Jerusalem, Look up and See the Details

Jerusalem, Look up and See the Details

When we moved to Israel 11 years ago,

one building in the neighborhood stood out,

or rather stood lower and different than the others.

  Beit Kedima, Kedima House, was built

Building British soldiers UN met for partition plan Auguat 1947

 by the British in 1945 to house its officers’ families.

The Jerusalem streets are lined with history.

Yemin Moshe Street in Jerusalem, Israel

These old Yemin Moshe streets are a favorite.

Jerusalem Press Club and Houses of MIshakannot Shananim

Next to it is Mishkanot Hashaananim.

Sign in stone over Mishkanot Shaananim

Look up and see

 this row of houses was built in 1865

under auspices of Sir Moses Montefiore.

For details of Jerusalem architecture,

Jerusalem Press Club speaker Jerusalem Architect expert David Kroyanker

 this man, David Kroyanker,

Jerusalem architecture book by David Kroyanker

literally wrote the book, or books, to be more precise,

“Jerusalem Design: God is in the Details.”

Jerusalem architecture

Jewish Design Identities,

Jerusalem modern design architecture David Kroyanker

also Christian, Muslim and Modern.

Jerusalem architecture design scarab and swastika

Did you know that the Scarab was a symbol of resurrection,

or that in Templer houses swastikas were used in floor tiles?

Muslim houses decorated with colorful drawings after doing haj

Or those colorful paintings on Muslim houses

were added after pilgrimages to the Haj in Mecca?

So what better way to learn about Jerusalem,

than with the man who wrote the books.

Old City Jerusalem view from St Andrews

From the grounds of St. Andrews, the view of the Old City,

Jerusalem Israel St Andrews Guest House

and these lovely gardens are for all to see.

One year, Mayor Nir Barkat chose this location to launch

 the Jerusalem Marathon.


David Kroynaker shows details of fountain in St Andrews Guest House

 how many Jerusalem visitors have gone inside

and noticed this intricate tiled fountain,

as we did on a Jerusalem Press Club sponsored tour.

Around the corner and down Emek Refaim Street,

Lion said to resemble Einstein

look up.

Is that Einstein over this entrance?


Carved stone lion over house on Emek Refaim Street Jerusalem Israel

It is another Jerusalem lion carved in stone.

How many have walked by and noticed the Biblical passages

carved on these old Templer buildings?

Zion passage over house in Jerusalem Israel Emek Refaim Street for Templers

“The Lord loves the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob.” Psalm 87:2

Down the other end of Emek Refaim Street

look for one, “Always tip the Guide,”

Ethics of our Fathers REVISED edition.

An informational sign was posted at Beit Kedima

Beit Kedema where UN met in August 1947

explaining its significance.

In August 1947,

 UNSCOP delegates worked on their recommendations

for the future governance of Palestine here.

It is hard to imagine this was a secluded location at the time,

now the area is so built up, it is hard to find parking.

House in Jerusalem Israel

Some buildings are impressive.

Some have signs explaining their history.

When you walk the Jerusalem streets,

be sure and look up,

and see the details.

Yemin Moshe: Windmill Dash or Walk

  This week I saw so many colors of Israel.

sunrise on Kineeret

Sunrise on the Kinneret with the Swim4Sadna,

View of Sea from Carmel

then sunset from the Carmel mountains,

where the blues of sky and sea blend together.

West Bank view of JOrdan

Along the Jordan Valley Road

were colorful packing grates.

But as wonderful it is to go and see the land,

back in Jerusalem, Israel,

street in Yemin Moshe

the colors of Yemin Moshe are a favorite.

photo walk in Yemin Moshe

I love to share its color on photo walks.

But also fun was to meet up with friends

Yemin Moshe with friends

 for a new amazing Israel ScaVenture!

I have walked Yemin Moshe countless times,

each time I see and say there is something new.

Yemin Moshe scaneger hunt

Families have stopped and posed for photos here,

taking photo for scaventure

but I had not noticed this bomb shelter sign.

new sign in Yemin Moshe

Near the Jerusalem Press Club

was the “No climbing” sign we needed to finish our hunt.

But did Kate climb or not climb?

View of Old City from Yemin Moshe

The Windmill Dash ends by the Montefiore Windmill plaza,

with an amazing view of the Old City.

I was so glad to have dashed back

from the beautiful colors of the North

group photo from Scanvegerhunt

 to participate in this Blogger ScaVenture Hunt.

We did the Old City,

then Nahlaot,

last year Gush Etzion,

and now another favorite neighborhood.

What will Tali come up with next?

Most impressive is how these events are good

for families, all age groups and knowledge levels.

Dash around Mishkanot Shaananim and Yemin Moshe.

Then when you are ready to go slower,

see more and set up those photos,

be in touch.

There is always something new to see

on and off the Jerusalem, Israel streets.