After Jerusalem Blizzard 2015

Last week it was exhausting waiting for the snow to start.

School was closed, then opened, then closed.

Supermarkets ran out of chicken and yeast.

It snowed a bit and then stopped.

It rained and rained, it poured.

The heaters do not work when it really gets cold,

but we waited for Jerusalem covered beautifully in white.

Finally, around 4:00 pm on Friday,

snow Jerusalem

the snow began to fall,

and so heavy the Knesset could not be seen.

photo Jerusalem snow Israel Museum

The Israel Museum blurred into white.

But Shabbat was starting,

and the camera was put away,

so you will have to believe me that on Friday night and Shabbat

we saw some of the most gorgeous scenes ever.

There was no wind and the snow stuck to all the tree branches,

for what would have made classic photos.


photo after snow

all that was left on Sunday was the remnant of this poor old snow man,

I assume those carrots were his/her nose.

photo water tanks on roof

But not only do heaters not work well in the cold,

as usual there were water problems with parts of the dood freezing,

so seeing someone working on the roof tops was common.

We only lost power for a few minutes and had

running water all Shabbat, though it was soo cold.

But then the sun came out,

and Pollyanna time.

Along with the tragic news from Paris, France,

image Jerusalem theater

girls from Beit Shemesh were excited to be at the Jerusalem Theater

to rehearse for their show “Pollyanna.”

Blizzard of 2015 did not happened,

 feeling still like a bear coming out of hibernation,

but back to “normal.”

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