Shabbat Shalom

Shabbat shalom from Jerusalem, Israel.

Shabbat shalom with flowers

I saw these this week while passing the Knesset.

floral clock, JStreet

If you remember this old floral clock, it has been redone recently,

image butterfly on flowers, JSTreet

and even the butterflies are appreciating the improvements.

At the end of another crazy week,

thought I would take time to share something simple and nice to see and remember, 

Shabbat Shalom!

How is This Passover Different Than All Others?

It felt like spring last week,

at times it even got hot enough to dry clothes.

Passover is a only week away.

There will be extra sanitation service

and special bins for burning Chometz will be out.

Every last bit of bread will go up in smoke,

 so that the windows will have to be closed.

But first,

everything from large plasma TVs and refrigerators are on sale,

Jerusalem photo, image Jerusalem

and as usual, all kinds of housewares can be found on the streets.

Passover food on display, Jerusalem photo

Dates, nuts and other holiday foods are everywhere.

Jewish wedding , Jerusalem street scene

Now is the time to get married before the holidays,

Jewish wedding, Jerusalem photos

although not everyone seemed so excited at this outdoor chuppah.

The Mea Shearim (100 Gates) neighborhood was always on

our ‘must do shopping list’ when we came as tourists

so I decided to go to see what was new for Passover this year.

The area which used to have beautiful art work for sale,

photos of rebbes, Jerusalem street  scene

 now is big on photographs of rabbis,

picutre of rebbes, Jerusalem street scene

some very big ones indeed.

pashkevillim, posters in Mea Shaerim

As always there were pashkvilim, the red one announced a big fair.

pashkevilim., Jerusalem street photo

This man’s job is to put up the new announcements,

posting sings in Mea Shearim

impressive how quickly he works.

poster against IDF, Jerusalem street sign

The ultra-orthodox community is not too pleased with the 

 proposed changes in the laws on army service and it showed.

poster against Yoir Lapid

Which is worse for this generation: Yair Lapid or an iPhone?

Jerusalem street scene,

Everything from new bikes

Passover photo, image Jerusalem passover time

to a coat of fabric looking like a piece of matzah,

Passover covers, Matzah cover photo

and new designs of matzah covers were out on the street.

This is the busiest season for retailers.

Thousands of visitors arrive annually during the week before Passover.

Jerusalem streets are packed with rental cars and tourist buses.

But this year President Obama has decided to pay a visit to Israel.

Many streets will be blocked.

Hundreds of cars will not be allowed to park in their usual spots.

US flag, #ObamainIsrael

US flags are ready and flying along the Presidential route.

This year, the week before Passover should be like no other.


Jerusalem after a very Wet Week

Last week it rained, and then it rained some more.

Today the new members of the 19th session of the Israeli Knesset

Knesset building photo

eagerly await to be sworn in.

Those people who stayed up all night to watch the Super Bowl live 

are suffering from football fatigue and moving slower than usual.

But for most people, after a week of rain and grey clouds,

blue sky Jerusalem, photo Jerusalem, photo tour Jerusalem

 the big excitement is that sun came out and the sky was bright blue.

Montefiore windmill photo.

Runners were not the only ones out on the streets;

Jerusalem photo tour, photo Jerusalem street

 many people were happy to be able to walk outside again.

smiling baby, Jerusalem photo

Even little babies seemed to enjoy the warm temperatures.


I love that a rose in the garden is budding in the middle of winter

Jerusalem flowers photo, photo tour, photo walk

and that flowers are blooming in so many small parks.

Jerusalem photo tour

But I hate that these steps are usually blocked by a parked car.

Free parking is hard to find in Jerusalem, but still, it is real chutzpah

to constantly block access to stairs leading to a public park.

Jerusalem sigh flowers, Jerusalem photo tour, photo walk

And what would Jerusalem be, 

cats photo, Jerusalem photo tour

without cats out enjoying the weather too?

It is clouding over again, so better get going before the rain starts.

Yes, we need rain, but people do smile more when the sun is shining.