Jerusalem Getting Ready for New Season and New Year

So many Israelis have already been to Dubai and Europe, and now they are booked to go to Japan.

While Israelis plan to travel during the holiday season, tourists are arriving to fill the Jerusalem streets.

New decorative lights add color to welcome all to the Jerusalem streets for the holiday season.

A quiet evening visit to the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens was a great way to start a busy week.

Seeing people dining and admiring the lily pond with its change of season never gets old.

This year’s attraction of inflatables was a great source for a fun seasonal image.

Nefesh B’Nefesh hosted a “Shuk Olim” an event for new immigrant businesses to share their wares.

Businesses were happy about the opportunity. One friend said she sold out in the first hour!

The added attraction at this second Shuk Olim was a performance by Shlomo Katz.

The mostly English-speaking crowd, also immigrants, enjoyed his music and the food on the NBN roof with the view of Jerusalem a bonus. For many the summer started at another Nefesh BeNefesh Shuk Olim.

Bright and early the next morning, back to Nefesh B’Nefesh for the 2nd Jerusalem Business Conference. Along with AACI, Lesley Kaplan (center), and crew hosted a full-day program for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Former Ambassador Michael Oren and Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum were opening speakers for an entire day of expert advice for advancing business in Israel.

Over 200 people attended, not only from Jerusalem, but from all around Israel, and at least one friend from Australia. It was a great day to be back with live networking and the opportunity to photograph a conference again.

As always, it feels as if Jerusalem is one big building site. While people complain, and buildings go down, at least the trees are protected from construction as much as possible.

This new bike trail attracted a lot of comments on Facebook.

Also this week, before the holiday season, was a time for weddings.

This young bride had the most interesting footwear seen in a long time.

But of it all, the most exciting time was spent seeing the new National Library of Israel.

It is not finished yet and not open to the public yet. But what a tour inside! More on it next time.

I was too tired and did not get to the pro-reform rally on Thursday night to see thousands of people.

I saw the loud anti-government protest Saturday night but decided to spare you the sound.

I was on my way to see the Selihot at various locations – there were hundreds of choices.

Better to share a bit of the impressive sound of Chazan Weiss and the Choir of the Great Synagogue.

Tens of thousands more packed the Kotel, Western Wall Plaza for late-night Selihot.

Today the bee keepers made their annual appearance at Beit Hanasi, the President’s Residence for the traditional apples and honey.

Wishing everyone a sweet and healthy new year!

In Jerusalem Transition Time and New Beginnings

It’s transition time in Jerusalem, Israel.

The calendar page has turned from a very hot August to a more temperate September.

It’s the middle of the Hebrew month of Elul and we are approaching the New Year 5784.

The nightly musical concerts in the Sultan’s Pool will soon end, with the potential of cold nights and rain.

This week saw the rise of the Blue Moon over the Jerusalem streets.

Though not blue, the full moon appeared bright pink before rising further from the horizon into the sky. The second time for a full moon in August was what qualified it as a Blue Moon.

In the past, I chased Supermoons. But I have come to think every full moon over Jerusalem is impressive.

Every week, we see new construction going down and down,

while old structures are being renovated throughout Jerusalem.

Azza Street made the headlines again when the Netanyahus got new security bollards installed in front of their private residence. As you can see from a previous photo, it is hardly palatial from the outside.

It is amazing how many times you can walk past a property and not notice unless there is a new blue sign telling its history posted in front.

The public better take notice of the parking regulation signs that have gone up along Jerusalem streets.

And the newly painted parking restrictions, where people would have used this space to park.

And watch out for those new vehicles roaming the streets at night, not sure what they are called, going through Teddy Park toward the fountain on a pedestrian walkway.

The ice rink was closed one August evening last week, but the time was been extended into September.

The Ferris Wheel in First Station was being repaired and not running that night. Usually, it’s filled with young children at the end of their summer holiday time in the evening.

Chairs were set for the End of Summer Festival at the Jerusalem Theater. A guard blocked my entrance, saying no entry without a paid-for ticket. I remembered that they were free in the past.

However, he let me go into the lobby to see the art exhibit which was to change the next day.

I will have to go back and see what new art work lines the theater lobby walls for September.

I think some of the best colors and sights are found in nature as the seasons change.

So one more view of the Blue Moon rising above the trees and Old City.

One more renovation image with a Jerusalem small store getting a major makeover.

But the biggest transition is that 2.5 million students are back to school. The signs are up as the school begins for 5784 – and without the usual teachers’ strike.

Even businesses wish good luck and success in Kitah Aleph, or first grade.

I love the huge big deal made as youngsters enter first grade!

I wish all the students and teachers well as the year begins!

The transition from the start of school to the start of the New Year Selihot and tours begins next week.

The Jerusalem Museum at the Tower of David announced a Selihot event that includes a tour of the Tower of David, connecting the new museum with the Old City, and ends with saying Selihot at the Kotel, Western Wall.

Tens of thousands will be on the Jerusalem streets late into the night for the sounds of Selihot.

Will you join us this year in Jerusalem?