Where to be End of August in Jerusalem

Where to be End of August in Jerusalem

Amazing how morning rush hour traffic seems to have disappeared from many Jerusalem streets. Many families are away on holiday until the end of August.

First day of school for little girls in Mea Shearim Jerusalem Israel

These little girls in Mea Shearim were so cute lined up on their first day of school, which began the beginning of Jewish month of Elul for many religious schools.

I heart Jerusalem Israel in flowers near King David Hotel

“I love Jerusalem” was spelled out in flowers near the Montefiore Windmill.

Pomegranate almost ripe on Jerusalem Israel tree

Pomegranates are almost ready to pick from the trees lining Jerusalem’s streets.

No signs along Jerusalem road in August

No event signs were posted here near the Knesset.

Is there nothing new happening or are the workers away?

For those of us who did not go away, there are things to do beside hang out in the malls.

JBLM near Israel Museum has free entrance for children

The Jerusalem Bible Land Museum has free entrance for children.

The Tower of David does as well, and so does the Israel Museum.

Jerusalem Israel Museum children's wing

At the Israel Museum, the special summer exhibit  “I to Eye” includes a craft area set up outside the Children’s Wing.

Jerusalem Israel Museum

The Israel Museum is a popular summer day activity for families.

Jerusalem Israel Museum virtual reality exhibit

Inside are multi-sensory exhibits, including one with virtual reality googles.

Jerusalem Israel Museum fashion exhibit

The Israeli Fashion exhibit is still on, attracting mostly adults.

Exhibit on Israeli fashion at Israel Museum

Years of Israeli fashion design are displayed with 150 outfits.

Jerusalem Israel Museum App for tours

How cool? I downloaded the Israel Museum App. Now, using the app at home, I can listen again to the descriptions of both what I saw and did not see today in the various exhibits.

Wedding gown and carriage at Israel Museum

Across from the fashion exhibit is art of the Jewish life cycle, from this Moroccan bridal dress to a Hungarian funeral carriage.

In the background, you can see three of the dozens of Israeli soldiers who were in the museum on a tour.

Museums and malls are especially popular on extra hot summer days.

Jerusalem Israel park with wedding party taking photos

As evening approaches, a modern bride and her wedding party were taking photos.

This Jerusalem city park, Bloomfield Gardens, is in back of the King David Hotel.

On Jerusalem Photo Walks, I like to show the beautiful part of this hidden area to visitors.

Hamlet in Jerusalem Israel park

But in August for a number of evenings, I take thee there for ‘Hamlet, in Motion.’

Shakespeare is not studied in Israeli schools.

Audience for Hamlet in Jerusalem Israel park

So while the production of the Jerusalem Theater in the Rough is not quite Shakespeare in Central Park, “to be or not to be” is no longer their question.

Jerusalem Israel performance in park of Hamlet

This troupe of actors have been sharing the Bard with whomever comes to the park.

To watch Arab families sit and watch along with religious Jewish family groups is part of the unique Jerusalem experience.

Hutzot Hayatzor entrance

Minutes away is the entrance to the 42nd annual International Arts and Crafts Festival.

View of international booths at Jerusalem Arts and Crafts fair

The entrance next to the Artist Colony has the walls of the Old City in the background.

Hutsot Hayoetzer

There is food, music, and 150 artists showing their work.  Dozens of local and international artists have booths.

Yemin Moshe house with flowers in evening Jerusalem Israel

As night falls, the lights go on and people come out as the summer ebbs.

Hebrew sign for Jerusalem summer late night bus

Special bus lines aim to get late-night party animals home safely.

Even with so many residents away, tourism is high, and there is plenty happening on the Jerusalem streets.

Plus, Wednesday morning, as the sun rose, 239 new olim arrived in Israel.

New olim 2018 NBN Terminal 4

If mainstream media news and summer heat gets you down, check out the smiles and excitement.

She said tell the world I am coming home

Her shirt says, “Tell the world   WE’RE COMING HOME!”

Facebook Photo album on NBN Charter Flight is  HERE


Aliyah: 10 Years, 7 Years, and Today in Israel

 Ten years ago we made aliyah

and moved to Jerusalem, Israel.

Seven years ago I started taking photos of

 what I saw on Jerusalem streets and posting them,

photos of everyday scenes,

the ones the mainstream media never seemed to share.

Jerusalem Israel winter scene at park with white flowers blooming

I am still amazed to see white roses blooming in November.

While a few trees do turn colors,

most winter vegetation will now turn green.

Oud Festival sign in Jerusalem Israel

I am getting used to the Oud Festival signs,

as Arab music is growing in popularity,

these festivals are growing each year.

I could do a post each week about Arab girls

Muslim women shopping on Yaffo in Jerusalem Israel

and Arab women shopping on Jaffa Road.

Construction sites are another regular sight.

Old Mashbir building construction for We Work space

Work is progressing slowly at WeWork at the old Mashbir building.

The Hebrew language is another story.

I guess I am not alone,

Sign about learning to speak Hebrew

as this poster went viral

twice when posted on Facebook.

Why the sudden nostalgia?

Because yesterday was Aliyah Day,

the first national celebration of immigrants to Israel.

Binunei Hauma main hall on Aliyah Day

The Jerusalem International Conference Center

was filled with thousands of olim.

One of my favorites was

Russian man wearing medals on Aliyah Day in Jerusalem Israel

this man proudly displaying his Russian medals,

and on the other lapel, a white Aliyah Day sticker.

Jerusalem ICC Ethiopian Israelis in main hall

Many Ethiopian-Israelis attended.

Three men posing for photos with Israeli flag on aliyah Day

Men posed waving Israeli flags.

Teens arriving to fill upper level at Jerusalem International Conference Center

Soldiers and young people came to fill the upper level

Performance at binunei Hauma for Aliyah Day

and listen to the performances on the main stage,

attended by the Prime Minister and his wife and a list of dignitaries.

But I left early

to attend a special Kristallnacht program.

Aliyah Day is to be celebrated every year on the 7th of Heshvan,

marking the week when the Biblical portion

describing Abraham’s journey to the the Promised Land

is read in the synagogue,

and this year it fell out on November 8.

November 9 is the traditional commemoration

of the “night of shattered glass.”

In Berlin, 78 years ago,

it marked the end of Jewish life in Germany,

as Jewish hopes, homes and lives were destroyed.

Miriam was sent by her parents on a Kindertransport to England,

Miriam Litke speaking at OU Israel Center for Kristalnacht

and she and her brother were the only family members who survived.

 Miriam retold her remembrances of that horrible night,

the morning after and its destruction.

It is important for witnesses to retell their stories.

Meanwhile, thousands of olim from around the world

were listening, singing and dancing to music

in celebration of Aliyah Day.

Another day in Jerusalem, Israel,

  with highs and lows,

celebrating and remembering.