Jerusalem Marathon 2012

Months of planning and weeks of extensive preparations

"flags" . "truck" , "special truck"

 went into the Second International Jerusalem Marathon,

but no one had control over the weather.

With heavy rains the night before and more rain in the forecast,

many spectators stayed away.

"wet street', "rainy day"

The runners of the full marathon raced through nearly deserted streets.

"shelter" , "rain"

 Security was out in large numbers,

but they often tried to find cover from the rain.

"Jaffa Gate" "Old City' , "large sign"

The marathon route went into the Old City through Jaffa Gate,

"high five" , "lady running marathong'

 where loud music, entertainers and spectators cheered the runners on.

"motorcycles", "runners"

The rain stopped as the half-marathon leaders entered the Old City.

"10 kilometer runner" "runners'

The sun was shining on the 10 kilometer race leaders,

but soon after hail started coming down.

"reflection in water',

Under grey skies, through wet streets,


15,000 runners, including 1500 from 


50 countries from around the world, 


came to run.

"girl running"

When the sun came out, so did a smile.

"walking group"

With streets closed to traffic, the only way to get around was to walk.

"Christian toursits"

Some tourists seemed to enjoy walking instead of using their usual buses.

"girls running"

It would have been harder to run in really hot weather,


but in spite of the weather and Jerusalem’s uneven and hilly streets,

runners seemed happy to be in the race.

"Chai Lifeline"

Running to raise money for good causes and charity or self-satisfaction

they came…neither rain, nor sleet nor hail,

nor threat of terror kept them away.

 I took way too many photos and plan to put more on

The Real Jerusalem Streets Facebook page.

Meanwhile, to see more runners, check out this video:

"metal sculpture", "art", "men dancing', "Jerusalem marathon pictures"

13 thoughts on “Jerusalem Marathon 2012

  1. Yerushalayim is like a living museum – so a race through the city is probably the most amazing marathon anyone can run. And, add the challenge of the hilly terrain and you have a great mix of enjoyment.

    Thanks for sharing.

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