`14 Photos This Week in Jerusalem

What a week!

It was truly hard to know what to do first.

The laundry hampers are still full with piles of washing

 from the Sukkot holiday time.

However, with the present “situation”

could I post holiday leftovers as usual?

old car

Like this car parked on the street in Baka,

car accident

or this one off the road from a “regular” accident?

They seem too trivial.

American Cultural center closed

Normally, closing the American Center for renovations would be news.

But despite yesterday’s sirens,

 in keeping with the real streets theme,

there are many positive things happening to share.

First of all,

2000 delegates from around the world

International space conference

are attending the International Astronautical Congress

at the Jerusalem International Conference Center.

The IAC 2015 has dozens of exhibits;

this is one from Korea.

space suit

The astronaut space suit was special.


Former US astronaut “Buzz” Aldrin

told stories from his moon-walking days

at the opening press conference.

Heck, after walking on the moon,

what’s a walk around Jerusalem?

space suits

He announced that the space suits and helmets will be

part of a traveling exhibit for Israeli school children to inspire

future research and scientific development.

How many of us were inspired by

the Russian Refusniks?

What timing,

let my people go

finding this old clipping showing the number

of weeks the refusniks spent in prison

on the front page of this Vancouver, BC, newspaper.

Sharansky let my people go

This week Jewish Agency Head Natan Sharansky

spoke at the Begin Center launch of a new book called

Let My People Go:

which tells the story of the Australian involvement in getting his release.

Sharansky mentioned that in the days before twitter and internet,

news traveled much slower,

but when the Jewish people were united,

they were able to bring down the Iron Curtain.


The demonstration for increased security,

was canceled because of security concerns.

However, with plenty of security,

red carpet reception at Beit Hanasi

President of India Prahab Mukherjee

had the red carpet rolled out for his historic visit to Israel.

Too many attacks to list here,

another funeral for victim from #78 bus took place today,

and an annual bat//bat mitzvah celebration for IDF orphans

was moved away from the Kotel, Western Wall

for the first time because of security concerns.

But that special milestone celebration

was held at the Jerusalem Theater.

special bar bat mitzvah

Child celebrants called dignitaries to the stage to “light”

a special menorah at this bitter-sweet party.

Their fathers were missing.

For many, for many years,

missing from their lives and celebrations.

Idf orphans celebrate bar mitzvah

At the end all gathered on stage to sing Hatikvah 

celebration Jerusalem

and celebrate life.

That was this week in Israel.

Sorrow and tragedy,

but still celebrating life.

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