Jerusalem, Yom HaShoah Remembered Here

As Yom Hashoah,

Holocaust Remembrance Day, began in Israel,

 US Secretary of State John Kerry was in the Middle East

again meeting with Abbas,


 Kassam rockets were again fired from Gaza into Israel.

While a select few attended the main ceremony at Yad Vashem,

thousands watched it live on television as

President Shimon Peres began his speech:

“The Holocaust will not sink into the dark hole of history.

It is here with us, burning, real…

Yom Hashoah picture, Holocaust photo

It floats like a ghost in the barracks of the camps.”

How does one choose a meaningful way to mark Yom Hashoah?

Image for Holocaust Remembrance

This sign on the wall outside of the Great Synagogue

Holocaust sign in Hebrew

and its counterpart in Hebrew shone brightly in the dark.

Israeli Knesset at night

The flag on the Knesset Building was lowered.

Restaurants closed their doors and locked their gates by 8:00 pm.

Where does one go?

This year Israel Forever, Nefesh B’Nefesh and the Jerusalem Municipality

Holocaust remembrance day

sponsored an event that attracted hundreds of young people. 

Picture from Holocaust

After a slide presentation and slow music, 

photo of lighting candles Yom Hashoah

six large candles were lit

photo candle for Holocaust program

 in memory of the six million who died.

Crowd for Adopt a Safta

Then there was a minute of silence,

slowly and silently, the overcrowded,

Crowd for Holocaust program

 packed audience spontaneously rose to their feet.

It was an impressive sight.

The room was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

The Facebook advert brought in hundreds of  young people 

Holocaust remembrance day

who wanted to take part in a meaningful way.

The Adopt a Safta program was then presented to the audience.

It could be an important “link” that President Peres spoke of,

a link of the generations, beneficial to all.

Yom Hashoah, here in Jerusalem, Israel

was a time to remember.

Picture of Yellow star Jews had to wear

Never again.

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