Jerusalem’s Changing Landscapes

Jerusalem’s Changing Landscapes

The landscape of Jerusalem, Israel, is constantly changing,

photo Jerusalem bus station, picture Jerusalem, image Jerusalem skyline bridge

with new structures

image Holyland, photo building Jerusalem, picture Jerusalem  Holyland

towering over the old.

image Cinema City Jerusalem, photo new cinema Jerusalem, picture Cinema City Jerusalem

Just before the bad weather began in December,

workers were busy on top of new Cinema City Complex.

image GAn SAcher, photo SAcker park, picture park

Remember the old photos of Gan Sacher, Sacher Park?

This is the scene now, 

photo Sacher park, image Jerusalem, picture Cinema City, image snow damage

with those large trees cut back to tall stumps.

But it does allow a clear view of the roof and foot bridge

and the future train station at the Cinema City Complex.

Israel has long been known as land “flowing of milk and honey,”

photo mulcher, image storm cleanup, photo snow damage Jerusalem

but Jerusalem now seems to have become the city of ‘flowing mulch.’

While the snow has finally melted, 

picture tree clean up, image after snow cleanup, photo tree trim

the mountains of tree trimmings are still being collected

and being churned up into mountains of mulch.

image firewood in truck, picture man collecting firewood. photo fire wood

However, no fire-wood logs seem to stay around for long.

picture protest banners. image signs for protest, photo banner out prime ministers house

The protesters of prisoner release have gone from the streets,

and their signs are removed.

image protesters Jerusalem, photo migrant protest, picture protesters Jerusalem

Bus loads of protesters have arrived from Tel Aviv to protest

the detention and deportation of illegal foreign workers.

The Jerusalem streets are constantly changing.