New Stop in Jerusalem at First Station

Israel’s universities finally started today “after the chagim.”

 I am wondering how long I will be trying to catch up on things,

now that the holiday season is officially over?

image after sukkos, picture rubbish Beit Hanasi

The bins in front of Beit Hanassi, the Israeli President’s house were full

after Sukkot,  after the sukkah was taken down until next year.

I wrote an entire blog post on Sukkot favorites,

and I left out one of the most important items.

The new-old Jerusalem train station, First Station,

has already become an important tourist stop. 

The Jerusalem March began as usual at Gan Sacher, Sacher Park,

but this year for the first time it ended at First Station.

image little car , man walking . photo First STation

It has become popular with most everyone.

image attractive tourist spot

Tour groups are starting or ending at First Station.

First Station image.

It took awhile, but most eating places are up and going.

image kosher, picture sign for kosher in Israel

Not only is Fresh kosher, but special kosher,

under the new Chief Rabbi David Lau.

(After many years, there still in no chief rabbi for Jerusalem, Israel)

Fresh in First Station

Supply and demand,

and in Jerusalem, mehadrin kosher,

is what many tourists want and seek out,

in addition to shade from the mid-day sun.

view of First Station

 Large trees have been planted, there are new shaded areas.

path in Jerusalem , boy on small riding toy

Bikers and pedestrians make use of the special track,

but one still has to watch out for cars!

Seems everyone and

scuplture, First Station image, trains, JStreet

  everything is trying to get to First Station.

 A new sculpting exhibit is on the way.

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