Testimonials – Favorite Comments

As always, thank you! You do a truly amazing mitzvah in creating photographic memories of our lives in Jerusalem. Your photos are super and spot on!
Keep going with your photographic blog and special events. It is wonderful to be able to participate in these events after 2 years of separation.
Stay healthy, we really appreciate you!

“Your videos and photos will go down in part of the history of life in Jerusalem under COVID. Enjoy your weekend Sharon”  – from Donna

Dear Sharon,
It is a unifying experience to read your Real Jerusalem Streets during this pandemic. Thank you for keeping us up to date as to what is happening in our beautiful city and reminding us that Jerusalem is the most wonderful city to have the privilege of living in today!

Beautiful ten wonderful and insightful years. Thank you for the positive message from Jerusalem each week. Reliable, factual, good news!
Yes I found you in that mirrored sukkah photo. Your photography is spectacular. Glad your sukkah didn’t blow down

Sharon, I so admire the work you do to promote Israel. I remember my first visit in 1965. I loved walking the city. I stayed in Kiryat Moshe behind Mosad Harsv Kook. That city was old and beautiful. Gentrification makes the spaces I loved feel very cramped.
Traffic, noise and much garbage greeted me at the last visit. We must preserve some of that time.

Thank you for you excellent coverage of almost everything worthwhile reporting about in Jerusalem. Your photos from the volunteer celebration were delightful and sincerely appreciated!!! Thank you for your continuous capturing of our lives so blessed living today in Jerusalem and in Israel

Dear Sharon,

all weeks I should have thanked you for your inspiring posts. Now I do it especially because I just returned from one week in Jerusalem, where I could see much of what you show us, with a prepared view. For ne Jerusalem is the lovliest city of the world and your RJS posts contribute to notice more and more of it’s spirit.

Shabbat Shalom

Thank you for your lovely post! During our cold German winter I look every few days on the Jerusalem weather map and then look forward to my next journey to Israel. It’s not only the warm temperature but the heartiness of the people who arrange so many events to share their skills with their neighbors and foreign guests, which makes the real Jerusalem streets so attractive.

It was my grandmother’s dream to see Israel–but she never made it.
She asked to be buried with a small sack of dirt from Israel–and she was–
Several years ago I did make the journey to our beautiful country.
I say ‘our’ because although I was born in America–there will always be a place in my heart for Israel–
Your marvelous photo blogs help me feel connected to the land we love–Thank you-

“I absolutely love your pictorial summary of a week in Jerusalem. The pictures are terrific and your ability to find and capture interesting, unusual or simply beautiful instants of this amazing city is really heartwarming. I want to share your blog with everyone I know living in the States to give them a bit of a feeling that I have living here. You capture it so beautifully.”   Irine S

“I always look forward to viewing your excellent interesting posts and they never disappoint me.
Shabbat Shalom”  Ruth F

“Thank you for making me feel a little more “Po” from way over here in “shom”. Zote Chanuka Sameyach…if there’s still any left there…!:  Sharon G

“Sharon- Thank you and Shavuah Tov.  Thank you for a great photography walk.”  Marty

“Thank you for sharing your views of Jerusalem, so up close with the palm trees, a piano, peacefull streets and city plazas! Best wishes from Japan, Shabbat Shalom!