Last of Summer in Jerusalem

The evenings are cooler.

But when you enter the house and think, ah, so cool,

only to see the thermometer reads 80 F degrees,

you realize the hot weather is still around.

It is the end of summer in Jerusalem, Israel.

Jerusalem Theatre music

The large outdoor stage for musical performances

Jerusalem Theatre at sunset

in the courtyard of the Jerusalem Theater

will be disassembled and stored.


 in the Abu-Tor neighborhood,

New cinema Jerusalem

 new and to be open on Shabbat,

Yes Planet movie theater in Jerusalem

Yes Planet Jerusalem has opened.

new theatre Jerusalem

With 4DX,

new theater inside

 changing lights

cinema in Jerusalem

and colors,

Jerusalem movie theater

it reminded me of Jerusalem Cinema City.

New movie theater Jerusalem

It has over-the-top color video selections

but on a much smaller scale,

without fountains and statutes and kosher food.

If you want a non-kosher,

regular McDonald’s meal and a choice of movies on Saturday,

now is your time.

Jerusalem music

And Yes Planet also has a stage for live music.

 No, I have no idea about the name – Yes Planet.


it was so good to see that as the weather cooled off

Takana Rishona market

First Station was bustling again.

Besides its regular Farmer’s Market

and stalls selling just about everything,

there was a special Indian Festival,

outdoor summer music

with people seated for live music.

little cars

Some people were much more interested in the cars

than the Indian music, items for sale or the food.

handicap bike

Cooler evenings and people were out.

Now it is back to school.

Time to prepare for Rosh Hashannah and

first sukka of season

 today I saw the first sukkah of the season.

Things Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You

It is that time of year.

 All over Israel there are end of school year celebrations.

These events start soon after the Shavuot holiday ends

and go until the end of June when school is out for the summer.

end of year celebration image

Most performances are put on for families and friends and become

true extravaganzas that rival the Israel Festival Jerusalem programs.

Israel festival image Jerusalem Theater

The Jerusalem Theater hosts many of the musical programs

of this May-June annual cultural festival.

sign for Hanson House, Jerusalem photo

This year new venues were added to the program. 

Though the English on this sign is a bit curious, 

I was anxious to see the results of the extensive renovations

to the old Hansen Hospital.

people outside Hanson House Jerusalem photo

People were lined up early at the main entrance,

gardens at Hanson House, Jerusalem photo

which went through the gardens.

gardens of Hanson House, Jerusalem photo

However, this is as close as I could get.

The guard would not let me in to take even one photo.

But I had no time to stay and argue.

I was on my way to opening of the Jerusalem Light Festival

and the Hebrew Book Week in Liberty Bell Park.

And there is more.

image football Israel under 21 champs, Jerusalem photo

Signs are all over for special sporting events.

The European Soccer Under-21 Championship is being held in Israel.

And Formula One sports cars are on display.

The cars are to run on the Jerusalem streets from the new First Station

on a route near the Old City on Thursday afternoon and Friday.

Preparations are well under way for next week’s huge 

Israeli Presidential Conference at the Jerusalem Conference Center. 

There is so much happening in Jerusalem this time of year.

So it’s no surprise that in May tourism in Jerusalem hit an all time high.

However, the mainstream media continues to ignore the good stuff.