Jerusalem Summer Colors

Jerusalem Summer Colors

Summertime in Jerusalem, Israel, when it gets hot,

it is often hard to walk outside.

In the evening, sometimes it cools off.

A photo walk provides a great excuse to leave

my air conditioned room.

Dried from summer sun weed photo

Though plants are drying out from the harsh sun,

there is new color to be found.

British Mandate mail boxes in Yemin Moshe painted red

These British Mandate post boxes in

Yemin Moshe have been painted bright red.

Pillbox painted white and read with British soldiers in Rechavia Jerusalem Israel

The Rechavia Pillbox has British soldiers again.

 I doubt the British army dressed like that

  back in the summers of 1930’s in Jerusalem.

Lion Fountain Jerusalem Israel bird on top

This live bird on top of Lion’s Fountain,

had gotten my attention.

The water has stopped flowing at the top,

Children splashing in Lion Fountain to cool off on hot Jerusalem, Israel night

but children still cool off in the fountain below.


Jerusalem Israel Teddy Park fountain with children in water

Teddy Fountain is more popular these days, and nights.

Old City Jerusalem, Israel view of walls at sunset

This view at sunset never tires,

always a new color reflected on the walls at sunset.

Also in Yemin Moshe,

Yemin Moshe window with flowers Jerusalem Israel

windows with flowers,

Stairs in Yemin Moshe Jerusalem Israel lined with flowers

and its stairs are always photo worthy.

Yemin Moshe Jerusalem Israel flowers

The flowers this time of year,

I love the colors,

Flowers in Yemin Moshe Jerusalem Israel

though the heat wave has faded many of these.

Colored lights at Jerusalem Light Festival 2017

The light festival is over.

Jerusalem Maccabiah Night Run 2017

The Maccabiah sports events have concluded.

Thousands came from around the world.

Tens of thousands participated in the Night Run

racing through the streets of Jerusalem.

The annual Jerusalem Film Festival is going strong,

with new this year,

multiple community showings for children.

Families are encouraged to come out in the evening

for these free films.

Hot, but still,

so many things happening on the Jerusalem streets.

9 Jerusalem Summer Festivals

9 Jerusalem Summer Festivals

With all the activities and celebrations,

Celebrating 50 years liberation of Jerusalem

of Jerusalem Jubilee, 50 years since liberation and unification,

it was really hard to keep up with everything else that was happening.

StreetBal competition in Bell Park Jerusalem Israel

There was the annual Street Ball in Liberty Bell Park.

 “See the Sounds” Classical Music Festival began May 29,

image Israel Museum

 and runs through June 24, with multiple performances

 in locations inside the Israel Museum galleries and its gardens.

Jerusalem Israel festival season

The Musrara Festival is June 6- 8 in the evenings,

and even more streets will be filled with

Sign in Hebrew for Jerusalem Festival people performing with disabilities

special disabled artistic performers from June 4- 11.

Not everyone is happy with all these new culture festivals.

Sign for Shavuah Hasefer, Hebrew Book Week in Gan Sacher Jerusalem Israel

However, the annual classic

Shavuah Hasefer HaIvri,

the Hebrew Book Festival, is to be back from June 11-15,

in Jerusalem’s Takhana HaRishona, First Station.

Another Jerusalem annual long time event,

Annual Israel Festival in Jerusalem Israel

the Israel Festival is going from June 1- 18.

Also in June, there is Design Week,

and perhaps another Opera in the Sultan’s Pool.

July starts off with Maccabiah and tens of thousands of athletes coming

Jerusalem sidewalk with ad for Maccabiah 2017

from around the world to participate in sporting events,

and new signs were painted on the streets.

"image Jerusalem", "photo light festival", "picture art"

The annual Light Festival is set for June 28 – July 6

2017 Jerusalem light festival sign

with large signs posted,

and the International Film Festival is set for July 13-23.

  These are a few of the upcoming happenings in Jerusalem.

Holidays are over and summer is here,

only worry is what to do first.

Hope we can rest up on Shabbat, so as to be ready for

another Jerusalem Festival Season.

image shabat shalom and love

שבת שלום

Photos of Maccabiah Opening in Jerusalem

The Maccabiah 2013 Opening was one huge event,

with 9000 athletes from over 70 countries participating.

30,000 people came to watch the opening ceremony at Teddy Stadium.

image waiting for bus

Anyone who says Israelis are not patient and do not stay in line

would have been shocked by this queue for shuttle buses from the parking area to Teddy.

No way I was going to wait there, so I went around the corner to get a public bus.

Oops, not off to a good start, as it seems that these folks were waiting in the wrong place

and I found a seat on an empty bus.

photo buses lined up at Teddy Stadium

Buses, buses and more buses arrived,

too bad there were none when I left and I had to walk home.

Only in Israel:

photo #Maccabi

 this boy was selling cut-up watermelon for 15 shekels,

image selling seeds at Stadium

and of course, there were bags of sunflower seeds for sale too.

photo audience at Maccabiah

Everyone found a light stick under their seat.

 a rehearsal showed everyone how to use them during the performance.

photo Israeli flags

There was certainly no shortage of Israeli flags.

photo Maccabi opening

The parade of nations followed the order of the Hebrew alphabet,

so the two athletes from Uzbekistan were the first to enter.

Many people were cheering both for their country of birth and for Israel.

image face painted half US & half Israel flag

One fan had his dual loyalty clearly painted on his face.

photo opening Maccabia

Australia was the second country to enter the hall, with 442 participants.

When we lived in Australia, we had many friends who were active in Maccabiah,

opening Maccabiah photo

 I tried hard to find someone I recognized in the enthusiastic group.

Here are 20 more photos if you want to look for an Aussie friend.

Maccabiah opening

Azerbaijan had 12 athletes, 

opening Maccabia

and Virgin Islands, just one, who got special attention,

image Maccabiah

Albania also had one.

opening Maccabiah

Aruba, Armenia, followed by the USA.

USA Macabiah

1197 athletes came from the US, and this girl had good view for a great photo.


I was starting to get really tired at this point, but Brazil had plenty of color and energy.


Germany with 202 participants, stopped right in front, performed and posed.

Opening Maccabiah

Mongolia, Macedonia, Mexico,


Slovenia, Slovakia, and Spain,

who knew there were so many countries?


 58 athletes from Turkey,


and one from Scotland wearing a kilt.


 111 athletes from Cuba came dressed in red, white and blue.


214 Mexican hats were ready to dance.


11 from Kazakhstan: what do you think of their hats?


By the time the 667 Canadians entered,

the aisle was filled with people trying to get a closer look,

 I was sitting down and almost missed Amar’e Stoudemire.


Israel entered last with 3000 athletes; they kept coming and coming, 

so it was time to switch to video.

large Israel flag

The large Israeli flag was carried in and raised.


Finally the show began,


and we got to use the light sticks.

The massive stage has been taken down,

 I can’t wait to see how they can top this for the closing ceremony.