Favorite New and Old Sukkot for 5775

The holiday of Sukkot,

image for sukkos

involves intense preparation,

image luvav

and checking of many specific details.

As soon as Yom Kippur is over,

image sukka on sidewalk

sukkot seem to pop up all over.

Thousands of tourists arrive in Jerusalem, Israel,

many want to sleep in a sukka and many more to eat in one.

image round sukka

At the Kings Hotel the familiar sukka is up on the roof

image plain sukkah on roof

and a simple wooden sukka cna be seen at the King Solomon Hotel.

image sukka on roof Inbal Hotel

At the Inbal Hotel, look up for the fancy private sukkot.

This year due to the Formula Road Show,

iamge security

outside the King David Hotel had a different look,

image large sukka construcition

but the large porch out back was getting ready as usual to be a sukka.

image new sukkahs this year.

New buildings near the YMCA

have sukkot up on porches and down in the courtyards,

image sukkah

and new Touro restaurant at the Jerusalem Press Club is ready to use.

But also new this year is the Waldorf Astoria Hotel,

photo flowers Jerusalem Israel

where I still have trouble getting past the gorgeous flowers,

image Waldorf AStoria Jerusalem special lobby

and the birds and fountain below.

Their sukka,

image sukka in atrium of Waldorf Astoria

in the Atrium

image special sukka

is the new wow must see sukka this season.

I must get to working on holiday details here,

time to clean and decorate our sukka!

I’ll end with two old favorites,

our sukka on a camel photo was posted by Times of Israel on Facebook,

Sukka photo, Image unusual sukkah

it received so much attention that here it is again.

image Hebrew sign on Bus

RJS along with the buses

wishing all a happy holiday.

Special Sukkot Greetings

For the Sukkot holiday in Jerusalem, Israel,

image sukka, photo sukkah

 thousands of small sukkot are on balconies,

iamge large sukkah, sukka to sleep in

however, some people really do move out of the house

and into their sukkah to eat and sleep.

Sukka photo, Image unusual sukkah

Not everyone will see a sukkah on a camel,

but the buses will again be full and in holiday mode.

!חג שמח

bus sign Jerusalem holiday

Chag sameach!

Happy holidays to all!

After Yom Kippur War 40 Years in Jerusalem

The official memorial for those fallen in

the Yom Kippur War 40 years ago

is being broadcast live on the radio.

Memorial for dead

This photo was taken at a private ceremony,

the young man was speaking in honor of his grandfather.

I think it is fitting image to remember those fallen during the Yom Kippur War

even though the grandfather was not directly involved.

Also, on this 20th anniversary of Oslo Accord

to remember how many of Israel’s best have died.

But, there is little time for sadness,

 Sukkot is coming.

Sukkot preparations in Jerusalem.

All around Jerusalem, Israel, preparations have begun.

Sukah on porch

Look up on balconies, 

sukkah in Jerusalem

around in backyards,

Sukkot preparations in Jerusalem  photo

in front gardens, 

Sukkot in Jerusalem, Israel photo

and on top of cars;

 there are signs of the Sukkot holiday. 

After Yom Kippur, 

Jerusalem school is out.

it is a busy time getting ready for more holidays.

Schools are out,

 a good time for grandparents to give a helping hand.