Jerusalem Railway Station Grand Opening

Threats from Syria and Iran prevail in the headlines.

The Iron Dome has been moved to the north. 

Civilian air space in northern Israel has been closed.

In the days before aviation,

it was the railway that connected to Jerusalem to the north. 

With the advance of air travel and opening of the modern Malha Station,

Jerusalem railway station before renovation

the historic Jerusalem Railway Station was closed

and for years, at best,

picture train station Jerusalem

 it was a showcase for colorful graffiti on boarded windows.

But this week in Jerusalem, Israel, the old railway station has reopened,

picture walking trail

along with Milton’s Way, a walking and biking path

Construction fencing image

that finally emerged from behind the construction fences.

railway station

There is still more work to be done, 

trail on old railway line

but the 8 kilometer trail is coming to completion.

new location for wedding photos

First station is already a new site for wedding photos,

photos Jerusalem

even as it is getting ready to roll.

photo new Old train station Jerusalem

The new Old Jerusalem Railway Station was lit up last week,

Photos Railway Station Jerusalem

for a grand opening party.

After years 

Jerusalem photo old

of neglect,

photo Jerusalem

and construction

photo Jerusalem

 that seemed endless at times, 

picture Jerusaelm

at last 

photo Jerusalem

the end of the railway and trail renovation is in sight.

railway station Jerusalem photo old

Some interiors still have to be renovated,

Photo Jerusalem railway

but the main plaza is looking good

Photo Jerusalem

and the bike racks are ready.

photo Jerusalem path

It will be some time until walkers have any shade from the sun, 

Photo Jerusalem

but even at mid-day the trails are already in use.

Jerusalem Photo

The Jerusalem Railway Station is to be open on Shabbat

with mostly non-kosher restaurants.

 After this major face lift,

First Station is set to be the new major tourist attraction in Jerusalem.

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