‘Twas the Week Before and More

As in the past the Jerusalem Municipality and the Jewish National Fund distributed free trees to those residents celebrating Christmas. The advertised times were 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Jaffa Gate Square, but by 10:30 am this was the scene.

There seemed to be more photographers than trees or customers…certainly more beigelach.

Santa  got his tree and  media attention, but no snow for him or anyone else.









In the nearby Liberty Bell Park families were out in the sunshine all day.



The YMCA, located across the street from the King David Hotel,

had a very  modestly  decorated tree and carol service.







Thousands of visitors, some going to  Bethlehem, a few minutes drive away, were in Jerusalem for the holiday season.

Thousands of people came to celebrate Bar Mitzvahs at the Kotel,  boys from all over Israel and as far away as Australia and the United States.

 Most of Monday the celebrations kept coming…

But to get to these celebrations everyone had to endure progress.

Work has begun on the infrastructure and development project at Jaffa Gate Plaza. It is to include streamlining of pedestrian traffic alongside vehicular traffic, installation of street furniture,  and refurbishing of street lighting.

For the next year and a half, 24 hours a day…

drivers beware.

Everyone beware!

A quiet November afternoon                                                                                   and now







 This week also marks one year since Operation Cast Lead,

242 missiles landed in the Sderot area in 2009

down from more than 3,200 rockets and mortars in 2008.

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