Jerusalem: Good, Bad and Ugly Week

Jerusalem: Good, Bad and Ugly Week

Jerusalem, Israel,

what a week!

Heavy rains fell over Shabbat,

Washed away ads from heavy rain in Jerusalem, Israel

strong enough to wash away layers of ad posters.

Effects of a municipal strike were being felt,

but I went looking for something good.

After the winter rains,

Branches on tree budding in spring in Jerusalem Israel

buds were popping out on branches.

In the Valley of the Cross there were

Valley of Cross turns green after heavy rains Israel Jerusalem

signs of new growth and small pools of water,

and a favorite sight,

Rakefet growing in stones after winter rain Jerusalem Israel

rakefet, cyclamen, growing in rock structures.

After heavy rain Gan Sacher has puddles and grass turning green Jerusalem Israel park

 Gan Sacher, Sacher Park, had puddles and

 unattended, uncollected garbage bins.

The Old City was not affected,

 as the municipal strike went on for another day,

Garbage strike and bins over full of rubbish Jerusalem Israel mess

but in most neighborhood bins were overflowing.

Cat on top of garbage not collected after strike

Only the street cats and birds were happy.

Overflowing trash on the streets

Near Machane Yehuda market women try to cross Agrippas Street filled with garbage

near Machane Yehuda Market, the shuk,

was not only an ugly sight,

Litter filling Agrippas Road during garbage strike

but unhealthy and dangerous as well.

A friend saw these photos and

thought it was the aftermath of a terror attack.

On Agrippas Street, people waited for buses that did not come,

since buses could only pass through the ugly mess in one direction.

In addition, the mess by the shuk which overflowed on to the streets

Jerusalem light rail track and no trains due to municipal strike

caused the light-rail trains to stop running.

Jaffa Road became a pedestrian mall,

Yafo with no light rain trains on tracks, but one skateboarder in center of road garbage stirke

perfect for the occasional skate boarder.

Thousands trudged along to find transportation.

However, by walking along Agrippas Street,

Graffiti seen from near Machane Yehuda market Jerusalem Israel

I did find a new and colorful piece of graffiti,

and poorly translated signs

are always good for a smile or laugh,

Warning sign with incorrect English written on sign near construction

like this one posted across from Cinema City

near the Supreme Court Building.

near scene of protest police tape after event near Rose Garden Jerusalem

The strike is finally over.

It will take awhile to clear the mountains of trash accumulated

  while the mayor and finance minister feuded.

But at least children are back in school,

so parents can go back to work.

Now back to normal?

It has rained again, and the sun has come out again.

It’s that time of year when the water from the tap

is colder than the water in the refrigerator.

Hope we can go back to complaining about the cold.

Large Hebrew poster for movie at Bet Avi Chai

But if reality gets too ugly again,

 we can go to Beit Avi Chai to see a movie.

It’s free.

Back to "Normal" in Jerusalem

It is after the chagim,

the holidays are over.

Our prayers for rain were answered quickly.

“Don’t you love walking in the rain?”

asked an elegantly-dressed British woman

I passed walking Thursday night.

No, not really, since my umbrella was at home.

But we all know rain is good and needed.

After a  few days of this wet weather,

Valley of Cross trees end of summer

the Valley of Cross will have green covering the ground,

Olives against blue sky and white clouds

and olives on those trees will be over-ripe to pick.

Winter comes and Jerusalem, Israel,

turns colors, mostly turns to green.

On my way to Knesset yesterday,

Protest signs near Knesset entrance

 a small demonstration was going on,

in a regular protest location.

Today thousands of bus drivers were protesting.

I sure hope they work out a deal before November 7,

which is the date set for general bus drivers strike.

With the holidays over,

the universities, except for the Hebrew University,

are finally back in session.

Youth organizations are back to “normal”

and as always I love to see

Israeli Scouts building with wood

what the Israeli Scouts are building.

The winter session of Knesset began,

and on the second day,

Second day third session of 20th Israeli Knesset

you can see for yourself how many MKs were in the building.

Chagall Hall Israel Knesset PM speaking to international delegation Jewish Agency

PM Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the Board of Governors

of the Jewish Agency on his usual topics, such as BDS.

“Israel is home to all Jews.”

“Jews never quarrel among themselves, ask Moses,”

quipped the Prime Minister who stressed patience and tolerance,

and woke up this morning to some of those same delegates protesting

at the Kotel, the Western Wall, carrying Torah scrolls.

When I walked to the Knesset,

it was hot,

but when I left a short time later,

Israeli Knesset in rain

it had poured and was still raining.

Gan Sacher park empty on rainy day

Good for the grass at Gan Sacher, Sacher Park,

but not so great for people who want to play or picnic.

Butterfly shaped flower display on Rupin Road near Knesset and Gan Sacher

These new butterfly shaped floral planters

appreciate the sudden downpours

much more than I do.

This time, however, I had my umbrella,

now to go find my boots also.

After perfect weather for holiday tourists,

it feels like winter has arrived in Jerusalem.

With changed clocks and clouds,

3:00 pm and street lights are on

3:00 pm,

and street lights were on.

Cars are to have their headlights on, even during the day,

until end of February,

getting dark early, the new “normal.”

After Israeli Independence Day Celebrations

Celebrations for Yom Haatzmaut,

Israel Independence Day,

have come to an end for this year.

There were lots of ceremonies, and the Bible Quiz on TV,

and flags flying above the streets and on buildings,

Israeli flags on cars for Independence Day

and little Israeli flags clipped on to cars.

As usual, Gan Sacher,

GAsh Sacher on Yom Haatzmaut

 Sacher Park, was the scene of hundreds of family picnics.

Yom Haatzmaur in Gan Sacher

People brought chairs and tables and bags of food,

People with beds in Gan Sacher on yom Haatzmaut

and even mattresses for comfort.

men carrying couch in Sacher Park on Yom Haatizamut

But this couch was a first.

Tents and friendly strangers in Sacher Park on Yom Haatazmaut

There were smiles from strangers and tents.

smoke from grill in Jerusalem park on Independence Day

Smoke from grills and the sounds of karaoke filled the air.

During the afternoon planes of all sizes

flyover on Independence Day

appeared in formation

flyover Independence Day

in the blue skies

flyover on Independence Day in Jerusalem Israel

 and thrilled the crowds below.

cute little boy with Israeli flag and balloons

Beautiful children with flags and balloons

enjoyed the celebrations.

Isaeli soldiers with big piece of meat at BBQ on independence Day in Gan Sacher

A group of lone soldiers enjoyed some serious ribs,

 grills were fired up all day to feed the hundreds that came.

Tens of thousands celebrated in Gan Sacher,

including one special group of girls,

Bat Sherut in Jerusalem for Yom Haatzmaut in Gan Sacher

Bnot Sherut, girls from overseas who are spending

their “gap year” volunteering in Israel.

The media missed their dance performance, but they did find this family

tv interview in Gan Sacher on Yom Hatzmautl

who were happy to share their opinions

of what a beautiful day it was,

concluding with a rousing,


No it is not snow, even if it’s called “sheleg,”

it’s the dreadful white shaving cream stuff,

couple with purple "shelg" in Gan SAcher on Yom Haatzmaut

 this couple found some tinted pink

and had a great time spraying it all around.

I was happy to see less of that messy stuff this year.

And security?

Two Israeli Policewomen in Gan Sacher on Yom Haatzmaut

Policewomen were seen checking out the food.

That was all on Thursday, now on Sunday,

I hope this heat wave is over quickly.

The heat and humidity keep me off the streets

and inside with the air conditioner running.

With the holidays over,

it is time for more festivals,.

Education starts tomorrow with an event at  the Israel Museum,

Sign for Light Festival in Old City jerusalem

and the Jerusalem Light Festival in the Old City

 which begins next week, plus

 an International Writers’ Festival and Lag B’Omer

all will be happening in Jerusalem, Israel.