Jerusalem Formula One – Peace Road Show Photos

 Jerusalem came to a stop for two days,

as thousands upon thousands of people came to see,

Jerusalem Formula Peace road show

this Ferrari Formula One race car.

watching Jerusalem Formula Road Show

Some people paid a fee and sat in the stands constructed for

the Jerusalem Formula One Peace Road Show.


Special video cameras recorded the event,

photo Jerusalem Formula Peace Road Show

which was projected on screens at several locations along the track.

Jerusalem Formula Road show

Several Ferrari GT Challenge 

Jerusalem Formula Road Show


Jerusalem Formula road show


photo Lotus LMPZ

and a black Lotus LMPZ zoomed around the track.

Each lap took these cars around two minutes,

Jerusalem Road Show Old city

but this was a show, not a race.

race car Jerusalem Formula 1 show

Many residents were furious that so many streets were closed,

man sitting on top of bus stop

but people came early and from all over to find a good spot.

Formula Jerusalem race

Large crowds could be found

crowd watching road race

at every one of the free vantage points,

Jerusalem Formula Road Show

from high on top of walls of The Old City


to along the street across from the Liberty Bell Park. 

people watching Jerusalem car race

Huge crowds lined the track both days.

Remember that guy on top of the bus stop?

Jerusalem Formula 1 Peace Road Show

The only “action” from the sports cars,

a deliberate smoke producing spin took place in front of us.

Jerusalem road show photo

He had the front row seat and got the shot

and it was so loud, I still do not have normal hearing in one ear.


The Formula Peace Road show was promoted for the racing cars,

but there were also motorcycles,

Jerusalem Formula one

and by all accounts the show stopping favorite

was the dare-devil stunt routine of Chris Pfeiffer on a BMW 6800R.

photo police horse

And as always, I thought that the police horses were beautiful.

Was this Jerusalem Formula Peace Road Show

worth all the inconvenience?

Getting stuck on the inside of the track,

it took me over an hour to walk what is normally a ten minute distance.

One girl I saw was literally in tears trying to get to her destination.

Arab family Jerusalem photo

Some loved it, some thought it was a total waste of time.

Jerusalem security photo, JStreet

I do know, it was a very diverse crowd and there was no violence.

Formula Ferrari drivers

And Italian race car drivers,

Ragazzi Riccardo (left)  who drove a Ferrari GT Challenge 430

and Daniel Mancinelle who drove a Ferrari GT Challenge 458

were very excited and happy to be in Jerusalem for the first time.

And I know a lot more about race cars.

 Who would have thought that would happen in Jerusalem, Israel !

More photos on The Real Jerusalem Streets Facebook page, HERE.

And Ferrari video from on the car, and more see HERE.

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