After Jerusalem Snow of Century Clean Up Time

While the rest of Israel and world goes about its business, 

in and around Jerusalem it is not back to normal yet.

image Jerusalem snow, Israel snow photo, picture Jerusalem snow clean up

Snow and fallen trees are piled higher than a bus stop.

This is just #blizzrael – Blizzard – Israel – Unreal.

If you have lived through a large snow storm,

image snow Jerusalem, photo snow pile, Israel picture snow

then you are familiar with these grey piles of plowed mess on street corners,

image Jerusalem snow, picture snow Israel, photo how much snow Jerusalem, snow clean up

 trying to walk around them, 

image Jerusalem snow, Israel snow photo, picture snow cleanup

and sharing the space on the cleared streets with slow traffic.

But this is Jerusalem, Israel, not Boston, Buffalo or Brooklyn,

image snow in Jerusalem, photo snow Israel, picture snow

so there are plenty of palm branches on the ground too.

image snow Jerusalem, Picture snow Israel, How much snow photo

Another difference, people here do not leave a piece of furniture 

on the street hoping to save their parking spot.

Most of the pretty white images from yesterday are gone.

There was one pretty scene in front of Beit Hanassi, the President’s residence,

image streets covered snow Jerusalem, photo Israel snow, picture snow clean up

I guess the President’s staff gave up on clearing the sidewalk,

hoping the sun would do the work for them.

It was warming up finally,

image Jerusalem snow, picture snow Jerusalem, photos Israel snow

and this man was out in shorts.

image cat Jerusalem, photo cat after snow Israel, Picture cat on wall

The Jerusalem cats were back in their favorite spots,

image of snow Jerusalem, photo snow in Israel, picture snow cleanup

but the Paris Square Fountain was not flowing.

I have dozens more not-so-pretty photos of mountains of snow,

but I won’t bore you with so many of them.

snow Jerusalem image, picture snow cleanup israel., photo Bobcat

The clean up equipment was out, 

image snow cleanup Israel, Jerusalem snow photo.

only I always seem to find them on a break.

It is still a great time for tree-trimmers who work with large chain saws.

Along with the sounds of cars honking in blocked traffic,

is the welcome sound of buzzing of chain saws.

image Jerusalem snow, picture Jerusalem snow, snow clean up picture.

Just look at the amount and size of some of timber that was cut

and left in front of the Jerusalem Theater.

Now is a good time to collect wood for your fireplaces.

image Jerusalem snow, photo snow Jerusalem, picture snow cleanup

With so many scenes like this one on Emek Refaim Street,

picture jerusalem snow, image snowy steps, Israel snow

and these dangerous snowy and icy walkways,

image runners before race, photo runners ready, picture Afikim

it is no wonder that a few guys’ crazy idea to run to Eilat,

doesn’t seem so crazy anymore.

image Afikim run, picture Jerusalem night, Image race start

That is confetti not snow, as the runners 

left First Station at the start of their 36 hour, 360 km relay race.

Good luck guys!

We finally got full power back after a week,

so as long as it lasts I am going to 

keep my feet dry 

and hibernate.