Jerusalem Marathon 2011 Winners

Less than 48 hours after a deadly bomb exploded in Jerusalem,

streets were again clear of traffic.

street empty of traffic

Schools were closed in Beersheva on Friday, March 25

because of grad missiles.

In Jerusalem classes were cancelled

Sachar Park, Jerusalem marathon image

because the first full Jerusalem Marathon was running

from Gan Sachar, Sachar Park.

Parking was difficult, necessitating long treks to get to registration.

mud image, Jerusalem marathon image

A storm the night before left the park muddy.

How muddy?

“I have not seen this much mud since Woodstock!” was the winning comment.

runners in marathon image, starting line Jerusalem marathon image

After climbing up the hill towards the Israel Museum and the Knesset,

the starting line was finally in sight.

Thousands of people from around the world came to participate

in the marathon, the half-marathon,

10 k race image, Jerusalem 10 kilometer run image

the 10 Kilometer

runners Jerusalem marathon image

and the special  Zahal races.

The winners of the half-marathon and full-marathon

male winners of Jerusalem marathon image

received flowers, cash prizes, and public recognition, 

but it was really a day with too many winners to count.

Thousands of dollars were raised for charity projects.

Merkaz Panim, a new organization to help couples facing fertility challenges, 

participated in the 10K walk to kick-off its fund raising campaign.

Merkaz panim , runners marathon image

One group was happy to be raising money for a park

in memory of fallen soldier Daniel Mandel.

Shalva image, Shalva runners in Jerusalem marathon

Shalva was walking again to raise money for children with special needs,

 they stood out with their purple shirts.

Chai Life line image, Chai Lifeline runners image

and Team Lifeline…all winners!

Winning smiles after the race were too numerous to count.

Parents of student organizers did not even have to run to feel like winners.

runners from Australia image

People came from Australia to support family members who were running

Jerusalem marathon runners image

or to support a good cause,

like the Lone Soldier Center in memory of Michael Levin.

Spectators, as long as they did not have to get anywhere by car,

enjoyed the day, lining the route

and cheering on their favorite runners.

Lots of security and no violence left the press with a hard job

trying to find a winning angle

press interview image

or interview.

Whether you were close to the finish line,

or just in the race…

winner sign image, Jerusalem marathon

it was a day filled with winners.

Mayor Nir Barkat had good reason to smile,

his idea to host a marathon turned out to be a winner.

For more great smiles, 

see The Real Jerusalem Streets’ Facebook Page.

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