews in the Holy Land” was completed in 1857

and operated for around twenty years.

Montefiore’s goal was to help the poor of the Jewish community

grind their grain for bread and support themselves.

It was the first project built outside the Walls of the Old City

in the Mishkenot Sha’ananim-Yemin Moshe Jewish neighborhood.

Plaza Jerusalem

The Old City Walls in the distance are easy to see from the plaza,

where a few name cards from the reserved seats were the only sign today of

Windmill photo

the Montefiore Windmill rededication and ribbon cutting ceremony

that took place in the evening of August 28, 2012.

Montefiore Windmill

A restored Montefiore carriage is now on display behind protective glass

after it was vandalized and burned in 1986.

Montefiore carriage

During the reception the door was open and I was able to go inside.

After months of construction and delays 

Mark Sofer

  Jerusalem Foundation president Mark Sofer had plenty to smile about.

The Windmill is not exactly the same as the original though,

as it has an electric motor and security systems.

Windmill Jerusalem

Maybe it was the crepes, 

Pepe Allaou

the ice cream, 

Jerusalem Windmill

or the wine and fruit at the reception,

Naomi Tzur

but everyone seemed to be smiling on Tuesday.


When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks,

Montefiore Windmill

there is extra security all around 

 and extra cameras.

A short video showed the barren area in the 19th century.

Montefiore Windmill

What a contrast to the Jerusalem of today.

  Christians for Israel from the Netherlands worked hard on this project.

Jerusalem Windmill

There were Christian representatives from Holland, 

Jerusalem Windmill, Chief Rabbi

as well as the Dutch Chief Rabbi, Rabbi  Binyomin Jacobs present.

Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat

Jerusalem, Israel Mayor Nir Barkat, like the Prime Minister,

spoke about his childhood experiences playing in the area.

Jerusalem windmill

The blades of the windmill started to turn again,

but they are not just there to look at

Jerusalem windmill

as an important National Heritage Site, 

 the plan is to grind grain and sell the bread made from it to the public.

Of course, there were speeches,

  it would really be too long to list all the officials present,

however, for a short video click here.

The Prime Minister spoke of the symbol of ruach,

which can be translated as wind or spirit: 

 there was wind and a beautiful spirit as the Windmill returned.

 For more photos see The Real Jerusalem Streets Facebook Page.