Special Sukkah Shabbat Shalom

Special Sukkah Shabbat Shalom

Sukkot, the holiday,

Sukkot those temporary dwellings,

I love to find new ones every year.


this sukka on a camel is always a favorite.

sukkah photo

חג שמח

שבת שלום

21 Favorite Sukkot in Jerusalem

I love Sukkot in Jerusalem, Israel.

Whether it is one large sukka

sukka in courtyard of Jewish Museum

 tucked away in a courtyard,

building with sukka built on porches

or many standing on the porches of new buildings.

How many can you count hereת

Building with many succahs on porches Jerusalem Israel

and here, seven or eight?

sukka in Jerusalem Israel

Some are small and inconspicuous,

sukkah on roof top Jerusalem Israel

some on roof tops.

sukkah in Israel Museum

The sukka in the Israel Museum next to the children’s wing

is simple, and with branches for supports and on top.

Simplest roof top sukkah

This rooftop sukka wins the prize for

the least elaborate and inexpensive sukka.

sukka outside of pizza shop Jerusalem

A pizza shop put up a white sukka on the sidewalk,

while the King David Hotel

sukka large King David Hotel

has one large colorful sukka on its veranda.

Outside on King David Street

plain white sukka no opening

there is this plain white one.

sukka on balcony King David Street Jerusalem Israel

All you had to do was look up,

to see these on King David Street.

On the porches of the Waldorf Astoria Residences

Waldorf Astoria Residence bed on porch

one sukka even had a bed standing by.

The Jerusalem Waldorf Astoria Hotel sukka in the atrium,

sukka in Jerusalem Waldorf Astoria Hotel

is always a favorite.

sukka Mamilla Mall and residences

Mamilla also has its share of sukkot.

Jerusalem Israel Citadel Hotel view of Old City and sukka

The Old City is in background

of this view from inside the Citadel Hotel.

Sukka of Citadel Hotel from above

Its main sukkot were huge,

but if you look more closely

Wood sukka on roof Jerusalem Israel

you can see this wooden sukka perched

view of sukkot from Citadel Hotel Jerusalem

on a ledge high above these below.

Sukkahs on top of Citadel Hotel

The Citadel also has dining tables in the sukka on top.

Thousands of visitors are here for the holidays,

Private sukka on top of Inbal Hotel Jerusalem Israel

and the Inbal Hotel also has private sukkot above,

sukka in Inbal Hotel Jerusalem Israel

and the elegant atrium sukka below,

and more along the side of the hotel as well.

sukkah in Liberty Bell Park Jerusalem Israel

I also like the sukka at the neighboring Liberty Bell Park.

Every year the Beit Hanasi, the Israel President’s residence

 has an open sukka day,

when the public is invited inside.

This year the time was extended to 4:00 pm,

but I was late.

As on Yom Kippur at the conclusion of the Neilah Service,

Beit Hanasi sukkah open house closed

the gates were closed.

This was as close as I could get to the presidential sukka this year.


I was in Hevron today.

So instead of my annual Presidential sukka photo

Sukka in Hebron Caves of Patriarchs and Matriarchs

here is the sukka of Avraham Avinu,

Hebron Caves of Patriarchs sukka

where Jewish voices

and sounds of prayer and song for Sukkot

were heard both inside and outside the burial places

of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs.


I almost forgot!

family sukkah in Jerusalem Israel

Our family sukka is pretty special too!

The multitude of holiday events happening this week

will have to wait for next time,

meanwhile, hope you are enjoying.

חג שמח

Jerusalem: No UNESCO

Jerusalem: No UNESCO


Beyond belief.



1929 – 1933 – 1947 – 1956 – 1967

1973 –

on the holy day of Yom Kippur,

Arab armies tried to destroy Israel.

They failed.

Over and over they failed.

So they began a campaign to rewrite history.

In Gaza, synagogues were destroyed,

ancient and new, to wipe out Jewish history.

On the Temple Mount,

 the Waqf destroyed layers of history,

to expand its control and build new mosques.

The slightest Israeli innovation  in the area

was cause for international crisis. 

Now, on the day after Yom Kippur,

UNESCO has entered the fiasco,

giving the Arab narrative a stamp of approval.

Jerusalem Israel

From a new building on Hanevi’im Street,

on an old Jerusalem, Israel street,

one of the first outside the walls of the Old City,

the view to the left,

Jerusalem Israel

and the right may not be familiar.


Jerusalem Israel view Old City

look straight ahead to the Mount of Olives.

Jerusalem Israel old city view Dome of Rock Har Hazatim

The Dome of the Rock,

where Mohammed’s horse took flight,

was built on the Temple Mount,

to insure that the Jews

would never rebuild their temple again.

Jerusalem Israel Mount Olives Old city dome of rock

There are thousands of Jewish graves in the background.

We once heard Rabbi Steinzaltz say,

“Yichus is like a potato,”

the best part is in the ground.

The graves on Mount of Olives

are testament to the Jewish presence in Jerusalem.

In the Yom Kippur service,

the words ‘Jerusalem’ and ‘shalom,’ peace,

are repeated over and over.

The latest UNESCO resolution is absurd.

But as Abba Eban said years ago,

Jerusalem Israel night view Old City

“If Algeria introduced a resolution declaring that the earth was flat

and that Israel had flattened it,

it would pass by a vote of 164 to 13 with 26 abstentions.”

Nothing new under the sun?

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem, Israel.

Yom Kippur Coming on Jerusalem Nights

Before Yom Kippur,

tens of thousands flock to the Old City,

and to the Kotel, the Western Wall,

for special selihot prayers.

The sounds of piyutim could also be heard coming

from the Israel Museum and the plaza at Kikar Safra.

In recent years a growing number of people,

 in religious neighborhoods,

such as Sha’arei Hesed and Nahlaot,

 come on organized tours to see and hear.

Nahlaot at night

Some alleyways were dark and quiet,

group walking tour of Nahlaot

while many others were filled with tour groups,

tour in Nahalaot with music

some with professional guides and musicians,

religious and secular,

Hebrew and English,

and students of all ages.

Certain locations in Nahlaot

Nahlaot grafitti selihot tour

were more popular, like this one with its striking wall art.

Often another group was waiting,

so it was time to move along.

On Rabbi Aryeh Levin Street

Nahlaot at night house Rav Aryeh Levine

by the house of Rabbi Aryeh Levin z”l,

a must-stop-and-see-and-learn spot in Nahlaot.

For decades Rav Levine z”l taught in Jerusalem,

and is remembered for his many acts of kindness,

visiting and caring for Jewish prisoners and the sick.

Our group went past a busy restaurant,

Aryeh Levine shul in Nahlaot

inside a Nahlaot courtyard

and up the stairs to see the synagogue of Rav Levin z”l,

Beit Knesset Ahdut Yisrael,

the Unity of Israel.

Memorial plaque in Rav Aryeh Levin synagogue

Memorial plaques line the walls

deaths in 1948 Israel mostly women and children

for Jews who perished in War of Independence in 1948,

mostly women and children,

Memorial for Israeli President Begin and Shamir in Levine shul;

and for former Israeli Presidents

Yitzhak Shamir z”l and Menachem Begin z”l.

Rabbi Benjy Levine speaking in his grandfather Reb Aryeh Levine's shul

Rabbi Aryeh’s grandson had some great stories to share.

Geula Jerusalem bakery open 24 hours

Many of the tours ended at this bakery in Geula.

It is open 24/6.

As you can see it was busy at midnight.

I am not sure how many could read the signs

Dress tzinuah do not speak lashon hara

calling for modest dress and pure speech.

Another sign is to harder to explain,

but will interest those who know

Paporus sign for Yom Kippur

 about the Shuk Kapparot.

On Tuesday morning, erev Yom Kippur,

it will be filled with live chickens and thousands of people.

Meanwhile, as on most nights in Machane Yehuda Market,

thousands of people were partying,

eating and drinking with loud background music.

As I walked home, well after midnight,

I passed more people coming.

Fathers and young sons,

young women looking for sehliot prayers in Sha’arei Hesed.

I do not know if they found what they were seeking,

but I do know that despite all the large posters and promotions,

the only place to find Matisyahu on October 13,

the Thursday night after Yom Kippur,

Soloman Sousa painting of Matisyahu in Machane Yehuda Market

will be in the shuk.

His performance has was cancelled and rescheduled for May.

Touring the Jerusalem, Israel, streets late at night

it is hard to believe that so much is going on.

The traditional greeting before Yom Kippur is

G’mar Hatima Tova.

There will be no bus service on Yom Kippur,

image for Yom Kippur

but in Jerusalem even the buses get in the pre-holiday mood.

Shimon Peres: World Leaders in Jerusalem, Israel

Usually the streets are busy on Friday mornings,

especially before an approaching holiday,

but in Jerusalem, Israel, this was no regular Friday morning.

streets blocked

Main streets were closed to traffic,

even some schools had to close,

as the main Route #1 into Jerusalem

was reserved for the personal motorcade of

US President Barak Obama.

The funeral for former President Shimon Peres

was not to be a usual funeral either.

The state funeral at Har Herzl

crowd at funeral

brought together an array of international leaders,

like Jerusalem or the world has ever seen.

Barak Obama at funeral

President Obama flew in and out of Israel

for the funeral in Har Herzl cemetery.

Funeral Shimon Peres

President Reuven Rivlin spoke

funeral Peres Benjamin Netanyahu

as did Prime Minister Netanyahu,

Bill Clinton Benjamin Netanyahu

 former US President Bill Clinton,

and current US President Barak Obama.

funeral Shimon Peres

The entire funeral event was live-streamed around the world.

kippa on heads of president Rivlin and Obama

Imagine all those world leaders wearing kippot on their heads,

Prince Charles and John Kerry

Prince Charles even had a special one,

not like John Kerry’s plain black style.

What will happen next as the old year 5776 ends?

Yes, it was not your usual Friday in Jerusalem.

so I had to share more than a simple Shabbat Shalom,

Mahahumd Abbas at funeral in Jeusalem

Was that Mahmoud Abbas shaking hands in the front row

in Jerusalem, Israel, today?

One thing for sure,

Shimon Peres proved that most anything is possible.

If you hang in there long enough,

you can become a president.

During Operation Protective Edge in 2014,

while Peres was still in office,

young children from the south were invited for

a fun day camp at Beit Hanasi,

the Israeli President’s house.

This clown put a dove on the President’s head,

Performers at Beit Hanasi put dove on hear of President Shimon Peres

those children should remember the moment forever.

Peres pursued peace, and for at least one moment

the bird of peace was truly upon his head.

A solemn day, but

I like to remember the great video recorded after his presidency.

Now it is time to prepare for Shabbat,

time to get back to “normal.”

שבת שלום

שנה טובה

Shabbat shalom

Happy New Year.