A Bit More Hanukah

 Hanukah week most schools were on holiday, there was no regular rush hour in Jerusalem,  any time or place could be busy or quiet.

Nearly 500 delegates to the Global Forum against Anti-Semitism were meeting at the Knesset, but the weather outside was more of an immediate concern to the people of Jerusalem. Avikh refers to a sand storm in the southern part of the country.  In Jerusalem, when it is avikh there is dirt in the air, with strong cold winds; it was even difficult to breathe.


Great day for flags, but… it was not easy to keep on a hat.

A musician on Ben Yehudah Street had to  hold on his white hat while doing  his show.

It was a good day to take in one of the movies at the Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival at the Cinematheque or one of the many museums.

  And what would  Hanukah  be without dreydels?


Extemely  impressive  Hanukah projects of school students were displayed in the Mamilla Mall.  The recycled material works of art  were very creative,  it was difficult to select  just a few.



A few more


After cold winds and heavy rain, the sky was an amazing shade of blue over the Israel Museum.

As the eastern United States was under a heavy blanket of snow, Jerusalem children returned to school, 

 it was warm enough to stop by the park on the way home …

                                                                                                                             to hang out the washing



or let


dogs out.

 The weather may have cleared, but yesterday water flooded the street draining from the Beit HaNasi, the President’s Residence; with a serious water shortage, surely they could find some recycling system.

It is reported that Israelis consumed 18 million sufagniot over the Hanukah holiday season, so while the holiday greetings on the bus signs may be gone until next year, those extra calories should be around for quite awhile.

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  • December 24, 2009 at 3:44 am

    Sharon, we never met but I just read it. It is wonderful. We have been to Israel many times but we spend all our time with our grandchldren. Of course, we have seen many of the site in Jerusalem and I read the Israeli papers on the web to get my news but I see it from a different point of view when you write. As you say, the media edits what we read and what we see all over the world. So keep on blogging and the photos are great.


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