Genesis: It’s about Finding your Genius

Have you found your DNA?

Last week in Jerusalem, Israel,

the Genesis Prize and Jerusalem Opera

were the topics of the headlines.

Violinist Itzhak Perlman,

who overcame serious disabilities

Itzik Perlman at Genesis Prize

to succeed as a master musician,

received the Genesis Prize.

dancer at Genesis Prize ceremony

Individuals can make beautiful music,

 dance and spin like top,

Jerusalem Opera in Sultan's Pool

or sing on an opera stage.

This week at a Temech Conference,

Rabbi Breitowitz speaking to Temech Conference

for hundreds of Israeli female entrepreneurs,

Rabbi Yitzhak Breitowitz speaking at Temech Conference

Rabbi Yitzhak Breitowitz inspired with words

of Torah and Jewish values.

Emma Butin followed in opening plenary session.

She asked, “What is the one main value you offer?”

What is your DNA?

Emma Butin at Temech Conference

Waze offered social mapping.

Airbnb used professional photos.

FedEX had overnight service.

Google found its DNA arranging information.

They made billions of dollars.

Keep it simple.

No big words, she advised.

Hundreds of women met, talked,

Ramada Hotel set for networking at Temech Conference

and networked at the Ramada Hotel all day.

Looking to Grow Big, Grow Smart,

and advance their businesses and services.

Growth may not lead to billions or millions of dollars,

but thousands of families will benefit.

What is your DNA?

Have you thought about your core value?

How many have found their genius?

Shabbat Shalom Klezmer Style

Last night was the Genesis Prize Award Ceremony

at the Jerusalem Theater.

Great show and good food,

and plenty of music.

Shabbat Shalom Klezmer

To go into Shabbat this week Klezmer style.

שבת שלום

Jerusalem Opera, Genesis Prize and More


It is hot in Jerusalem, Israel.

The pool at Jerusalem Dan Hotel looked so cool.

Shrut HaDin 052b

But Sharut HaDin was having a conference inside the hotel,

so we were inside listening to experts on panels

discussing the new cyber and legal battlefields Israel is facing.

When it gets hot,

Teddy Park Mitchell Garden Jerusalem Israel

the parks are quiet by day,

Teddy Garden Mitchell Park Jerusalem Israel

but every fountain is as good as the beach.

Jerusalem Israel street graffiti

Even new graffiti was in a shady spot.

This was certainly the most random street scene,

random street scene garbage Jerusalem

getting ready for a trip to the beach,

but with a box of memorial candles?

End of June.

It is again the season,

of big people on little chairs.

end of year party Jerusalem big people on little chairs

The mandatory end of school year celebrations,

are at all hours of day and night.

But this week, there is another celebration.

Itzhak Perlman is in Jerusalem to accept the Genesis Prize.

Itzhak Perlman speaking with Uri Dromi before Genesis Priza

A gifted musician whose abilities overcame his disabilities.

Through appearances on Sesame Street

he taught important values to a whole generation.

Born in Israel,

though he has lived in New York for decades,

Itzhak Perlman Jerusalem Israel

he was surrounded by the Hebrew media and well-wishers

after a press conference at Mishkanot Sha’ananim.

Also, Dame Helen Mirren is in Israel

this week to present the Genesis Prize.

Dame Helen Mirren at JPC before Genesis Prize

She only played a Queen in the movies,

but she is a regal act in real life too.

Her stories of good times spent in Israel – priceless.

Helen Mirren Jerusalem Israel for Genesis Prize

She was evidently pleased to receive a membership card

to the Jerusalem Press Club.

Now I can say I have something in common

with Dame Helen Mirren.

But on some days,

big truck going up small street

not only on the Jerusalem streets is it hard to get by,

 but there is so much happening,

it is hard to do it all.

That night was opening of the Jerusalem Opera Week,

Italy Israel at Jerusalem Opera

with an Italian theme for Rigoletto.

People were warned to come on time.

Parking and picking up tickets for hundreds

 of opera goers required planning,

plus because of Ramadan fast ending at that time,

a shortage of taxis were anticipated.

Jerusalem Opera stage in Sultan's Pool

The huge stage was constructed in Sultan’s Pool,

with seating rising to street level.

As the sun was setting the audience

opera stage in Sultan Pool Jerusalem Opera Rigoletto

and Israeli Philharmonic prepared for the show.

Translations in Hebrew and English,

were provided on the top and sides of stage.

Rigoletto Opera in Jerusalem Sultan Pool

Magnificent music filled the air.

 Even though the story line is one of tragedy,

Cst of Rigoletto Jerusalem Opera in Sultan's Pool

it was especially exciting to see an Israel performer

excelling in the lead female role.

field of flowers, Jerusalem Israel

So everything may not always be as beautiful as a bed of flowers,

but as I walked home at night near midnight,

Shavuah Hasefer Israel Book Week at First Station

people were still at Shavuah HaSefer at First Station,

watching the football (soccer) match and drinking beer.

Hundreds more were leaving the Jerusalem Theater.

sign for Jerusalem Theater

The signs are up for the new season at the theater,

but the Genesis Prize award is there tonight.

Then we will have to wait to see what

 will be happening next on the Jerusalem streets.

June in Jerusalem

Fires are raging.

The sky is hazy.

Israeli flags at Flag Dance for Yom Yerushalyim

The flags from Yom Yerushalayim,

Jerusalem Day, are slowly being put away.

signs for Shavuot learning programs

The signs announcing dozens of options

for learning on Shavuot will soon be covered over.

The tens of thousands of visitors

who walked the holiday streets have gone home.

It is June,

and summer has arrived in Jerusalem, Israel.

dry grass of summer

The grasses are tinder, ready

 to catch on fire and burn out of control.

But then,

Bright orange flowers in Jerusalem summer

there are desert flowers popping with color,

Lions' Park Jerusalem Israel

 and the Lions’ Fountain looks tempting and cool.

In Jerusalem of contrasts,

Hansen House entrance

the old Hansen House gates were opened to

Innovation of Amazon this week.

Hansen House animals from Design Week in garden

The animals from Design Week were still in its gardens.

I marvel at the changes at every new

 technology event hosted at Hansen.

Changes are evident at First Station as well,

life is beautiful sign first station

with a new sign Life is Beautiful greets on one wall.

While inside the area is being prepared

Hebrew Book Week at First Station in Jerusalem Israel

again to host the annual Hebrew Book Week.

The holidays are over.

It’s June graduation and conference time.

 For the first time ever,

Herzliya conference in Beit Hanasi

the Herzliya Conference opened at Beit Hanasi,

the Israeli President’s House, with international dignitaries

and Israeli political leaders,

and of course plenty of speeches.

I wanted to know

Naftali Bennett and ARyeh Deri t Beit Hanasi

what MK Naftali Bennett and MK Aryeh Deri

Aryeh Deri and Naftali Bennett at Beit Hansi

were talking about that was so amusing.

Besides speeches and conferences,

there are too many musical programs to list.

And of course,

June is also wedding time.

Time to get ready to go…

Mazel tov 

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Holiday

Shabbat is immediately followed

by the holiday of Shavuot this year.

Counting down 7 weeks since Passover,

this holiday is known for dairy meals,

learning Torah all night,

plants and flowers and more flowers.

Flowers Jerusalem Israel Shabbat shalom chag sameach poster

שבת שלום

חג שמח

Yom Yerushalayim Jerusalem Day Favorites

Yom Yerushalayim,

Jerusalem Day is not your usual day in Jerusalem, Israel.

Israel Knesset with Israeli flag and Yom Yerushalyaim sign

Special holiday posters went up along with Israeli flags.

Some streets were lined with flags

Israeli flags for Jerusalem Day

and Jerusalem banners.

It is gone now, but

flowers in space of Israeli flag Marcus Street

 the flower bed near Marcus Street looked like a flag.

Besides flags,

Jerusalem Day posters Jerusalem

posters honoring soldiers who serve in the reserves

Poster Jerusalem Day Jerusalem Israel

were posted along some main roads.

The remembrance day of Yom Yerushalayim

is for the military victory in 1967.

From 1948-1967,

 Jerusalem was under Jordanian rule.

Access to the Old City and the Temple Mount,

and the Kotel, Western Wall was denied to Jews.

All schools have programs to celebrate

the miraculous liberation of Jerusalem.

Yom Yerushalyim history of Jerusalem Mekor Chaim

The program we attended in Mekor Chaim neighborhood

did not emphasize the military victory,

but the connection of the Jewish people

to Jerusalem throughout history.

On Jerusalem Day,

the Tower of David is open to the public.

Tower of David Jerusalem Day reception mayor

Live music greets the citizens of Jerusalem.

It was really hot this year.

Mayor's security cooling off on fan at Tower of David Yom Yerusahlayim

Security officers tried to cool off by standing in front of the fans,

before Mayor Nir Barkat’s fans came

Mayor Nir Barkat and Beverly on Jerusalem Day in Tower of David.

to pose for photos with Mayor and his wife Beverly.

But the biggest annual event on Yom Yerushalayim,

is the Flag Procession and Dance, called Rikudegalim.

The crowd on King George Street dancing

crowd from Hiechel shlomo on Yom Yerushalayim

 seemed smaller this year.

Maybe it was the heat,

or people were scared away by misleading media hype,

or perhaps people were at other programs.

mobile library in Gan Haatmzaut on Yom Yerushalayim

The mobile library in Gan Haatzmaut,

Independence Park, was not busy.

Friend dressed in Blue and white for Jerusalem Day

Seeing long-time friends dressed in blue and white

is always a Jerusalem Day favorite.

Flags Flag Dance Jerusalem Day

The boys with Israeli flags in front of Heichal Shlomo

were as loud as ever and were not slowed down by the weather.

Security was obvious and everywhere.

Hundreds of young people in yellow vests,

Girls doing crowd control on Jerusalem Day

helped with crowd control.

The media,

waiting for trouble at Damascus Gate,

Media at Damascus Gate on Jerusalem Day for Flag Parade

 were bored from this clearly non-violent event.

The chief of Israeli police was there too.

Head of Israeli police at Damascus Gate, photo taken with boy

 Posing for a photo with one of the boys marching,

not headline-worthy.

So to see for myself what really was happening,

I walked the whole parade route.

Oh, they were loud, singing such things as

Am Yisrael Chai and Ivdu Et Hashem B’simcha.

Boy doing Flag Dance stopping to shake hands with security in Arab shuk

One young fellow tried to shake hands

with every security person he passed and say thank you.

Little Arab girl in window watch Flag Parade in shuk

This little girl had a perfect view

but I have no idea what she was thinking.

Flag Dance on Jerusalem Day

The crowd just kept coming and coming,

it was getting late, and I was getting tired.

Western Wall on Jerusalem Day Kotel full for Yom Yerushayaim

Tens of thousands of people were on the

Jerusalem, Israel, streets all day.

There was no violence.

Cardo full of people on Jerusalem Day singing dancing and watching.

There was dancing in the ancient Roman Cardo.

50 years ago one could only imagine

Jews singing and dancing in the Old City.

As I went home they were still coming.

Bands played music late into the night

in multiple locations around Jerusalem,

but no one could go to all of them.

If you want to see more of Yom Yerushalyim

Facebook photos are HERE