Jerusalem after a very Wet Week

Last week it rained, and then it rained some more.

Today the new members of the 19th session of the Israeli Knesset

Knesset building photo

eagerly await to be sworn in.

Those people who stayed up all night to watch the Super Bowl live 

are suffering from football fatigue and moving slower than usual.

But for most people, after a week of rain and grey clouds,

blue sky Jerusalem, photo Jerusalem, photo tour Jerusalem

 the big excitement is that sun came out and the sky was bright blue.

Montefiore windmill photo.

Runners were not the only ones out on the streets;

Jerusalem photo tour, photo Jerusalem street

 many people were happy to be able to walk outside again.

smiling baby, Jerusalem photo

Even little babies seemed to enjoy the warm temperatures.


I love that a rose in the garden is budding in the middle of winter

Jerusalem flowers photo, photo tour, photo walk

and that flowers are blooming in so many small parks.

Jerusalem photo tour

But I hate that these steps are usually blocked by a parked car.

Free parking is hard to find in Jerusalem, but still, it is real chutzpah

to constantly block access to stairs leading to a public park.

Jerusalem sigh flowers, Jerusalem photo tour, photo walk

And what would Jerusalem be, 

cats photo, Jerusalem photo tour

without cats out enjoying the weather too?

It is clouding over again, so better get going before the rain starts.

Yes, we need rain, but people do smile more when the sun is shining.