Jerusalem Marathon 2013

How it has grown!

The Jerusalem Marathon 2013 is a major sporting event with

20,000 runners, who come from 50 countries all around the world.

In 2010, there were 3,500 runners in the Jerusalem Half Marathon.

Gan SAcher, Jerusalem marathon photo

The work involved in transforming Gan Sacher, Sacher Park,

Jerusalem marathon photo

into the gathering point,

Jerusalem marathon photo

 the starting line,

Jerusalem Marathon image

and the special finish line for the full marathon has been a major project.

 Jerusalem Marathon 2011 ended in a muddy mess that took months to repair.

With this new platform in place there should be no such problems.

For Jerusalem Marathon 2012 there was rain and hail,

but this year better weather is predicted.

Jerusalem marathon photo

Flags have been hung 

Jerusalem marathon photo

lining the streets

Jerusalem marathon photo

along the route.

Jerusalem marathon photo

Direction signs around Jerusalem are hard to miss this year.

Jerusalem marathon picture

For weeks, runners have been training on the streets, but

Jerusalem marathon image

first they have to check in at the International Convention Center

Jerusalem marathon photos

and pick up their number and official shirt.

Jerusalem marathon shirt

These are the shirts that will fill the streets this year.

Jerusalem marathon photo

There are also several shorter races running with different start times.

Jerusalem marathon photo

Many worthy organizations are entered in these races to

raise money and awareness for their causes,  OneFamily and ALEH

 are just two that had special registration booths this week.

Jerusalem marathon photo

Some people will complain. 

 Traffic will stop as the runners take to the streets.

Jerusalem marathon sign

But everyone has to agree that Jerusalem Marathon has certainly grown.

Warm Story for a Cold Week

It is foggy, grey and wet outside.

The white snow seems so long ago.

Last week the colors were so beautiful,

Jerusalem marathon

 it was perfect weather to train for Jerusalem’s marathon next month.

Even now, tree cuttings  still block many parks and sidewalks, 

rainy street photo Jerusalem

with even more cuttings appearing after the first cleanup.

So much talk this week was of weather and elections.

It wasn’t just branches that were blocking sidewalks in Jerusalem, Israel.

Israeli Jerusalem street photo

These TV news trucks were parked on the sidewalks near Beit Hanasi,

the President’s residence, as they waited for official election results.

However, before the rain started on Monday,

wedding photos

 there was a very special wedding in Jerusalem.

photo Elisheva Chai sons

The oldest of these three young men was 16 years old

when their father was shot and killed by terrorists and

their mother instantly became a widow with 7 children,

the youngest 4 months old.

Gil Efrati photo

Their mother Elisheva Chai was getting married to Gil Efrati of Jerusalem.

Rain drops fell as the chupah stood ready outside,

  heavenly tears lightly covering the ground.

chatan tish photo

The chatan sat with friends before the ceremony,

dancing at Jewish wedding photo

then the dancing began as the bride and groom were led 

chuppah at night photo

to the bright and still dry chupah at Ramat Rachel.

Jewish wedding

But were there any dry eyes at this celebration?

Gil Efrati has never been married before,

and now he is the father to seven beautiful children.

wedding photo children

After Rabbi Meir Avshalom Chai z”l was murdered, 

Elisheva Chai was able to raise a wonderful family.

She gives credit to the support they received from OneFamily.

Cars are honking, people are cranky and trying to stay warm.

I am so glad for this wonderful story to warm up

an other wise cold and dreary week. 

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