Hollywood Celebrities Tweet about Israel

Tourism in Jerusalem is growing, April numbers set a new record.

This week Birthright-Taglit is bringing  59 groups,

each with 40 young people, for their first visit to Israel.

Yet many people think Israel is a dangerous place to visit.

 What do you think you see in this photo?

"picture Zach Roerig", "photo Zach Roerig", "image Zach Roerig"

This is not a tourist getting attacked,

"photo Zach Roerig", "image Zach Roerig", "Zach Roerig picture"

but actor Zach Roerig of Vampire Diaries on the right,

with actor Eli Finish of the Israeli TV show Eretz Nehederet 

"picture martial arts class", "photo Jerusalem", "image AnnayLyn McCord"

at a special martial arts class held at the Inbal Hotel.

This week eight US actors were in Jerusalem

with America’s Voices in Israel – AVI tour.

AVI, along with the Ministries of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora and Tourism  

aims to give the celebrities a program that reflects their interests.

Their whirlwind visit ended with this class,

"picture Holt McCallany", "photo Holt McCallany", "image Holt McCallany"

also attended by Holt McCallany of Fight Club

"picture AnnaLynne Mc Cord","photo AnnaLynne McCord", "image AnnaLynne McCord"

and AnnaLynne McCord of 90210.

"photo Holt cCallany", "picture fighting", "image fight"

Holt enjoyed practicing with head coach Boaz Barr,

"photo ZAch Roetig", "picture Jerusalem", "Image fight"

as did Zach Roerig,

"photo AnnaLynne MCcord", "image karate kick", "photo Jerusalem"

 and beginner AnnaLynne’s high kicks impressed everyone.

"picture Zach Roerig", Photo Zach Roering", Image Zach Roerig"

Shortly after posing for a group photo, the Americans flew home.

"picture Jerusalem", "hotel lobby photo",  "image fans'

Israeli fans surrounded Eli Finish as soon as he entered the lobby,

while US stars Zach and AnnaLynne went unnoticed to their rooms.

Also on this tour were Paul Johansson (90210 & Atlas Shrugged),

Omar Epps (ER & House), Holly Robinson Peele (21 Jump St),

Mekhi Phifer (ER) and Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds).

We will have to wait and see if the tweets, Facebook photos

and blogs on this celebrity trip will be a positive influence

on how their fans view Israel.

I do know they had a great time and plan to return,

Zach said I could quote him…

“I’ll be back!”

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