Jerusalem Marathon 2014

The sun was shining for the 4th International Jerusalem Marathon,

image runner, photo marathon runners Jerusalem, picture men running

as 26,000 runners raced through the Jerusalem, Israel streets,

image winner, photo race winner, picture winner at finish line

and the winner came in with a record-breaking time.

Streets were closed,

image Jerusalem marathon, photo people walking, picture walking to marathon

so everyone had to walk to get to check in and the starting line.

image Jerusalem marathon, photo park of marahton, Jerusalem marathon photo

Once a year the graffiti is white-washed away and

a new banner is hung near the full marathon finish line.

image sign marathon, photo Jerusalem marathon

Besides the full and half marathons there are other popular races.

image Jerusalem marathon, photo starting line, picture crowd at starting line

Thousands lined up at the starting line for the 10 kilometer run.

image Jerusalem marathon, photo marathon start, picture 10 k race

The young and not so young, most dressed in colorful shirts,

iamge Jerusalem marathon, photo marathon start, picture start of marathon

and their enthusiasm off the start was contagious.

iamge people on stilts, photo men in flag colored costumes, Jerusalem marathon picture

Entertainers on stilts were dressed in flag-colored costumes,

near a special course for shorter races for the young and disabled.

image Jerusalem marathon, photo children watching for runner, picture Jeruslaem marathon

Supporters lined the streets watching and waiting.

image Jerusalem marathon, photo sing for marathon, photo Jerusalem marathon

Along the routes were

image Jerusalem marathon, photo marathon, picture water stop marathon

  water stations.

image crowd going to starting line, photo Jerusalem marathon

It was hard to get through the crowd in Gan Sacher, Sacher Park

at the start of the 10 K race.

image female marathon winner, photo runner Jerusalem marathon, winner picture woman runner

With so many events running at once, it was hard to find family members,

but we did see the winner of the women’s full marathon.

image runners, photo Hungarian runners

Over 50 countries were represented, and many religions,

image runner kissing finish line, photo marathon runnere

but we only saw one runner from Brazil kiss the finish line.

image Israeli winners at Jerusalem marathon, photo winners, picture marathon winners

Separate awards for Israeli winners were presented for best times.

Loud music pumped through the park, which could be heard kilometers away.

image crowd at Jerusalem marathon, picture crowded park , photo crowd

The runners at the end of their races and arriving for medals,

were separated by fences from the crowds of spectators.

image Jerusalem marathon, photo smiling race finshers, picture grandmother hugging girl at end of race

But some proud grandmothers knew how to get around barriers for a special hug.

iamge Jerusalem marathon, photo RavBeni Lau, picture Jerusalem maraton

And then there was the walk home.

The sun was hot.

Some runners were still approaching the finish line,

image runner late in day jerusalem marthon, photo Jerusalem marathon runner,  photo last runner

even as the streets were opened to traffic at one o’clock.

Thousands of shekels were raised for charity.

Everyone who participated was a winner.

Many have been inspired to try next year,

to enter or to train for a longer race.

image ahava emunah , picture Jerusalem marathon


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