More than Jerusalem Heat

Everyone is talking about the weather,

the hot, hot weather.

It has been beastly,

outside of science museum

like this monster perched outside the Bloomfield Science Museum

even before the intense heat arrived.

science museum

On Monday, there was a special event for children

who had no school on the day after Shavuot.

special riding bikes

These unusual riding machines are outside the museum.

Science and motion can be fascinating,

and while for some it is a learning experience,

for others,

it is a living experience.

ALEH is a very special school for children with severe disabilities.

The annual ALEH March was Monday afternoon.

I love Aleh

Teachers, students, volunteers and ALEH families

all walked across the Jerusalem String Bridge.

Aleh school releases balloons on Chord bridge

In the middle of the walk the group released green and purple balloons,

made noise and held banners for cars to honk.

march aleh school

Walkers, special wheel chairs and flags,

all marching forward – to make each day count.

And as with most Jerusalem facilities,

Arab women

ALEH serves both Muslim and Jewish children, religious and secular.

The holidays are over,

but things are not quieting down,

and even in the mid-day sun tourists were out.

New signs have been posted,

festival Jerusalem

for the Israel Festival’s

sign in Hebrew

varied programs.

Festival season has begun.

sign in Jerusalem

For other new events

sign for festival Jerusalem

and festivals we will have to wait and see.

But next week is the Jerusalem Light Festival,

Jerusalem light festival

and this big ad was up in Gan Sacher, Sacher Park.

I sure hope it cools off when we walk around the Old City.

It will be interesting to see what new light pieces

the international festival can come up with this year,

 and how many thousands of people will attend.

Passover Leftovers

Passover has ended.

I used 150 eggs, large quantities of potatoes, onions,

sugar and chocolate this week,

and not one cookie or crumb of cake is left in the house. 

However, there are still a few holiday leftovers that I would like to share.

'flag picture", "image of highway", "photo flag", "picture road Israel"

Flags lined Israel Highway #6 for millions of people on their holiday trips,

"picture dancing", "photo Breslovers dancing" ,"image men dancing"

while in Jerusalem you could find dancing on the streets

"Israeli girls", "photo girls", "image little girls"

and families dressed in their holiday finest.

"picutre SAcher Park", "image park, "photo picnic"

Crowds filled Gan Sacher, Sacher Park.

"picutre tents" , "image park", "photo picnic"

At times there seemed to be more tents than during “The Occupy Protest”

"picture of Sacher Park", "Picnic in the park photo", "Image of cooking"

and so much smoke that I made the mistake of calling it “Gan Smoker.”

"grilling meat picture", "photo picnic", "image BBQ in park"

  Gan Sacher is big enough, though, to find a quiet spot 

for conversation, grilled meat and a bottle wine.

 No need to go hungry in Jerusalem for lack of Passover food,

"image matzah sandwich", "picture of matzah sandwich", "photo Passover food"

these matzah sandwiches were for sale across from the Central Bus station,

"picture Israel flag", "photos of Israeli flag", "image Passover sign"

where “Happy Holiday of Freedom” signs and Israeli flags flew above.

 I wrote the last post about the Aleh Jerusalem March

(make sure you haven’t missed it)

"picture Aleh march", "image Aleh volunteers", "photo girls"

 and the impressive young volunteers,

"picture little boys", "image sharing" , "photo kids sharing"

 but these two children sharing a bag of potato chips were my favorite.

Those are a few favorite Passover leftovers, so that’s it…

"picture Israel bus", "photo bus sign Passover", "image bus Israel Passover"

 until next year, when the buses again say,

” Kosher and Happy Passover.”

Four Ways to Celebrate Passover

Millions of people visit nature sites in Israel over Passover. 

Tens of thousands attend Birchat Kohanim, the Priestly Blessing

"Al-Quds image", "picture Wailing Wall", "photo The Wailing Wall"

prayer service at the Kotel, the Western Wall, each year.

In Jerusalem’s Gan Sacher, Sacher Park,

"picture of picnic', "image of park", "photo of picnic in Jerusalem"

  thousands of people gather for picnic outings.

 I want to share with you a special event

"photo children with balloons", "picture Aleh school", "image Aleh Jerusalem"

in Jerusalem at Aleh, a very special home and school

"picture wheel chair", "photo Jerusalem"

for children with special educational needs.

The weather was perfect 

"photo Aleh March", 'image wheel chair", "picture Aleh parade"

for the annual Aleh Jerusalem March as it left the school grounds.

"picture parade" ,  "Jerusalem streets photo", "image Jerusalem "

Participating were many of the dedicated staff members and their families,

(full disclosure, my daughter-in-law is a teacher at Aleh

and we are very proud of her work)

"picture Aleh March'

dozens of young volunteers,

"Arab woman in Jerusalem picture", "photo Muslim woman", "image nurse"

along with lots of balloons and a nurse on duty.

"picture Aleh March", "photo traffic stopped"

Streets were closed to traffic as the Aleh Jerusalem March moved

"picture bridge Jerusalem", "photo Jerusalem bridge"

toward the new Gesher HaMeitarim, the Chord or String Bridge.

"photo Jerusalem bridge", "picture releasing balloons"

After waiting for everyone to arrive on the bridge,

'"String Bridge photo","picture of Jerusalem bridge"

hundreds of balloons were released over the city of Jerusalem.

"picture Jerusalem bridge", "Jerusalem bridge photo'

Then everyone crossed the bridge

"picture dancing","photo Jerusalem traffic"

and the celebration continued with live music and dancing.

In a country where on chol hamoed traffic is heavy and people creep along,

this crowd was really moving.

"picture wheel chair'

I can share a few scenes of the tremendous care,


"picture dancing'

and attention given to the students who participated,

but for reasons of privacy I cannot share their radiant smiles.

"picutre De Aryeh Eldar"

This was an event short on publicity and politicians,

only MK Aryeh Eldar said a few words.

But it was big on love and full of holiday spirit.

"picture bus sign for holiday" "photo of bus holiday sign"

A very happy Passover!

 If you found an Aleh balloon…I would love to hear how far they flew.

Many more photos on The Real Jerusalem Streets Facebook page .