Tower of David Museum’s New Threads

Even after a really busy day, I could not pass up a chance to attend 

Inside Tower of David

the opening of a new exhibit at the Tower of David Museum.

poster Tower of David

Summer of Inspiration: “Threads” exhibit is now on view

Tower of David Museum Threads exhibit

down inside the ancient fortress of the Tower of David.

Ten Israeli fashion designers have created

 original costumes around the theme of  ‘Women of Jerusalem’.

dress at tower of Daivd Thread exhibit

There are dresses for Queen Helena

dress at tower of david exhibit

and the Queen of Sheba.

red dress on manakin

Want to try to guess who inspired this red number?

Tower of David Museum

This is an outfit for Salome Alexandra

Tower of David Museum

and this one for Shira.

Tower of David Museum

This black and white outfit is very prim & proper

Tower of David

as is the dress for Hemda Ben-Yeuhda.

Tower of David Museum

But this one for Melisende

Tower of David Museum

and this one for Roxelana are as unusual as the names of the women.

No matter what you think of these designer fashions and the show,

I think we might all agree,  

that while it is impressive by day,

Tower of David photo at night

as the sun sets and the lights go on,

the Tower of David is even more magnificent!

These one-of-a-kind fashions and their photographs 

will be on display in the museum until October.

New threads in an ancient fortress,

where else could this be happening,

but in Jerusalem, Israel?

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