Jerusalem Building Up and Up

Jerusalem Building Up and Up

Jerusalem has a serious lack of affordable housing. There is no lack of luxury units in fancy neighborhoods with overseas owners that are empty most of the year.

Once the 20,000 housing unit Safdie Plan was shot down in 2007 by environmental protests, prices were bound to go up and up.

I am not against green spaces.

Nature Center in Jerusalem Israel

It was great to see children at activities over the holidays in the Nature Center.

If you remember The Nature Center  was set to be sold to developers.

Take a walk around a few old Jerusalem streets.

Building in Jerusalem on Jaffa Road

When walking on Jaffa Road, this site was under construction,

Jaffa Road new building Jerusalem Israel

and now the new building impressively rises above the street.

Jerusalem WeWork building site Israel

A few weeks ago We Work was a huge construction site.

How will they open in October as announced?

Lights on Jerusalem Israel WeWork building

I saw that one small section of the WeWork building was lit up at night.

So it must be opening in stages – sounds like good planning.

Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem Israel

The Museum of Tolerance building has been proceeding quietly.

Building on King George Street which was torn down to build hotel

This old abandoned eyesore is gone, and instead a new hotel complex under construction.

Jerusalem Israel new buildings on Rav Kook Street near Ticho House

These buildings now dwarf the idyllic garden of Ticho House.

New buildings on Harav Kook Street

Here is a view of these new buildings towering over HaRav Kook Street.

Talpiot building being renovated Jerusalem construction

Other old buildings are getting face-lifts and additional floors added on top.

Jerusalem Israel building being renovated Tama 38

Developers under TAMA 38 are hoping to get residents to add space, elevators and new porches or secure rooms.

Then the builders sell the new penthouse(s) added on top for top dollar to finance the projects.

Jerusalem Israel sign for building renovation

Signs are posted on many streets, as obtaining work permits drags on.

Building under construction near Israeli President House

I recently spotted construction behind buildings,

New construction in Jerusalem, Israel

or on top of views. Construction can be seen in various stages and locations.

I could show so many more, but enough already.

Projected building for Jerusalem Israel

A few signs were posted for a community meeting concerning a building project at Dov Kimhe and Tchernichofsky Streets.

Meeting for Tochnit Av information

Residents of the area packed the room to hear announcement of the Tochnit Av, the master plan of a major Jerusalem building project.

Plans for Jerusalem Israel rebuilding

The Tochnit Av is for more than one neighborhood, first Rechavia, but also Moshava, Baka, all the way to the Katamonim.

The project aims to build up – and up, to add housing units.

Jerusalem renewal plans

The triangle of space in yellow off of Dov Kimhe is one of the areas for this project.

Plans for Dov Kimche Street Jerusalem Israel building

The old buildings on the left are to be replaced with a 21-story tower, and also a 9- and 10-story apartment buildings.

Jerusalem plans for Dov Kimche Street renewal project

Nursery schools, a shopping mall and hundreds of new units are projected.

Jerusalem Israel Dov Kimche Street project

Sounds great.


Now Tchernikofsky Street comes to a standstill in normal morning traffic.

Photo of Jerusalem Israel Dov Kimche Street at night

Dov Kimhe is a narrow, one lane road hardly wide enough for trucks to pass through.

Parking? The driver I saw at night did not want his photo taken, as he tried to fit on the side walk behind me which was full of cars.

To say the least, most of the property owners in the area are not pleased.

Jerusalem Israel Getaway building project

Meanwhile, the plan for the Jerusalem Gateway is progressing.

Every time one goes to the area there is a new traffic pattern.

Familiar streets are blocked and closed.

Streets and pedestrian crossings are constantly changing.

Building Jerusalem Israel Gateway project

Excavators and trucks are working in some of the fenced off areas.

This future center of the Jerusalem business district and Israeli government district is under construction.

Jerusalem is going up and up.

Mayor Nir Barkat is on his way out, and a new municipal government will be in, in the near future.

Sign for Jerusalem Israel Gateway Project with spelling error due to being short on space

But I sure hope that the municipal planning is better than the planning for Jerusalem street signs.

Truly amazing what has changed in the past ten or even four years. 

Even more amazing to see what will happen in Jerusalem in the next ten years.

One Day to the Next in Jerusalem

In this crazy, sometimes upside-down place called Jerusalem, Israel,

one day can be so different to the next.

Yesterday, it was cold and wet and rainy.

The President of Kenya came for an official visit,

Kenya President in Jerusalem at Beit Hanasi

stood on a red carpet next to the President of Israel,

outside at Beit Hanasi, the Israeli president’s official residence,

  as the morning rain was falling.

The national anthems were played.

It was cold and wet, but

Honor guard at Beit Hanasi

 the honor guard stood at attention with raindrops falling off them.

Yesterday I was under my umbrella trying to stay dry,

the sky was foggy and grey.

Then the next morning it was hot and sunny.

park Israel

A beautiful day to be outside,

Jerusalem Israel Independence Park

it was like summer in Gan Ha’atzmaut, Independence Park.

Ben Yehuda Street

People were eating outside in Ben Yehuda cafes

 and strolling along Jaffa Road,

Jerusalem Israel Mashbir department store

with the new Mashbir rising above Zion Square.

Renovation is under way on the old Mashbir building on King George Street,

after a serious fire around Sukkot time.

Old Mashbir to be WeWork

WeWork is coming to this site in Jerusalem, Israel,

so stay tuned for more innovation for the start up nation

sure to come from this venture.

Jerusalem street art

While this art display is not as popular as the umbrellas of last year,

 people were out on Yoel Salomon Street today.

As I walked home,

construction on Museum of Tolerance

I passed the work at the future Museum of Tolerance,

flowers Jerusalem Israel

and the flowers lining the Horse Park.

Not sure what will happen tomorrow,

but next week,

Ice skating at Cinema City Jerusalem

an ice skating rink will open in Cinema City.

One day to the next,

you can never sure what you will find on the streets

of Jerusalem, Israel.