15 Real Photos of Arab Girls

As southern Israel is being pounded with hundreds of rockets launched

by terrorists in Gaza, the world is silent.

A few anti-Israel photos have been circulating for years.

The photo of a man holding a dead girl,

tweeted by a UN media employee that received so much attention,

is the same photo that I saw in 2008 under the caption,

“Israelis kill a lot of Arab children.”

This was the Google search top result for images of “people who smile a lot.”

I was not smiling and later began to take pictures of real Arab girls.

First, on the hot topic of Israeli soldiers and Arab girls,

only in a Bahrain street theater photo will you see a girl lying under a boot.

Israeli apartheid supporters might find it shocking that in Jerusalem,

"Israeli soldier"  "Arab girls" apartheid

 Israeli soldiers walk on the same streets as Arab girls,

"Palestinian school girls", " Israel soldier" , "Muslim girls"

  by the Walls of the Old City near the Jaffa Gate

Israeli apartheid, "Palestian woman" "Arab lady'

and in the city center. Often they seem to not even notice one another.

Arab girls can be found on the ground,

"Palestinian girls"  "Arab girls"

sitting and enjoying public performances,

Arab girls "Palestinian girls"

or just relaxing

"Arab women" "Palestinian women"

in Jerusalem’s public parks.

"Palestinian boys' "Arab boys'

Of course…the same goes for boys too.

"Arab girl' , "girl alone with boys' "Palestinian girl"

Where else would a Muslim girl be seen alone in the park with boys?

"Palestinians"  snowman picture,

And famlies enjoyed posing with this snowman last week.

"Muslim girl" "Arab women"

An Arab girl might be dragged along by her mother,

shopping in Mamilla Mall

but in Mamilla Mall, most girls can be found happily shopping, both day

Mamilla Mall at night ,"Palestinian at night'

and night with no sign of BDS, Boycott, Divest or Sanctions.

"Arab girls"

Sitting on the steps in Mamilla Mall while texting on their phones,

"eating alone" "Palestinian girl"

 or sitting at a table alone,

"Arab women shopping' "Palestinian women'

shopping late at night at the Rami Levi supermarket,

"Rav Kav" "light rail"

or selling Rav Kav cards for the Jerusalem light rail trains…

these are real photos of Arab girls and young women in Jerusalem.

The world is ready to accept faked captions,

how about the truth?

112 thoughts on “15 Real Photos of Arab Girls

  1. I am a Palestinian Jerusalemite, and aside from your version of the truth, we simply live in a completely segregated society. These pictures are hilarious, reminds me of southern white supremacist bragging about the “Negroes” walking on the same streets and sleeping at the same parks… but deny them simple basic rights needed for a humane and dignified living. Uh, I forgot to mention that most of my extended family members have lost the right to live in their ancestral city of Jerusalem after having lived either in the West Bank or abroad for a certain period of time. This means now if they’re allowed to visit Jerusalem they will come as tourists (if they’re not already sent back to another country at the airport). Not to mention denying them to fall in love with anyone from outside their “Blue ID” circle, which risks them losing the right to be in Jerusalem and never giving them the right to bring their special someone to live with them there. this is not limited to falling in love with a West Banker, but also anyone who’s not an Israeli citizen. I mean, viva la coffee that I sip on occasionally at Yafa Street, if that’s the most I can get out of apartheid.

    • I grew up in the South in the United States.
      Yes, Jerusalem is in many ways a segregated society,
      but it is NOT the same and not fair to be compared.
      These photos show that to use the word “apartheid” to describe the situation is not accurate.

    • Such a pity the bahavior of so many Palestinians has brought such a situation on. Now if Palestinians didn’t spend all their spare time planning more creative ways to kill more and more Jews,and feeling sorry for themselves that their own actions have brought Israelis to mistrust them then just think what a wonderful world we could all live in, together

    • I think that all of these images are really stupid. Because they are trying so desperately to deny something that isn’t true in the first place… I’m not a murderer but do I go around with a massive sign stating “I am not a murderer please believe me!”…. trying to persuade people of this fact? Of course not!! Lol… its the same story. And naturally a Palestinian has come on this thread to exploit this obvious deficiency of your disfunctional and unneccessary post. Good intention but bad…. bad idea.

      • sorry, but you, Israeli lefters are so poor people. Come to Europe! you will see Arabs and muslims segregated too, why? because they want it. If you don’t live like muslims and accept their rules you are outside of their circles. They live in their own gettos because they want it

    • You obviously haven’t witnessed a segregated American South. No Southerner “bragged” about “Negroes” sharing the streets with them. They hung “Negroes” in trees for looking at White women. They also beat the hell out of the Freedom Riders (Blacks and Whites) for the “crime” of desegregating sitting rooms. Care to mention how many Palestinians have been lynched in Israel? Care to take a picture of a “Jews Only” bathroom, water fountain, sitting room? Of course, I’m not surprised you use exaggeration to downplay a reality. Hate mongers aren’t the best thinkers, you know?

    • OsSelman: What about my relatives who fled Iran for fear of their lives with nothing more than they could carry – are they allowed to come back? This was not an “ancestral home,” this was a house they paid for and lived in a few years ago! Shame on you, you selfish twit! At least you didn’t deny that in any Muslim country these same girls (in the blog above) would not be allowed to walk, shop, relax and socialize so freely.

    • I grew up in Apartheid South Africa. The so called Apartheid of Israel is light years away from what happened in South Africa. I remember being woken in the middle of night by the police to check that we did not harbor any other blacks other than those who were registered to be there. Our maids were not allowed to have their spouses or children living with them. Most black men were under a curfew, and had to live in absolute squalor in hostels. They were not allowed to hold any job other than menial manual labour. They could barely survive on what they earned, never mind being able to support families. As an aside 60% of the whites involved in the struggle were Jewish.
      The authors of Apartheid, Malan, and Verwoerd did their university studies in Germany at the time when the Nazi’s came into power. The total Apartheid system was a crib of what the Nazi’s did to the Jews, and others who did not fit into their Aryan mould.
      I can understand the Palestinians’ frustrations with the restrictions placed upon them. What everybody seems to conveniently forget that the Jews living here in Israel / Palestine have been attacked, and killed for centuries. It is no wonder there are restrictions, and other measures in place to try to prevent these occurrences happening.. These have been put in place out of fear, and a need to be able to live a normal life in their own country. Only in Israel is there a law to build a bomb shelter in your own home. Only in Israel is there conscription of school leaving teenagers to defend their country. This is not a normal life.
      When the Muslim leaders stop teaching the Muslim children, from 3 / 4 years old, to hate, and encouraging young boys to martyr themselves in mine fields, and as living bombs, can we begin to look forward to a normal society.
      This continuous conflict only benefits the arms manufacturers. The five permanent UN Security Council member nations are also the five major suppliers of arms. So it is their own economic interests to keep these conflicts on the go. Can you imagine a conflict free Middle East? It could quite easily become one of the greater economic power houses of the world.

      • I am also confused about Desmond Tutu’s malice, I would have thought that he of all people would have a clearer view of what is happening here. I did not expect him to follw the rabble condeming Israel. There is a friend of mine Bernard Spong who at the time of the !976 Soweto Uprising was a Congregational minister in Soweto. He was asked by the Nationalist government to do the news reports on TV because he was the only person trained to give news reports on TV. TV was in its infancy in South Africa then. Of course he was very much aginst the Natinalist government. He wrote to me this week that he suported the BDS SA initiative, which really saddened me, as he was one person that could see through lies, and half truths put out by the BDS. I really looked up to him. He trained Desmond Tutu, ex President Mandella, and others how to talk, and appear in front of the TV cameras. He was the General Secretary of the Council of Churches. The correct name has just slipped my memory.

      • How sad indeed. I saw this video for the first this week.
        It is 18 minutes, a bit long, but well done and I think it explains a lot.

        The main stream media shows negative images of Israel,
        that is why I started with photos of the real Jerusalem streets.
        There is plenty wrong, but not all is negative.

      • Tutu is Anglican. The Anglican Church has a long history of cultural antisemitism. It’s quite evident in books and memoirs, especially of trios to the Holy Land in the 19th Century.

    • Oh. Kind of like I can visit Yemen safely to visit my ancestral home? You have no leg to stand on. Advocate for real, lasting peace within your own community, stop teaching your children murder and hate. Realize that all the problems you’re talking about on this feed are NOT the fault of Israel or the Jews, but of your own people and the extreme factions of your religion that you just can’t seem to reign in. Call out the murderers for being murderers, call out the child brainwashers for those crimes, and perhaps we on this feed might start to take your horrible and uneducated comparisons seriously. The fact that you are freely posting on the INTERNET right now disproves every single point you attempted to make.

    • If your forefathers and relations in the “West Bank” had not been trying to murder Israelis (directly or by supporting those who did politically) there would be no need for a burdensome “Blue ID circle”. My Christian Palestinian cousins are fully integrated in society in Haifa and are quite Zionist…

  2. Excellent! Maybe you can network with other parts of israel as well…surely there are some like-minded photographers in other regions…haifa, jaffa, lod, ramle, gall etc

  3. Kol Hakovod, Sharon, you’r doing a graet and importent job.

    As a Israeli girl I can tell that Arab women can also be found shopping at Petah Tikva city, especially at the shops which sells “modest” clothes, (like long-sleeves shirts) next to religious jewish women.

    Keep on the good work:)


    • Damn right. I mean its lovely PR and all of that but better a Jewish Israel that the world hates than an Arab Israel that the world loves. And any time you go to any park it just seems very arab dominated…

    • And then again, maybe pictures can be taken of a father of five stabbed to death while waiting at a bus stop and maybe when the Palestinian stabbings and stonings stop and the Tag Machir acts on our stide stop – we can all take pictures of peace and the Arab girls on the other side of Galandiya checkpoint would be photographed standing together with Jewish girls with no checkpoint…..

      • May your dream of a peaceful Israel become a reality very soon. I feel everybody should stop pointing fingers at each other i.e. “Oh you are to blame! No you are to blame!”. It just does not work it causes more, and more diversity, and conflict. When we can see the reality of these photographs, and live like that normally, that is the solution. The major obstacle is overcoming the hate that has been instilled from childhood for generations. Moderates on both sides need to make their voices heard above the voices of the radicals, especially in the international media.

      • It’s your extremely unfair reasonable sounding equating of evil with good that’s the problem. One side, Islam, has hundreds of millions of genocidal adherents whose highest aspiration is to destroy everything not Islamic, period. No other people or belief has an open-ended war against everything not it. http://www.thereligionofpeace.com

      • I guess your are correct, but that shows what a mess we humans have made of this world. I think that with the five permanent members of UN Security Council are also the five major arms manufacturers in the world, it would not suit them to have a peaceful world. That would do major harm to their economies.

  4. I love your quiet, persistent determination to get the truth out there, in a world of lies and propaganda. Anyone who has been to Israel sees the truth in your photoblog. I am always enraged by the idiots who bleat on about “Israeli Apartheid”, as if they know a thing about either Israel or Apartheid.
    Keep it up!

  5. I found a site called “think Israel” which refutes the myth of a Palestinian people. I certainly do not want to use your beautiful photos and comments as Israeli propaganda, but this site “think Israel” certainly opened me eyes. It is worth a look.

  6. It is an entirely new phenomenon – to have a minority population in the middle east enjoy EQUAL RIGHTS!

    As Bibi said, there is no other country in the middle east where women enjoy such freedom!!!

    I will post this on my facebook page – you did an admiral job describing the truth.

  7. And even here(from all posts), the only comment that seek for hatred, propoganda and brainwash, is the comment of the palestinian(my bad – “freedom fighter”).

    I just wonder… if the palestinians are so misrable and just want to live, side by side with Israel peacefully for ever and ever, they are so nice and never use terror, so why, why, for good god sake, wouldn’t those holly angels, take now, an offer that being suggested beside of various Israeli governments(including of the left, which i vote for), in favor of establishment of first ever palestinian state beside Israel.

    After all, if the tibetians would be offered by china to get 10% of what the palestinians been offered
    After all, if the kurds would be offered by turkey to get 10% of what the palestinians been offered
    So both of those groups, would jump on it it right away.
    So why, why, for good god sake, the palestinian saints, that been suggested by Israel, to get
    anything and everything it can offer(without to commit a self suicide)., didn’t take it right away…
    Something here is not clear, isn’t it?!

    So i have a guess…
    Maybe, just maybe, the palestinian agenda, is not to have a peaceful state beside Israel,
    as a last statement agreement…
    Maybe, just maybe, the palestinian agenda, is their will to replace sovereign Israel…
    Maybe,just maybe,the palestinians vote for Hamas,because many of them have a “wishful thinking”.
    Maybe, just maybe, the palestinians do not show Israel(in any size) on their maps in their schools
    (i wonder why, after all they want “real peace” with Israel)

    Nooo, it can’t be, they are saints, never use terror and Israel curfews
    in a matter to stop those angels, that never explode themselves among others , is Apartheid…
    Yeah, Right..

    Take care ;)

  8. Israel should make every Arab Muslim swear allegiance to Israel or be repatriated along with the entire West Bank & Gaza populations back to Jordan & Egypt. The only people with the legal right to the land west of the Jordan River are Jewish Israelis, according to the 1917 Balfour Declaration & the April 1920 San Remo Conference. Repatriation of this extremely hostile population is, as it has been since the 1967 Six-day War, remains the most compassionate, effective way to solve the existential threat to Israel that is referred to as the “Palestinians,” a name not used by the Arab Muslims until the 1960′s. Tens of thousands of innocent Israelis have lost their lives, limbs, & precious properties because Israel’s non-representative leaders have for 44 years not had the brains, guts, or hearts to do what’s the absolute right thing, repatriate the hostile Arab Muslims.

  9. Palwatch.org & memritv.com show convincingly the threat posed by the overwhelming vast majority of Arab Muslims living west of the Jordan River.

  10. Indeed, Israeli Arabs live two paradoxes. Although they suffer discrimination within Israel, they enjoy more rights and greater stability than any Arab populace living in their own sovereign countries (think Egypt or Syria). Second, they hold citizenship in a country that their fellow Arabs malign and threaten with annihilation.

  11. In reply to FactsRule; You are correct. In fact, the original division of land was TWO STATES: ONE FOR JEWS AND ONE FOR THE ARABS: The Jewish state was Israel and the Arab state was Jordan!!! That was the Balfour Declaration.

    No one today seems willing to discuss this part of history.

    • No it was not. The Balfour Declaration pertained to both Israel and what in 1922 was illegally amputated by Great Britain to create Trans-Jordan.

  12. Seeing that we are back to this post, I figured I should add a few cents to it again. What the Arabs keep on forgetting is that they rejected all the plans ever since (and before) the Peel Commission 1937, UN 1948, well you all know the many peace proposals rejected and refused by them. Resolution 181 and 242 were accepted by Jews and rejected by Arabs. They are still fighting for these two resolutions which they originally rejected. Terrorist attacks, suicide bombings were the result of Israel building a hideous wall for OUR security. Are we back today to counting the missiles and recent attacks on Israel from Egyptian (Sinai) and how many will we absorb until Israel really retaliates AGAIN, emphasis on the word “RETALIATES”. Hamas has admitted that they are responsible for the attacks during the last few days.
    BTW OsSelman – if you are not happy and it is comfortable for you to blame Israel for all your ills, try changing your situation – Listen to a few of your Immams and leaders who are actually pro-Israel. You will find them all over u-tube – You can choose, Hate and suffering, or peace and security, living with dignity and prosperity together with Israel. Peace is the only way you will ever be free and so will we.

    • Easy to forget San Remo, the history of Israeli rights and their being rejected is a long one.

      This post has been getting around a 100 views a day in the last few weeks, many in the Arab world.
      When it went over 20,000, I tweeted and shared it again.

      Not everyone has been around and loyal a reader as you Avril… and always love reading your comments.

    • These comments were posted 2012 and 2013. It is now 2014 and nothing has changed. How pathetic that we have not moved forward. Stuck and dying in the same place…….


    • When I started taking photos, I never believed that we could change the minds of those who just hate.
      The Real Jerusalem Streets is for those who just do not know what is really happening, with things they would never see in the main stream media.

    • Quotes from Adolph Hitler’s infamous sidekick……Joseph Goebbels who was a brilliant propagandist – pity he was so evil.
      This is so relevant today concerning all the lies and trumped-up facts about Israel and the anti-Israel/Jewish hate which endeavors to eradicate Jewish history and beliefs. The problem for “them” is that Jews have documented proof (Dead Sea Scrolls), artifacts (seals with Hebrew script) and buildings (City of David). Jews have proven existence in the Holy Land reaching as far back to Abraham through to Jesus (a Jew) to David, Saul and Solomon including Jewish Judges and religious leaders/prophets.

      Goebbels quotes:

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

      “Whoever can conquer the street will one day conquer the state, for every form of power politics and any dictatorship-run state has its roots in the street.

      The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over”

      If we are attacked we can only defend ourselves with guns not with butter.”

      So true, even in todays mad, mad world.

      • The reason The Real Jerusalem Streets was started was to get photos out in cyberspace to show the truth against the lies.
        This post alone has 34,000 views and is going strong, in India and in Arab countries around the world.
        Most are from Google thankfully, but many are coming from porn sites, I am keeping a list of the most clever names.
        I find it amusing and amazing how many are seeking nude Arab girls, but end up here.

  14. I am changing direction today and going to Tel Aviv. I found the following post on u-tube which made me so angry, I just had to respond anywhere and everywhere I can – so forgive me Jerusalem, I wrote a short piece on my thoughts of Tel Aviv ……

    ” Israel is a fundamentally creepy country unlike any other. It has 2012 technology with the latest innovations in medicine superimposed over the 1950s, or even 19th century, political and cultural landscape of Alabama with the violent racism and lynching, like the one in Zion Square, and gov’t ministers saying Israel is for “the white man.” Vistors can be easily tricked into thinking Israel is a normal civilized country when they see all the latest technology.”

    My response:

    Tel Aviv/Jaffa
    On a T-Shirt in Tel Aviv “Don’t worry, be Jewish”.
    Driving into Tel Aviv, before one hits the rush and roar of the city, the green lawns and blue waters of the Yarkon river welcomes the visitor into the city, without warning the visitor of what to expect in the center city.
    Tel Aviv a cosmopolitan, active, modern and endearingly old and historical city. The hustle and bustle of people of all races, creeds, religions – race around the confusing streets on bicycles, electric bikes, hundreds of motorcycles and scooters. Busses and cars vie for a quick short cut in and out of never-ending traffic. The roar of the city, car horns, youngsters hotly debating, maybe the latest singer, fashion, boy/girl friends, or even politics and dressed as only young carefree youngsters can, in casual throw away clothes.
    Older Tel Avivians congregate in coffee shops debate with exaggerated hand movements, exchanging loud and heated arguments about the political situation, the price of gas and their pensions.
    Historical buildings are rejuvenated and spruced up to their original look, retaining memories of luxurious and exotic Jewish flavor, compete modestly next to high rise, modern skyscrapers.
    In this amazing, vibrant city with its pavement coffee shops, up-market boutiques and modern well stocked supermarkets and malls, one finds a multinational mixture of Jews, Christians, Muslims, tourists from China and India. Australian, South African, English and American accents ring out on street corners.
    Tourists from all over the world wander the streets and easily are identified by backpacks and their heavy walking boots.
    In the center of all the “bedlam” of this big, sprawling city, flowers of every color bloom on balconies and in unexpected tiny corners. One finds in surprise, a small patio, just behind a bush, with a chair, table and a huge bowl of amazing flowers – the windows are painted a bright blue and the floor paved in bright, almost florescent mosaic adds color and charm to hidden, private peace.
    Between streets of packed cars and impatient drivers are patches of green lawn and play grounds for children with benches under huge green trees, which create an island of normalcy with parents and caregivers playing ball with older children when not pushing toddlers on swings.
    Driving out of Tel Aviv on the way to the green hills of the North is a harrowing experience and Tel Aviv drivers obviously develop nerves of steel. There is nothing on earth like the fearless Tel Aviv driver, taking risks weaving in and out of traffic, in front of huge, rumbling trucks, mostly patient bus drivers and vehicles of all shapes, sizes and colors racing en route to home or to entertainment.
    Tel Aviv is a special, magical place for some and Tel Aviv is a nightmare for others who are homeless and penniless and for me Tel Aviv is Israel, at its best and its worst and I am always ready to get home to the North to wash my hair ………
    Am Yisrael Chai

    • Thank you Avril, always glad to give you a place to express yourself, as you do it so well,
      but I would like to add a few things in response to your original quote.

      In 2008, the GA was held in Jerusalem, I attended a session on “hasbara” and “branding”.
      We were told that research showed the more Israel talks of its tech, science and contributions, the more it is negative “branding”.
      It does seem true that those like who you quoted, do not care to hear anything good.
      I did find most offensive that he mentioned the “lynching” in Zion Square.
      First of all it was not a lynching, yes it seems an attack, but not a common event, but a bunch of kids on the street at night.
      Second, I wonder if he protested the man who was lynched in Gaza, then dragged through the streets for the international press?
      Thirdly, as in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Israel has many of the same scenes you described (but we have never driven out of TA without getting lost).
      I have many photos of international Arab visitors enjoying Jerusalem sites.
      One of my favorite is an Arab woman photographing Purim celebrations in Mamilla Mall.
      Sadly, your “friend” would never believe the truth, even with photos, he is too full of lies and hate.
      Shabbat shalom.

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      • Seems like someone does not want to know the truth. When I was on the Susan G. Komen for the Cure walk, which started in the Gan Sachar Park, at least one third of the women there were Arabs. It is a pity the men do not learn from the women how to make peace??? This comment from a man.

      • I’m so sorry, I totally misunderstood your post. I thought you were saying that these were pictures taken in American parks, not in Israel, so I thought you were being evil and, like this was absurd, said an absurdity, that you’re a bug.
        I would like to say, however, that seeing Arabs living comfortably in Israel & having advantages over the Jews who have to give up their vehicles to the IDF annually, serve in the IDF, & cannot attend universities for two years after the Arabs, and knowing that not repatriating them to Jordan & Egypt allowed Arab Muslims to murder, dismember, & take the precious properties of tens of thousands of innocent people, is infuriating. Particularly because their leaders regularly make blood libels about the Jews attacking their Temple Mount mosque, which arouses world hatred against Israel.
        Appeasement & accommodation of the Arab Muslims has caused unspeakable harm & is in the end suicidal.
        The only effective compassionate solution to the overwhelming majority of Arab Muslims being incorrigibly genocidal is repatriation to Jordan & Egypt.
        Legally & morally, any Arab Muslim who won’t publicly declare their allegiance to Israel should most certainly be repatriated to Jordan, those in Gaza should all be told to return to Egypt.

  18. There is something very Israeli and perhaps unique – the combination of headscarves and tight, fashionable, Western clothes. I doubt that you will see much of that in surrounding countries.

    • Interesting comment about the combination of dress, without the hair coverings, it is impossible to tell many Arab girls apart from the Israeli girls. All you have to do is go to any university campus in Israel to see for yourself.

      • “. . . the combination of headscarves and tight, fashionable, Western clothes. I doubt that you will see much of that in surrounding countries.”

        This combo is common in several surrounding countries. One can tell you have not visited those places.

        Great photos.

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  24. A great place for these kind of photos would be the science library at Hebrew U’s Givat Ram campus – I remember a few times seeing Muslim girls with the head scarves sitting studying at the same big round tables as Israeli air force cadets. Quite a contrast to the apartheid BS people love to spout – malcha shopping mall is another great location for these kinds of pictures.

    • So true! I was planning to do a new post with some of hundreds of photos I have collected, but got set back time-wise yesterday. Went to southern Israel and spent two hours in bomb shelter when firing started again from Gaza.

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