Jerusalem Cinema City Open

Hezbollah is escalating its activity near Syrian border.

The Israeli navy stopped an Iranian rocket shipment headed for Gaza,

from Syria around to Sudan, under a Panamanian flag!

Spending so much time and effort on terror makes sense to them?

Government foreign service workers are striking.

Hundreds of thousands of haredi protesters went home.

The Sandstorm from Egypt is finally over.

image Jerusalem cinema city, photo Jerusalem Cinema new, picutre Jerusalem Cinema City

And the new Jerusalem Cinema City is open.

photo Cinema City Jerusalem, image Jerusalem Cinema City, picture Cinema City Jerusalem

The area outside is landscaped with trees, flowers and signs.

Wish I knew why they used so many tall thin cypress trees?

image Jerusalem cinema city, photo Cinema City Jerusalem

Inside the fountain is flowing,

image movie theater, picture Jerusalem movies, photo films in Jerusalem

and huge chandeliers and bright floors shine.

picture cinema city Jerusalem, photo inside cinema city, picture Jerusalem movie place

The theaters are down, down under the ground.

image Jerusalem building, photo Jerusalem, picture cinema city

The foot bridge is closed off for now,

image Jerusalem cinema city, photo cinema city Jerusalem

but some shops are open.

cinema city Jerusalem image, photo Jerusalem cinema city, picture new theater

There are plenty of ticket sellers with little to do,

and freezer case in the ice cream store is empty.

There seems to be something for everyone,

image Uncle Sam, photo Cinema city Jerusalem, picture inside cinema city

Uncle Sam wants you,

image Elvis, Elvis photo, picture of Elvis

even Elvis wearing brown shoes, but with a blue guitar.

We used to use the expression “Bigger than Ben-Hur.”

But while I did not see him,

image Moses, photo Moses with ten commandments. picture inside Cinema city

 Moses is here with all Ten Commandments.

image Noah's ark, photo large ark with animals, picture Cinema city

Outside on the roof is Noah with his ark and animals,

image Smurfs, photo cartoon, picture Jerusalem unusual

and colorful Smurfs too.

image cinema city, fancy stairs photo, picture of stairs in cinema

The Zipora Express restaurant was quite full and busy.

Unfortunately, not all the escalators were working.

I did a lot of walking up and down these steps,

image disabled walking, photo woman with walker, picture woman walking in cinema city

but one woman was there with a walker.

photo Jerusalem cinema, new cinema photo, picture cinema city

So many lights, colors and busy stuff,

anyone with a seizure disorder should beware.

Actually, you could probably develop one if you walk around long enough.

image cinema city, Jerusalem new photo, picture cinema city

Jerusalem, Israel, ‘city of lions’ has a new attraction.

Lights, action, camera, but for now, the theaters are closed on Shabbat.

Jerusalem International Arts and Crafts Festival

Jerusalem International Arts and Crafts Festival

Once again at the end of summer,

there are lots of festivals on the streets of Jerusalem, Israel.

One of the most impressive is 

חוצות היוצר ירושלים

Khutsot Hayotser, the International Arts and Crafts Festival,

which may be hard to transliterate from Hebrew,

but it is hard to miss, right across from the walls of the Old City.

image Artist Colony Jerusalme

This event has grown for the last 40 years.

At least once a year the Arts & Crafts Lane comes alive.

There is an Israeli Pavilion with 200 Israeli artists and exhibits,

Hutsot Hayotser

Thousands fill the festival grounds

photo three clowns, image clowns

and some entertainers really stand out.

photo Nir Barkat

Mayor Nir Barkat was there on opening night and posed with potential voters.

mayor at arts festival, image Mayor Jerusalem

Making the rounds, he stopped by Hadassah College’s Neverland booth.

Each night of the festival a major Israeli musical performer stars,

 and last night Barkat introduced Shlomi Shabat to the Sultan’s Pool audience.

חוצות היוצר ירושלים

No Israeli event would be complete without food.

It was hard to push your way through the crowded main food court.

image Jerusalem crowd

Families found places to sit, eat, rest and listen to music.

The International Pavilion had booths from Asia,


South and Central America, Europe, Africa and United States.

arts & crafts fair Jerusalem

Bulgaria had a prime location, but their stuff still was still stuck in customs.

image Turkish Muslim in Jerusalem

India was well represented.

image vendor at international arts fair

The nice lady of South Korea had a variety of fans.

Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Guatemala,Turkmenistan and Madagascar,

Angola to Zimbabwe and more: so why not Canada?

image African dress

Popular African musicians were among the many international entertainers.

iamge Khutsot hayotser

This huge event will host tens of thousands of Israelis from August 5-17.

image clowns, picture news broadcaster, live news from festival

The Israeli news Channel 10 was there live for opening night.

But as usual,

no matter how large or how many people are out on the Jerusalem streets,

if there is no violence,

it’s not worthy of the mainstream media’s attention.

August Summer Festival Time in Jerusalem

During August in Jerusalem, Israel, the weather gets hot during the day,

 and lots of people travel north or leave the country. 

But there is so much to do in the capital:

image Beer Festival in Hebrew

the annual Beer Festival,

 the International Puppet Festival and Jerusalem Klezmer just to name a few.

School is out.  

Summer camps are over.

Keeping children happy and safe occupies most everyone,

and that includes parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and the office staff.

image Israel Museum

Free admission and special activities for kids at the Israel Museum in August

image Israel Museum for children

 brought out thousands of families.

image actor dressed half man and half woman

This optical illusion was so much more impressive from the front.

Israel Museum special day

These performers at first looked like a statue, 

image of performers in mime

but this really needs a video to do it justice;

Israel Museum special activities

they were impressive no matter how you looked at them.

image Israel Museum crowd

Keeping track of who you came in with was a problem with the large crowds.

Israel Museum special show

This percussionist was working hard.

image Israel Museum special summer program

His loud music and great rhythms kept everyone’s attention,

two little boys on shoulders to see music at Israel Museum,

 and some had a better view than others.

Israel Museum special show

Not all acts were loud, this mime didn’t make a sound,

and had his audience quietly participating, but with lots of oohs and aahs.

Israel Museum special exhibit outside

Mirrored reflection was also quiet and a great photo op.

little girl looking at Dome at Israel Museum

Any day at the Israel Museum,

the distinctive dome of the Shrine of the Book is impressive to see.

But at least one night this week the kids will be left at home,

as the museum hosts its popular Wine Festival.

image sign Hebrew sports

I got to the Maccabiah Opening, but this year missed the street ball in Kikar Safra.

sign for Trains at First station

There is still plenty of time for the miniature trains, as they did not open on schedule.

If all this is not cultural enough for you, 

image actors in medieval costumes,, Bloomfield Park

how about Shakespeare in the Park?

image actors in costume

Richard III will be presented in English in Bloomfield Park, (near the Windmill).

Who has time to go out of town

when there are so many events happening in Jerusalem? 

Tisha B’Av Night in Jerusalem

Tisha B’Av night in Jerusalem, Israel,

is unlike anywhere else in the world.

Businesses are closed and restaurants shuttered.

photo Ramadan at night

Walking in front of me as I headed toward Jaffa Gate,

which was decorated with Ramadan lights,

were a group of Muslim men and boys out to celebrate.

Behind them were three Jewish men on their way to the Old City.

photo moon over old city of david

Entering Jaffa Gate I love to see the moon over the lights of the Tower of David.

photo western wall

Near the Kotel, the Western Wall, were thousands of people, many sitting on the ground.

photo Western Wall Tisha B'Av

The diversity of the crowd was obvious.

I did not stay too long because again ,

I wanted to see the 19th Walk Around the Walls of the Women in Green.

photo Jerusalem security

Security was stronger this year.

photo Women in Green walk

The crowd was large for the middle-of-the-night starting time.

Due to Ramadan celebrations again this year,

 the group had to wait for several hours to start their walk.


The route goes around the walls of the Old City, and partially along the Light Rail tracks.

photo Damascus Gate at night

The Damascus Gate was busy and active with Ramadan celebrations.

photo gate of Jerusalem

At Herod’s Gate,

Israeli police, some on horses, observed to insure that the two crowds would not mix.

photo East jerusalem

For the late hour, there were still a lot of people out.

photo walk of Women in Green

At the Lion’s Gate there were speeches,

women sitting on ground

while hundreds of people sat and listened, 

photo Women in Green on Tisha Bav

 I decided to head home.  It was already after 1:00 am.

While the rest of the Jerusalem streets were quiet,

photo Western Wall on Tisha BAv,

the Old City, the Kotel, and the Jewish Quarter

were all filled with thousands of people.

While some left even more kept coming.

Tisha B’Av in Jerusalem looks like a big party.


Photos of the Fire in Jerusalem’s Valley of the Cross

Yesterday on my way home,

I noticed how dry it was in the Valley of the Cross 

and I thought as I do every year:

it could all burn so quickly, so easily.

photo fire in Jerusalem

This afternoon smoke began to rise from the valley,

which is located under the Knesset Building.

photo fire in Jerusalem

For a time the smoke was dark and the flames were high, 

image fire in Jerusalem, fire photo, flames of brush fire

and they spread very quickly.

photo smoke and fire in Jerusalem

Fire crews arrived, 

photo fire in Jerusalem

and with their long water hoses

image fire in Jerusalem

they put out the fire.

picture of fire in Jerusalem

The smoke and the smell still lingered long afterwards.

photo Valley of Cross

But what seemed obvious was that after many months of construction and mess,

Valley of Cross

installing this emergency water system was worth the inconvenience and price.

Jerusalem: More than Riots

The Shavuot holiday as celebrated in Jerusalem, Israel,

is so different from anywhere else in the world.

Tens of thousands of people went to the Kotel, the Western Wall,

 to pray at sunrise, after a night-long marathon 

of classes, lectures and programs that were

truly amazing and mind-boggling.

Ads posted image, J Street

 These posted ads are for only a few such learning events.

There was one thing very different this year – it rained at 8:30 am!

There have been protests against the new budget,

Jerusalem photo, image protest Israel

and new taxes have made for some very angry citizens.

protest poster image, JSTreet

New social protest signs can still be found in the city center

after last weekend’s demonstrations.

The Israeli Prime Minister is back from China

and a very quick visit to Russia to meet with Mr. Putin.

And I assume that most people have no idea that

the Foreign Minister of Finland Erkki Tuomioja and

  Foreign Minister of Lithuania Lianas Linkevicius are in Jerusalem.

Also, who heard that at the Hebrew University

there is a conference being held called

Canada and Israel in a Changing World, New Trends and Directions?

When the Shavuot holiday is over,

on the real streets, it is wedding season.

decorated car and couple taking weddnig photos

Brides posing in parks for photos and decorated rental cars

are normal sights, though it will be hard to come close

to the traffic-stopping Belz wedding with 50,000 guests. 

Wonder if any of their international guests will go into town?

If they do, they would see, 

photo King George Street

there is a sign for traffic changes on King George Street.

One big surprise, I found a moment with no buses or taxis.

Jaffa Street photo

For years, this large mural on Jaffa Street showed

the light rail train of the future.

photo light rail train on Jaffa Raod

Well the future is now, 

and the train is running and people are returning to the city center.

The media always reports Arab and Haredi riots in great detail.

But there was no sign of trouble today or any sign of Apartheid 

photo Israeli and Arab

as this Muslim woman and Haredi Israeli man crossed Jaffa street,

Muslim women Israel image

and these women were sitting off Ben Yehuda Street in the afternoon sun.

Summer is finally here, 

Muslim family Israel, Arabs walking .in Jerusalem, J Street photo,

and it is time to head outside and to the parks.

Poster for Israel Festival

It is also the time for the month-long Israel Festival Jerusalem,

with so many cultural programs, some in new exciting venues,

enough to keep everyone busy.

And my favorite festival, Light in Jerusalem is coming soon.

Remember last year?

There is so much to see and do in Jerusalem, 

but what did you hear about? 

Yom HaZikaron: National Day to Remember

Many small towns around Israel hold a community tekes, ceremony,

making it is easy to decide where to go on Yom Hazikaron,

the Remembrance Day for Israeli Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terror.

One of the most impressive ceremonies I attended was in Arad,

in 2001, during the intifada.

Unlike the US Memorial Day weekend,

Dark street Israel

this day is not one of great shopping and happy start to the summer.

Israeli flag photo

Israeli flags, large and small, start to appear soon after Passover.

In Jerusalem, Israel, there are dozens,

perhaps hundreds of memorial events held on Yom HaZikaron.

Last year  I went to the main military tekes at the Kotel, Western Wall

Kosel remembrance flame, Wailing wall photo

where the huge flame was lit and watched over by a military honor guard.

Every year thousands attend and watch on TV.

Peres car at night

Here was President Peres’s motorcade on Jaffa Street

on his way to speak at this year’s tekes.

Yad Le Banim covered for security

Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke at a service at Yad LeBanim, 

so the site was covered over for security for days in advance. 

Israeli building with flags pciture

The Jewish Agency Building stage was ready for a morning program.

Flame for Yom hazikaron

Large memorial flames could be found in and on buildings,

Israel flag photo

as were signs publizing some community events.

Memorial for yom hazikaron

This Israeli flag, memorial candle and talit were the simple,

but meaningful display in the lobby of Heichel Shlomo.

So many choices;

but I wanted to see what was happening in Gan Sacher.

Night Yom Hazikaron Gan Sacher


Other than an occasional jogger, the park was deserted.

While down the road, as usual,

Yom Hazikaron ceremony

hundreds attended the well planned program prepared by the Scouts.

Speakers slowly read the names of local fallen and the dates they fell.

25,578 people have been killed here since 1860.

92 lives were lost last year.

Everyone knows someone to mourn.

Israel at 65 sign

Yizkor, remember,

so many wars, so many more terror attacks,

but as soon as the sun sets,

it will be time to celebrate Yom Haatzmaut,

Israel at 65.

Am Yisrael Chai