Last week the sun was shining over Jerusalem, Israel. It was Tu Bishvat with the first signs of spring. However, my mood was down, I was feeling sad after watching the towering date trees of Kikar Safra being ground into mulch.

Walking home, I hear a voice call out, “Take my picture.” Often I have stopped and taken photos of strangers who ask, I have albums of those random requests, but I never thought to make them Tourists of the Week. 

A group of Pastors from Cape Town, South Africa, were taking a midday break from their tour at the Friends of Zion Museum. We chatted for awhile. One pastor stopped a young Israeli soldier in uniform who had his rifle over his shoulder. The Pastor asked for a photo to share with his church back home.  The pleasant encounter brightened my day.

Six pastors from Cape Town, South Africa enjoy sunshine in Jerusalem, Israel tourists who lead churches and like and support Israel

I told them, US VP Pence was last week, but I had to make them new  Tourists of the Week.

Thank you gentlemen. I hope you had a wonderful visit and safe trip home and share the truth what is really happening on the Jerusalem streets with your congregations.

At this time with headlines of BDS and of water crisis in Cape Town, it was good to hear from these tourists, that South Africans like Israel. According to them, it is only a few in government causing problems.

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