15 Hanukkah Menorah Favorites Burning Brightly from Jerusalem

15 Hanukkah Menorah Favorites Burning Brightly from Jerusalem

The sun was shining brightly on the eighth day of Hanukkah.

The bright blue skies awere scattered with white puffy clouds

over the cold Jerusalem streets.

There were so many hanukkiot being lit for the past 8 days,

it was not easy, but here are 15 of my favorites.

Chanukiah on last night of Hanuka

On the last night at home,

these olive oil flames burned brightly.

Knesset building had Chanukiah on top eight lights on last night

The electric lights over the Knesset

were clearly visible next to the Israeli flag.

Chauniak Lights on poles for Hanuka

The electric light street decorations

were in different locations this year,

but they are always a favorite sight.

Menorah on street corner in Jerusalem Israel

Chabad menorahs seemed to be on every corner,

Menorah on top of car saying happy chanukah

and some were on top of cars.

Again this year in Mamilla Mall

Hanukah menorah in Mamilla Mall

 a special Chabad hanukkia

Lighting menorah in Mamilla Mall crowd music and dancing

attracted large crowds every night.

Jerusalem Mamilla Mall chanukah menorah

Selected guests were honored with lighting the lights,

from lone soldiers to victims of terror.

Every night there were music and sufganiot for all.

Near the entrance of Beit Hanasi,

the Israeli President’s Residence,

Chanukiah outside the Israeli President's house

stood a new hanukkia with the Israeli state emblem

wishing all a Happy Hanukkah.

Chaunka menorah

Whether made of glass and colorful and lit inside,

Jerusalem lighting chanukiah outside OldCity

or simple and lit outside on the street,

Old City Western Wall candle lighting

or flames rising high above the Kotel, 

the Western Wall, as on the fifth night,

the variety and quantity of hanukkiot was astounding.

Crowd near Western Wall for chanukah menorah lighting and blessings.

Thousands came in the evening to the Kotel,

for the lighting of the Hanukkah Menorah.

Hanukkah menorah at Western Wall

It was hard to get a clear photo,

as one after another men climbed up to pose for photos,

in front of the burning lights.

On my way home through the Old City

Hanukah night in Jerusalem Rova

there was singing and dancing as lights

Menorahs lining street of Rova, Jewish Quarter Jerusalem Old City

and more lights lined the paths.

Menorah at Old City Walls Jaffa Gate

This old electric menorah near Jaffa Gate,

was as popular as ever,

Chanukah in Jerusalem, Israel

but it paled next to the light projection on the nearby wall.

But, the most unique menorah I saw this year

was the one lit at Yad Vashem

Krakow menorah lit at Yad Vashem by Rabbi Israel Meir Lau

 by former chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau,

a child survivor with an extended family photo in view.

Krakow menorah at Yad Vashem on third night of Hanukkah

 On the third night of Hanukah,

the centuries-old Krakow menorah candles burned brightly,

 for over two hundred international Jewish leaders

gathered in Jerusalem, Israel, for an educator’s conference.

Hanukkah is a holiday celebration of survival in ancient times.

But it is also a good time to appreciate the modern miracles

of survival and rebirth and new light.

That’s it,

until next year,

still not sure how best to spell in English,

Hebrew sign on bus in Jerusalem Israel Old City

Hanuka sameach!

Music, Lights, Shabbat and Happy Hanukkah

Music, Lights, Shabbat and Happy Hanukkah

How could I forget?

With a post last week of musical events in Jerusalem, Israel,

Jerusalem Theater Pianos

I forgot to include the annual Piano Festival

taking place once again at the Jerusalem Theater.

In the ‘what will they do to top last year’ department,

Jerusalem Theater Piano Festival

chairs were set up outside in a large tent.

Piano performances will be held over three days,

and piano bars stocked with wines

will help keep visitors warm in the cold nights.


Jerusalem Theater lobby

inside the theater,

Jerusalem Theater singer

musicians and singers who immigrated to Israel

Jerusalem Theater singers

performed throughout the building.

Jerusalem Theater snack time

Some were more interested in the snacks

Painted glass at Jerusalem theater olim event

than the music or art works on display.

With the holidays approaching, visitors are arriving

Jerusalem street lights with hanukiot lit up for chanuka

and decorations are lining the streets.

Street signs for hanukah

Chanukkah celebration signs are posted.

Jerusalem street sign for lights of hanukah

Festivals, performances and happenings

will light up the city for Hanuka,

 too many events to list.

The lights of Shabbat

Lighting the lights of Hanukah

will be followed by the lights of Hanuka.

Yes, I spelled חנוכה different ways in English,

but the wishes are the same.


שבת שלום

Shabbat Shalom,


חנוכה שמח

Happy Hanukkah

 And if you want more lights and music

to get in a holiday mood,

here is my favorite video from last year.

Hanukkah Favorites – Old and New

  Hanukkah or Chanuka,

however you spell it

is a favorite time in Jerusalem, Israel.

Hanukiot, special holiday menorahs,

tower above many public locations,

like the hanukia burning

large menorah near Jaffa Gate

 near Jaffa Gate on the fourth night,

chanukia at Kotel

and this large one at the Kotel, the Western Wall.

What a find!


On the first night of Hanukkah I saw this new one,

sponsored by the Jerusalem Development Authority,

along with the Municipality and iTravel.

Look for it off of Yoel Salomon Street.

Also new this year

Jerusalem old city walls lit for hanukka

is the light and sound show,

on the Wall of Old City near Jaffa Gate,

Hanukkah 5776 new light show Walls Old City

which is well done,

old city walls Hanukah

with holiday songs and projections!

And of course,


millions of special smaller hanukiot can be found inside.

 During the Hanukkah festival

the Jerusalem streets are usually full of visitors and tourists.

Whether it is the winter cold or the security situation,

 unfortunately the Jerusalem streets are much too quiet.

Remember those umbrellas over Yoel Salomon Street last summer?

decoration over Jerusalem streets

This is the new colorful display in its place for Hanukkah.

Hanukkah is the holiday of the Hashmonaim,

the Maccabees of old.

Their story is of the re-dedication of the Jewish Temple,

and streets are named in their honor, not only in Jerusalem,

but also in Modi’in, the ancestral home of the Maccabees.

Chanukah story in Hebrew

This sign explaining the main street named HaHashmonaim,

tells the story remembered from so long ago.

Hanukah street signs

A cross street is “Blood of the Maccabees”

remembering the fight against Greek Hellenism.

Modern Modi’in youth posted a sign,

sign hebrew modiin Hanyuka

“Happy Holiday of the Maccabees.”

We had our family Hanukkah party here in Jerusalem on the second night.

 I managed to get one photo

one last donut

 of the last sufgania before it too disappeared.

Lots of food and fun and presents for most families,

with four more nights and lots more happening.

woman sleeping on street gets sleeping bag

However, the weather has turned cold,

and for one woman who has been camped

outside the Prime Minister’s residence in a tent for weeks,

this new sleeping bag was a welcome gift.

Now to end with a new photo of an old favorite for many,

Bus sign for Hanukkah

the Jerusalem buses join in wishing all

Hanukkah sameach.