Welcome Presidents to Jerusalem Winter Noise


it was so warm outside that I could not walk in the morning sun,

yet inside this afternoon I need boots, a sweater and to put on heat!

The US had Presidents Day,

but we also had our share of Presidents this week.

image flag Peru,photo flag Peru in Jerusalem, picture Peru flag

Flags were flying for Peru President Ollanta Humala’s visit.

The annual Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations

held its 40th Mission this week in Jerusalem, Israel.

Not just presidents attended the main dinner event.

image Malcolm Hoenlein, photo US ambassador to Israel, photo Hoenelin  in Israel

 US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro was welcomed by

Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive vice chairman of the Conference.

After Shapiro spoke and left,

image Conference of Presidents in Jerusalem, picture of Israeli Prime MInister. Hoenlein and Netanyahu photo

 Hoenlein and PM Benjamin Netanyahu put their heads together.

image Netanyahu speaking, photo Israeli Prime Minister, picture Bibi Netanyahu

I already blogged about that speech on Israellycool in a lite way,

but today showed we can make a difference.

image Moshe Arens, photo Moshe Arens. picture Moshe Arens

I wondered what Moshe Arens was thinking as he listened.

image PM giving a gift, photo Hoenlein getting gift from Israel, picture Malcolm Hoenlein and Bibi Netanyahu

The size of the gift from Hoenlein to the Prime Minister was a joking matter!


image Shimon Peres, photo Malcolm Hoenlein and Shimon Peres, picture Shimon Peres at Bet Hanasi

Later in the week President Shimon Peres got the same gift.

With intense security precautions and not full ballroom,

that dinner was worlds away from what was happening right outside.

Every Monday night in February, in a different site is

a Jerusalem street festival called שאון חורף – Winter Noise.

שאון חורף , photo Azza st, image art on building

This week all of Azza Street,

starting across from the Prime Ministers’ residence was the happening.

image band at night, photo singers on street, picture festival Jerusalem

Along the way were several musical groups,

picture Shaon Horef, photo building illuminated, picture Azza st

 illuminated buildings,

image Israeli flags, photo lots of flags, picture a lot of Israeli flags

and street acts, many hard to describe or photograph.

Sorry I did not get in all of the skis, but think I got all the flags.

Just please do not ask me what this was supposed to be,

and I will spare you of more

‘I have no idea what this is supposed to be’ acts.

image street festival Jerusalem,  photo shaon horef, picture legal grafiti

I am sure that I have that graffiti face in other street photos.

image of art on building, photo for Shaon Horef, picture Azza festival

The mikvah for women located in Yad Tamar finally reopened,

after it was shut for a very long time for repairs.

I could not help feel sorry for some young tourist using it that night!

Usually boring and quiet, the building was bright

image people dancing, photo dancing in street, picture dancers in street

and people were dancing in street outside.

image undera ge drinking, photo sign in Hebrew no one under 18, picture from Aza st festival

Hundreds of people were out and many were drinking beer.

Trying to control drinking, at one main site

signs were posted for 18-year old entrance and IDs.

image two men on street at night, photo two religious men, picture night on Jerusalem street

Who knows what these two men must have thought?

Perhaps like they had found themselves in another planet!

image Gaza, photo Azza Street, picture Gaza Street.

The next morning the street was clean.

This the only sign of Winter Noise,

 though I imagine at least a few people had some dark circles

under their eyes from lack of sleep.

Watch out Ein Kerem, it is your turn next week.

Never know what you will find next on the Jerusalem streets.

I would like to mention that

 photos are available for purchase.

Ready for Winter

Often I am asked, “What are you going to write about?”

 This week it is a really good question,

as I am just back from a two-week trip to New York City,

where snow and large trees were falling and no one was quite ready for winter.

As always, taking a walk is the only way to see what is really happening.

Businesses are enclosing outside areas in preparation for winter.

A piece of bent metal next to its awning is all that remains of an enclosure

 that the city demolished this week at Yarok Yarok florist shop.

Did you hear about that from any protest group?

Sirens alerting a rocket attack sounded in Gush Dan

  were for a public safety drill;

however this week’s sirens in the south were for 40 missiles fired from Gaza.

A new flotilla heads toward Gaza and

shots were fired from Gaza at Israeli soldiers on patrol.

Perhaps that is how they get ready for ‘Arab Winter’?

I found that in Jerusalem,

signs for an Oud music festival

and an international karate competition are up.

They are changing the plantings in these flowers beds…again!

Someone has to be making a lot of money here, but that’s a whole other post.

The Shalits have gone home and the street has been cleaned up,

 but it will be a long time until

all the stickers

are gone from benches around the city.

Only the large chair and a banner remain on the sidewalk,

which seems to be a perfect background

to record your own rap song about Gilad Shalit.

Someone used a lot of tape to make many similar designs

  along the sidewalks on Azza Street.

You never know what you will find on the Jerusalem streets.

However, the really big news is

it started raining…no–pouring.

The protesters living in tents in Gan Sacher, Sacher Park

  will find that Jerusalem winter wet weather is bone-chilling cold.

As the lightning and thunder continue,

 I’m glad I planned to go to the Jerusalem Knights next week.

This is a good night not to be out.

So glad to have the rain,

but are we really ready for winter?