16 Photos Snow in Jerusalem

A few weeks ago there was supposed to be a big snowstorm

in Jerusalem, Israel,

and the word “blizzard” was used a lot.

A little snow started to fall just as it was time

to light Shabbat candles,

so I only managed to take and share two quick photos,

and by the next day, it was all gone.

This week I did not hear the “b” word,

though a heavy snowfall was forecast.

The snow started to fall on Thursday night,

boy throwing snowball in Jerusalem

and this could be one of the first snowballs.

snow covered street jerusalem israel

The streets were slippery

man walking in snow Jerusalem

and mostly deserted.

flower in snow in Jerusalem

I took one flower photo,

imaige snow scene Jerusalem

if the warnings were wrong,

I had one ready for the Shabbat Shalom post.

image snow storm Jerusalem

But by morning the snow had accumulated,

image snow scene in Jerusalem Israel

and the Jerusalem streets looked like a winter wonderland.

image Wolfson towers in fog from snow storm

Heavy fog and a white sky added to the wintry scenes.

Jerusalem snow covering ground by Knesset

When the fog cleared the Knesset grounds were covered.

image israel museum in snow

This Israel Museum view shows trees covered.

against the white sky.

street scene Jerusalem under snow

Heavy snow stuck to power lines and branches,

Snow in Jerusalem stuck to everything

and just about everything.

image snow plow lone vehicle on busy streets Jerusalem

Most people stayed off the roads in the morning.

Jerusalem Israel snow scene Valley of Cross

The monastery in the Valley of the Cross,

a beautiful and serene scene,

was like a picture postcard.

lemon tree covered in snow and ice Jerusalem storm

But lemon trees

snow covered plants Jerusalem snow storm

and sabra plants covered in snow?

Only in Jerusalem, Israel!

שבת שלום

Shabbat shalom.

Snow in Jerusalem

Snow in Jerusalem, Israel.

Is there anything else to share today?

Is there anything else people are talking about?

Yesterday the mayor called a special press conference

iamge Jerusalem prepares for snow

 to show the world the city’s new salt spreaders,

all gassed up and ready to hit the streets the with first flakes.

image Jerusalem snow

As the press closed around for their close ups,

the residents of Jerusalem were getting prepared.

image snow prep Jerusalem

This man was not going to get caught short of essentials.

image grey sky over Jerusalem

Today the sky clouded over as a grey fog came in.

Remember Varda?

image snow pep

She is all tied up in knots now.

image street clean up

City workers are preparing and cleaning streets,

as the wind is gusting and blowing harder.

image city worker

At least one city worker was getting her last shopping in.

image man running with a heater

And this man was running home with his new heater.

Cancellations are hard to keep track of!

Sure hope we do not lose power for a week like last year,

because if there really is so much snow,

how will we share those photos tomorrow?