Under-21 Championship Final and Tomorrow

The marathon of big events over the past two weeks,

Jerusalem Lights, Formula 1 Road Show,

and Hebrew Book Week, have ended.

Though it also began the beginning of June,

the UEFA Under-21 Championship Finals are still going.

The Israel-England game that was played at Teddy Stadium

attracted over 22,000 soccer (football) fans.

Many former Brits living in Israel were conflicted,

so they cheered for both sides.

Though Israel won, they still did not go on to the next round.

photo playing soocer

In the middle of Ben Yehuda Square,

usually the scene of street musicians, 

 this Under-21 Championship set-up appeared instead.

image kids playing soccer game

Playing this soccer game did not seem like the best exercise,

photo playing sports on wii

and gotta love these active sportsmen.

But I was glad I came back later

soccer ball practice image

to see that some young people were actually kicking  soccer balls

image boy with soccer ball

and some were using their heads.

UEFA under 21 Championship

Look out world,

here comes another generation of Israeli soccer players.

The European soccer championship game,

Italy vs. Spain, is being played tonight at Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem,

 Spain could win back to back victories.

Update final score: Italy 2- Spain 4.

At the same time, at the Jerusalem International Convention Center

Israeli Presidential Conference

is the opening of  #Tomorrow13, the Israeli Presidential Conference.

 5000 delegates have come from around the world to attend.

 Tonight is a huge 90th birthday celebration

for Israeli President Shimon Peres, with Dr. Barbara Streisand,

(she got an honorary doctorate from Hebrew University yesterday),

former President Bill Clinton, Prince Albert of Monaco

and other celebrities, like Robert Di Nero.

It is harder to get a ticket than to the Barak Obama’s speech in Jerusalem!

But I wonder which event will have more home viewers?

So much happening on the streets of Jerusalem,

you do not have to be here to see the diversity!

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