Jerusalem What’s Happening

   Last week was such a roller coaster week.

The President of India visited our President at Beit Hanasi

Preisidnt of India in Israel

and signed the official guest book.

Now President Margvelashvili of Georgia

and the President Grybauskaitė of Lithuania are among thousands of visitors.

Israel welcomes president with flag

It is hard to keep track of the changing flags

which greet each country’s president at Beit Hanasi,

the Israel President’s Residence.

The Conference of International Mayors met here,

and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

is getting most of the media attention.

Town hall meeting

Five US Congressmen were here too,

expressing bi-partisan support for Israel

at a Town Hall style meeting before they returned to US.

US federation leaders

Leaders of Jewish Federations of North America

paid a short visit to Israel after trip to Berlin,

and made a stop to meet President Rivlin on their way back to the US.

A few hours later the Rivlins switched roles,

and as doting grandparents hosted

the young children of police and security personnel.

golf Israel

This little fellow playing golf on the grounds was my favorite.

Was this a first for golf in Jerusalem, Israel,

this very mini-mini putt-putt?

Security is increased and visible.

Israel security measures

Guards are back at this restaurant,

a site where a suicide bomber killed diners.

mail bag

I saw this bag and took a photo.

I guess a careless delivery person put it there.

There was no explosion, so it was not blown up.

Ben & Jerry ice cream

I am trying to remember whether the Ben and Jerry’s freezer was always

just off the street or was moved front and center

because of the “situation,” as many are eating more ice cream.

Meanwhile, thousands have arrived for the

 World Zionist Congress and Hadassah Convention,

sign for WZC in Jerusalem

both to be held this week in Jerusalem.

I also want to get to Open House Jerusalem,

which features public visits of

of many beautiful sites in the city.

Plus, must get to the Israel Museum,

where five new exhibits are opening!

Oh, and on Thursday all movies are 10 shekels.

poster Am Yisrael Chai

Am Yisrael Chai! 

So much is happening in Jerusalem, Israel.

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