Jerusalem Style March Madness Pictures

Jerusalem Style March Madness Pictures

On Jerusalem, Israel streets, a general sigh of relief can be heard at the end of a year of campaigning madness and frozen government.

On Monday, March 2nd, the third Israeli election in a year was held.

Jerusalem voting place for Knesset 23

The Jerusalem street outside our polling place was not a pretty sight,

Man pushing wheel chair in Jerusalem street

nor easy to access. Memories of Knesset 19 voting at our location were recalled.

Israeli Knesset 23 voting slips in voting booth

Inside there were fewer parties this time around and fewer letters to pick from for Knesset 23.

The votes were cast. Calculations are being made.

The magic number of 61 is not yet achieved.

The Knesset has 120 members, to form a government a majority is needed.

News sites and others sat glued to their monitors.

Tree blossoms on Jerusalem Israel

But I decided it was time to go for a walk and see the trees in bloom.

Jerusalem old stones with yellow flowers growing

New flowers were popping out of old stone formations.

Jerusalem Israel wild flowers

I was not the only one walking when the sun finally peaked out from between the winter clouds.

Jerusalem Israel Museum

The grounds below the Israel Museum were lush green after this winter of rain.

Many drove south to see the fields of anemones for the Red Darom Festival.

Jerusalem Valley of Cross wild fowers

I was content to walk the paths right here in Jerusalem to see the red wildflowers.

Path to Jerusalem Israel Museum wild flowers in spring

Sunday is a workday in Israel. So with schools, businesses, and offices off for Election Day, many families had a “Sunday” experience family day.

I decided to wander up the hill and go to the Israel Museum.

Jerusalem Israel Museum Ancient History

Near the Israel Museum archaeological section entrance is an interesting exhibit on hieroglyphs and emojis.

 Hieroglyphics at Jerusalem Israel Museum

An example of ancient picture writing showed “offerings of wine” and beer.

 Hieroglyphics at Israel Museum

Picture writing was very important in ancient Egypt.

Hieroglyphics at Israel Museum

This piece of stone caught my attention for the “heart” symbol, much more realistic than the shape most often used today in modern picture writing.

 Hieroglyphics at Israel Museum message at exit

Are we going back to the days of symbols to communicate?

In the museum, one can view the new Rodin & Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit called “Expressive Genius.” The statues and drawings of the two French artists explored the human form, capturing the diverse population of Paris at the end of the 19th century.

Rothschild Room at Israel Museum

Wandering through the vast halls and galleries are period rooms like this one dedicated by the Rothschild family. Also, displayed are reconstructed synagogues from around the world that fill entire rooms.

Warhol at Israel Museum of Golda Meir

I found a familiar face, Golda Meir by Andy Warhol.

Sculpture outside at Jerusalem Israel Museum

Did you know there were art pieces outside besides those in the main garden?

What I did not know was that the Israel Museum, though open on Election Day, closed an hour earlier at 4:00 pm.

image love

The Hebrew Love is probably the most well-known sculpture in the Billy Rose Sculpture Garden.

I was looking for the special ‘Masks for Purim’ the museum is offering. That meant checking out what was happening in the Children’s Wing.

I did not find what I was looking for, as the program was ready yet.

Children's section of Israel Museum

But this little guy was so cute. They do start young to appreciate art and color.

Jerusalem graffiti before Marathon

Outside near the museum, this color will be gone very soon. Other graffiti nearby has been removed, like every year before the Jerusalem Marathon runs here.

Gan Sacher park in Jerusalem Israel

The full Jerusalem Marathon runners will run into Gan Sacher, Sacher Park, to the finish line which will be constructed here. As you can see there is still much work to be done before the March 20, 2020 races. Tens of thousands of people are expected to assemble in the park, both runners and supporters.

Rechov Azza after repair

Lines were painted on this newly paved road that leads to the finish line.

Sign for Jerusalem Winner Marathon 2020

Jerusalem Marathon signs were posted along the route as well.

Purim in Jerusalem Israel

But first Purim! “Every day is Purim in Jerusalem” announced these signs.

Love Jerusalem where Purim madness is a 3-4 day holiday!

From March 10-13 this year, in Kikar Safra and the center of town, there will be celebrations.

Hopefully, the coronavirus scare will not hinder all these planned activities.

 Hieroglyphics exhibit at Jerusalem Israel Museum

I thought that this description in the Israel Museum was interesting.

I don’t know anyone who believes that emojis can become real food and drink.

Pictures of food and drink.

Pictures and Purim.

Giant chocolate chip cookies for Purim

However, my giant chocolate chip cookies are ready for Purim.

Next week planning to share the best of Purim in Jerusalem madness pictures.

The cookies, however, should be long gone by then.

Jerusalem’s Israel Museum plus 4 more you should know

Jerusalem’s Israel Museum plus 4 more you should know

In Jerusalem, the barricades and barriers to keep the public away from world leaders are gone from the streets and sidewalks. People are out again on the streets when the sun appears.

When walking in Jerusalem and someone asks: “where is the museum?”

It is a safe bet to assume they mean The Israel Museum.

Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Israel

So I point to the path up the hill to Jerusalem’s largest and best known Israel Museum.

However, there are dozens of museums in Jerusalem, Israel.

In the past week, four museums opened their doors for special events.

Winter day at the Tower of David in Jerusalem Israel

It was a rainy, grey day at the Tower of David Museum.

Over the years, this ancient military fortress has become a popular cultural spot, hosting a wide variety of events, exhibitions, and nighttime shows.

In October 2017, within the ancient stone walls, looking to the future, ToD launched its Innovation Lab.

The ToD is constantly looking for new ways and technology to engage young visitors with Artificial Reality – AR and Virtual Reality – VR, and Apps. Wearing special VR googles was not to be the final answer to get everyone involved with their surroundings.

MARS launch of interactive tour option at Tower of David

The newest storytelling-videos taking AR to a new level, launched last week, come from MARS.

Co-founder and CEO Ori Noam explained how his David and Goliath video, developed at ToD Innovation Lab, make the experience unique to the user.

MARS at Jerusalem Tower of David Museum launch

At the entrance desk, for a small additional extra fee, visitors  receive a tablet and earphones. Because it was raining outside, demonstrations had to be inside.

Tower of David Museum demonstration of MARS new tourist option using AR and MR

MARS lets visitors interact with Goliath as seen on this tablet screen.

Mars at Jerusalem Tower of David using tablet for tour option

Using sub-conscience triggers, MARS creates an experience unique to each family or visitor. And these days, of course, the mandatory selfie at the end.

Did you realize last week was Israeli Space Week?

The Bloomfield Science Museum was open two evenings free of charge in honor of Space Week.

Signs at entrance to Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem

Besides the currently running exhibitions on Leonardo Da Vinci and Journey to Space, Israeli Space Week attracted families with young children to the Science Museum. 

Balloon Astronaut at Jerusalem science museum entrance

A giant astronaut balloon hovered overhead at the entrance.

Leonardo Questions at Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem Israel

‘Leonardo’s Questions’ were displayed and answered in the main entrance area with Leonardo’s wings hanging above.

Space week at Jerusalem science museum

Upstairs on the third floor, I was able to get one image before the room filled with excited children. Oh, to channel all that energy.

Planetarium in Jerusalem Science Museum

The planetarium required registration to enter, but for photography, I think outside was better to see the black starlit dome.

Leonardo exhibit at Jerusalem Science Museum

‘Optics and Observation’ was one of the various rooms on the current Leonardo theme.

Meteor rock from Arizona desert in Jerusalem science museum

What would be a good space exhibit without a piece of rock from outer space?

Marc, a former employee of Griffith Observatory in California, held a piece of a meteor found in an Arizona crater. Visitors were encouraged to feel a piece of material that fell from space halfway around the world, right here in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem has multiple private museums on a wide variety of topics.

Front view of Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem on cloudy day

The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem, BLMJ, is near the Science Museum and across the street from the Israel Museum.

Entrance to YEMEN exhibition at Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem

Its new exhibit is simply called YEMEN. The historical development of South Arabia over the centuries is shown in detail to cover all the senses. I was so impressed with a tour before it opened, I had to go back on opening night to see the finished exhibit.

A woman looks at ancient artifacts from South Arabia now Yemen at Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem

First, the visitor encounters ancient statues and artifacts used for burning incense.

Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem display of three popular fragrances of ancient times.

The Jews of ancient southern Arabia traveled over long distances by camel with myrrh, frankincense, and balsam. Here one can smell the aromas so important and valuable in ancient times and compare them.

Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem traditional food from Yemen at opening of new exhibit

I said all the senses. At the opening evening was this traditional Yemenite savory biscuit. I must admit it was not to my taste.

Yemenite man reading Hebrew book upside down in Naftali Hilger photo in Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem

This is one of several powerful photographs by Naftali Hilger on display. Note the Jewish man from Sa’dah is reading a prayerbook upside down. Since books were scarce, children learned to read from multiple directions. Hilger’s photographs taken in the late 1980s add greatly to the exhibit.

Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem Yemen exhibition

Rich colors, old ritual artifacts, and scrolls,

A woman looks at wall display at Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem Yemen exhibit.

and more recent content, such as this Jerusalem Street sign, add to the scope of Yemenite history.

The father of Batya Borowski, wife of BLMJ founder Eli Borowski z”l, came from Yemen to Israel in 1907. Zacharia Jamil was a talented silversmith and jewelry-maker like his father.

The exhibit with its warm hues radiates the warmth and love Batya Borowski and her daughter,  BLMJ Director Amanda Weiss, have invested in sharing a history unfamiliar to many.

Three rings made by father of Batya Borowski iZacharia Jamil on display in the Bible Lands Museum exhibition Yemen

Three rings made by Jamil are included in the Yemen exhibition.

Fourth and last is the L A. Mayer Museum of Islamic Art, which also has a new temporary exhibition.

Trespassing exhibit at LA Mayer Museum of Islamic Art in Jerusalem Israel

Titled “Trespassing” in English, meaning stretching boundaries, here are 3 examples of works by fifteen Israeli women, coming from religious communities:

Trespassing exhibition at LA Mayer Museum of Islamic Art in Jerusalem Israel

Muslim – Fatima Abu Roomi self-portraits,

Female Druze artist with special shawel on floor LA Mayer Museum of Islamic Art in Jerusalem Israel

Druze – special shawl over a traditional home rug,

Shira Zelwer wax flowers and diorama

and Jewish -wax flowers and diorama.

The Museum of Islamic Art has historical pieces and a magnificent antique watch collection. 

Shira Zelwer wax figures from grandmother's photograph Islamic Museum

What stood out for me in the new pieces was this item. Shira Zelwer’s wax figures in the diorama are three-dimensional images reproducing a 1960’s photograph. They show her grandmother surrounded by the waiters of her catering business in Australia.

I fondly remember her grandmother in her later retirement years, still an active personality.

You never know what you will find on the Jerusalem streets or what memories in its museums.

Scene from YEMEN at the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem Israel

From ancient artifacts to futuristic technology, from Yemen to Australia, worlds coming together on the Jerusalem streets and explored and shared in its unique museum displays.

Summer in Jerusalem: Down Pilgrimage Road to Outer Space at Israel Museum

Summer in Jerusalem: Down Pilgrimage Road to Outer Space at Israel Museum

It’s summer.

School is out for the summer. Now, what to do?

The Jerusalem Light Festival in the Old City started on June 26 and ends July 4th.

Israeli dancing begins at First Station on Sunday evenings at 8:00 pm.

Music will play in Kikar Safra, Safra Square for two big night concerts, July 11 – Goran Bregovic and July 25 – Stavros Xsarchakos.

Too classical and late at night? Programs for children are available in community parks.

And of course, many museums are including summer events for families.

Sign for Israel Museum exhibit Pan to Peter Pan

In Jerusalem, the Israel Museum is always a go-to place on a hot day.

Peter Pan exhibit at Israel Museum sign

There are new temporary exhibits, like Peter and Pan.

Pan and Peter entrance Israel Museum

From Greece to Neverland starts with larger than life Greek statues.

Photos of Barrie author of Peter Pan

Then it progresses over the centuries to James Barrie,

Jerusalem Israel exhibit Poster of Peter Pan

and eventually to Disney’s Peter Pan,

Fairy section of Peter Pan exhibit in Israel Museum

with Tinkerbell and tales of fairies.

Pan and Peter section for reading Israel Museum

A family-friendly reading corner compliments the video presentations at the end.

Jerusalem Israel Museum sign for Veiled Women exhibit

From one extreme to another: nude Greek statues to the Veiled Women of the Holy Land.

Israel Museum veiled women display Christian Nuns

Here we find three religious extremes in women’s clothing, Nuns,

Muslim women in Israel Museum exhibit on veiled women

Muslim women,

Jewish women "Taiblan" veiled women in Israel Museum

and Jewish women, covered in layers head to toe, with even their faces covered.

Israel Museum sign for veiled women

New trends in modest dress, or flashbacks to ancient times?

Across the hall from Pan to Peter, is another temporary exhibit.

Enter from the Ancient Civilizations section of the Israel Museum,

Dairy of Ilan Rimon on display at Israel Museum

and you find this darkened room that holds the remains of the diary of astronaut Ilan Rimon z”l, recovered and reconstructed after the explosion of the Columbia Space Shuttle

Duplicate sefer Torah to one in outerspace with Ilan Rimon which was destroyed in space shop explosion

Rimon took a miniature Torah into outer space, which was destroyed in the explosion. A duplicate miniature Torah was located and is on exhibit. The story of its use during the Shoah in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp for a Bar Mitzvah is next to the display case.

Israel Museum corridor without people

The halls of the Israel Museum are filled all summer, only empty at closing time.

Israel Museum in Jerusalem outside view near entrance

Besides the Israel Museum, there are many events happening.

There is a special exhibit at the Art Shelter where 62 works by 22 artists are for sale, July 9 – 16th.

The Outline Festival – Illustration and Words in Jerusalem is from July 4 – 11th.

For the summer a very different exhibit is on at First Station in the Hangar.

Jerusalem Israel First Station Zahal Shelanu exhibit

When Prime Minister Netanyahu saw Zahal Shelanu in Holon, he said this should be in Jerusalem, Israel, for more to see.

IDF Zahal Shelanu at First Station Hangar

So the special IDF display is at First Station in the Hangar for the summer.

Jerusalem Israel First Station Hangar for Zahal Shelanu

The big equipment is on display outside.

IDF Zahal Shelanu at First Station Hangar

But if you want to get inside, it is only open from 9-5:00 pm.

Special tickets are free but have to be ordered online in advance.

My attempt to go at night for good light was not so bright.

Also this week there was an official opening of the Pilgrimage Road.

It will still be another four years before the public will be able to walk this underground path.

We saw the beginnings of the project two years ago.

More on the story from then HERE.

The Wine Festival is coming next week, so that means the beer festival should be soon after.

Tower of David sunset view inside

There is a new Happy Hour on Monday evenings in July at the Tower of David.

Enjoy the views with a glass of wine!

As always so much happening on the Jerusalem streets.

Dry weeds in summer in Jerusalem Israel Valley of the Cross

It’s summer. It’s hot. But even in the dried weeds of summer one can find beauty.