Passover Leftovers

Passover has ended.

I used 150 eggs, large quantities of potatoes, onions,

sugar and chocolate this week,

and not one cookie or crumb of cake is left in the house. 

However, there are still a few holiday leftovers that I would like to share.

'flag picture", "image of highway", "photo flag", "picture road Israel"

Flags lined Israel Highway #6 for millions of people on their holiday trips,

"picture dancing", "photo Breslovers dancing" ,"image men dancing"

while in Jerusalem you could find dancing on the streets

"Israeli girls", "photo girls", "image little girls"

and families dressed in their holiday finest.

"picutre SAcher Park", "image park, "photo picnic"

Crowds filled Gan Sacher, Sacher Park.

"picutre tents" , "image park", "photo picnic"

At times there seemed to be more tents than during “The Occupy Protest”

"picture of Sacher Park", "Picnic in the park photo", "Image of cooking"

and so much smoke that I made the mistake of calling it “Gan Smoker.”

"grilling meat picture", "photo picnic", "image BBQ in park"

  Gan Sacher is big enough, though, to find a quiet spot 

for conversation, grilled meat and a bottle wine.

 No need to go hungry in Jerusalem for lack of Passover food,

"image matzah sandwich", "picture of matzah sandwich", "photo Passover food"

these matzah sandwiches were for sale across from the Central Bus station,

"picture Israel flag", "photos of Israeli flag", "image Passover sign"

where “Happy Holiday of Freedom” signs and Israeli flags flew above.

 I wrote the last post about the Aleh Jerusalem March

(make sure you haven’t missed it)

"picture Aleh march", "image Aleh volunteers", "photo girls"

 and the impressive young volunteers,

"picture little boys", "image sharing" , "photo kids sharing"

 but these two children sharing a bag of potato chips were my favorite.

Those are a few favorite Passover leftovers, so that’s it…

"picture Israel bus", "photo bus sign Passover", "image bus Israel Passover"

 until next year, when the buses again say,

” Kosher and Happy Passover.”

9 Photos Jerusalem Prepares for Passover

 Passover time in Jerusalem:

"photo Jerusalem", "Jerusalem sky photo"

the purple flowers against the blue sky make a beautiful picture

"Jerusalem flower picture'

 and the aloe flowers are in full bloom.

"Office Depot store"

The office supply store did not have the notebook I needed,

but had plenty of Passover food gift baskets.

"sushi rechavia"

The sushi store was closed for day to get ready to serve food on Passover.

"photo boiling water","picture man kashering"

Massive pots of boiling water 

"kashering photo"

and blow torches to get rid of that last bit of bread or chametz 

can be found on many streets.

"photo flowers", "picture bouquet" , "image rose"

Flowers for holiday table centerpieces are abundant,

"picture matzah"

as is matzah and more matzah.

Finally, to the many people

"picture matzah",

 travelling for the holiday, welcome to Jerusalem

and where ever you are we hope it is a healthy and safe

Chag Kasher v’sameach!

Happy Passover!

Happy Easter to all our many Christian friends!