Music, Lights, Shabbat and Happy Hanukkah

Music, Lights, Shabbat and Happy Hanukkah

How could I forget?

With a post last week of musical events in Jerusalem, Israel,

Jerusalem Theater Pianos

I forgot to include the annual Piano Festival

taking place once again at the Jerusalem Theater.

In the ‘what will they do to top last year’ department,

Jerusalem Theater Piano Festival

chairs were set up outside in a large tent.

Piano performances will be held over three days,

and piano bars stocked with wines

will help keep visitors warm in the cold nights.


Jerusalem Theater lobby

inside the theater,

Jerusalem Theater singer

musicians and singers who immigrated to Israel

Jerusalem Theater singers

performed throughout the building.

Jerusalem Theater snack time

Some were more interested in the snacks

Painted glass at Jerusalem theater olim event

than the music or art works on display.

With the holidays approaching, visitors are arriving

Jerusalem street lights with hanukiot lit up for chanuka

and decorations are lining the streets.

Street signs for hanukah

Chanukkah celebration signs are posted.

Jerusalem street sign for lights of hanukah

Festivals, performances and happenings

will light up the city for Hanuka,

 too many events to list.

The lights of Shabbat

Lighting the lights of Hanukah

will be followed by the lights of Hanuka.

Yes, I spelled חנוכה different ways in English,

but the wishes are the same.


שבת שלום

Shabbat Shalom,


חנוכה שמח

Happy Hanukkah

 And if you want more lights and music

to get in a holiday mood,

here is my favorite video from last year.

Levi Eshkol House Opens in Jerusalem

Levi Eshkol House Opens in Jerusalem

Levi Eshkol was Israel’s fourth Prime Minister,

serving from 1964-1969.

On December 20, 2016,

Photo of Levi Eshkol in lobby of new museum

the Levi Eshkol House officially opened its doors.

Old Prime Ministers residence

After months of construction this former official residence of

Ben Maimon Street former home of Israeli Prime Ministers

Israeli Prime Ministers is now open to the public.

Israel President Reuven Rivlin at Levi Eshkol House

At the opening, President Reuven Rivlin spoke to

Front row dignitaries for opening of Levi Eshkol House

dignitaries, Eshkol family members, and friends.

Main living area of Levi Eshkol house

Off the entrance is the book-lined, main living area.

Kitchen in Levi Eshkol house

The simple kitchen

Old style phone in Levi Eshkol House

and dial telephone reflect the changes of last 50 years.

The Six-Day War in 1967

Table in Levi Eshkol House

was commanded from these humble surroundings.

 Photos of Eshkol

Photo from new Levi Eshkol House

with famous

Photo of Levi Eshkol in new museum

and not-so-famous people line the walls.

Sadly, Miriam Eshkol z”l, wife of Levi Eshkol,

who worked hard on this project,

 passed away at the age of 87 at the end of November 2016.

Miriam Eshkol photo draped in black at opening of Eshkol House

Her photos draped in black were next to lit memorial candles,

as the opening day was still within the traditional month of mourning.

Visitors will be able to learn about,

Prime Minister Levi Eshkol z’l

photo display highlights of Levi Ieshkol prime minister

who established Israel’s ties with West Germany,

was the first Israeli Prime Minister officially invited to the US,

 and served through the lowest and highest moments of 1967.

He was also the first Prime Minister of Israel to die in office.

In a corner of the garden, a goldfish-filled pond

Pond in corner of garden of Levi Ehskol house

is hidden from the street by this wall.

After being derelict for decades,

the former official residence on Ben Maimon Street,

has come alive as a new tourist site in Jerusalem, Israel.

Art and Music Brighten Jerusalem Winter

Art and Music Brighten Jerusalem Winter


What a wild week of weather!

It was so warm and sunny one day,

that after lunch at the Malha Tech Park,

people lounged at cafe tables in the mid-day sun,

reluctant to return to their offices.


rain in Jerusalem Israel

came the rain,

along the light rail line on Jaffa Road,

Yaffo in rain

at least this umbrella brightened the morning.

Yesterday, hail pounded down, along with high winds.

The challenge became to aim an umbrella so the wind

would not blow it away or inside out.

However, there is plenty

of music to brighten cold winter nights.

Art and Music in Jerusalem Israel

While restaurants come and go,

a new Art and Music Gallery opened on Yoel Salomon Street.

The Jerusalem Jazz Festival and the annual

 Hullegeb Festival of Ethiopian music, and more events are this week.

Plus it’s another December weekend of Hamshushalim,

Jerusalem winter festivals Hebrew signs

with dozens of entertainment and cultural options

at discounted prices, and many for free.

When it comes to discount options or free,

nothing tops the Yad Sarah organization.

“What’s  the catch? What’s the cost?” everyone asks.

 I took a tour this week.

The main equipment supply room

Yad Sarah disabilities

brims with medical assistance items,

24/7 emergency calls

the emergency hot line operates 24/7,

while the art therapy room has everything,

Old sewing machine at Yad Sarah art room

 from this vintage sewing machine

Patient art at Yad Sarah

to cabinets full of handmade pieces of art.

Thousands volunteer and are serviced by Yad Sarah,

its list of services and items is massive.

If their supply of hospital beds were piled up

it would be higher than Mount Everest!.

Tours are free, and recommended for all.

What’s the catch?

Yad Sarah has everything but adequate parking.

To end on an upbeat art note:

Besides the growing Bezalel Academy of Art and Design,

a new art center is to be built in downtown Jerusalem.

The $50 million complex is to be called

the Jerusalem Campus for the Arts.

I missed the rainbow yesterday morning,

but there is much happening to brighten

these Jerusalem streets.