9 Signs of Spring in Jerusalem

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili was here on an official visit.

This was a regular Prime Ministerial visit,

unlike the one of Stephen Harper of Canada,

so most people in Jerusalem, Israel, did not even notice.

It seems for Israeli media Yair Netanyahu’s girl friend

is the hottest topic this week.

image chanukah menorah, picture menorah in public, photo chanukah

This Chabad chanukiah, across from the Central Bus Station,

says ‘Happy Hanukkah’, but it is long past Hanukkah.

This year is a Jewish leap year, with an extra month,

but a month with no holidays,

so what to write about?

image bridge unusual, photo string bridge, picture Jerusalem bridge

The Jerusalem Bridge of Strings rises harp-shaped high above the street.

image lone runner, photo man running, picture getting ready marathon

Runners have started their training on the streets

for the Jerusalem Marathon on Friday, March 21,

still I was surprised to see this man running across the bridge.

image man on swing, photo man on playground, picture adult on swing

Running or swinging,

image disabled bikes, photo riding near Windmill. picture disabled riders

or riding, the days are starting to feel like spring.

image outdoor cafe, photo cafe outside, picture Jerusalemcafe

The sign posted is for a series of February winter events,

but today people were eating outside in the sun in short sleeves.

image flowers, picture Bloomfield Park, photo Jerusalem park

Blooming flowers line the street along Bloomfield Park.

Oh, and a real sign of spring: the scammers are back.

image scammer

Last year this man told me it was his first time in Jerusalem,

he was lost and could not find his way to a nursing home.

That time was near Gan Sacher, Sacher Park,

and there are nursing homes in the area.

Maybe I was mistaken?

When he started to tear up and cry,

I knew it was same routine, and I told him so and walked away.

Any wonder he was camera-shy?

image unusual lemons, picture fruit on tree, photo lemons on tree

The lemons are ripening on our tree,

only I have no idea why

the only two misshapen lemons are hanging next to each other.

image MT of Olives, photo east Jerusalem, picture cemetery Mount of OLives

From the ancient Mount of Olives,

image Hurva, photo Churva Shul, picture Hurva Synagogue

to the restored Hurva Synagogue in the Old City,

photo cheap cofffee, picture Ben Yehuda, photo Cofizz 5 shekel coffee

to new 5 shekel coffee shop on Ben Yehuda Mall,

image ambucycle, photo lots of amybucycles, picture riders special motorcycles

to a parade of new Hatzalah Ambucycles,

it’s wonderful to walk and see what’s happening when the weather gets nice.

Love the spring-like weather,

but we really do need more rain.

Four Ways to Celebrate Passover

Millions of people visit nature sites in Israel over Passover. 

Tens of thousands attend Birchat Kohanim, the Priestly Blessing

"Al-Quds image", "picture Wailing Wall", "photo The Wailing Wall"

prayer service at the Kotel, the Western Wall, each year.

In Jerusalem’s Gan Sacher, Sacher Park,

"picture of picnic', "image of park", "photo of picnic in Jerusalem"

  thousands of people gather for picnic outings.

 I want to share with you a special event

"photo children with balloons", "picture Aleh school", "image Aleh Jerusalem"

in Jerusalem at Aleh, a very special home and school

"picture wheel chair", "photo Jerusalem"

for children with special educational needs.

The weather was perfect 

"photo Aleh March", 'image wheel chair", "picture Aleh parade"

for the annual Aleh Jerusalem March as it left the school grounds.

"picture parade" ,  "Jerusalem streets photo", "image Jerusalem "

Participating were many of the dedicated staff members and their families,

(full disclosure, my daughter-in-law is a teacher at Aleh

and we are very proud of her work)

"picture Aleh March'

dozens of young volunteers,

"Arab woman in Jerusalem picture", "photo Muslim woman", "image nurse"

along with lots of balloons and a nurse on duty.

"picture Aleh March", "photo traffic stopped"

Streets were closed to traffic as the Aleh Jerusalem March moved

"picture bridge Jerusalem", "photo Jerusalem bridge"

toward the new Gesher HaMeitarim, the Chord or String Bridge.

"photo Jerusalem bridge", "picture releasing balloons"

After waiting for everyone to arrive on the bridge,

'"String Bridge photo","picture of Jerusalem bridge"

hundreds of balloons were released over the city of Jerusalem.

"picture Jerusalem bridge", "Jerusalem bridge photo'

Then everyone crossed the bridge

"picture dancing","photo Jerusalem traffic"

and the celebration continued with live music and dancing.

In a country where on chol hamoed traffic is heavy and people creep along,

this crowd was really moving.

"picture wheel chair'

I can share a few scenes of the tremendous care,


"picture dancing'

and attention given to the students who participated,

but for reasons of privacy I cannot share their radiant smiles.

"picutre De Aryeh Eldar"

This was an event short on publicity and politicians,

only MK Aryeh Eldar said a few words.

But it was big on love and full of holiday spirit.

"picture bus sign for holiday" "photo of bus holiday sign"

A very happy Passover!

 If you found an Aleh balloon…I would love to hear how far they flew.

Many more photos on The Real Jerusalem Streets Facebook page .